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April 22, 2019  

By Editor:


When the Council and Chairman Hemphill chose to violate the Council Rules they were warned such disregard for the rule of law would be challenged by legal action during the first meeting that the Council could honor their own rules.


That Complaint can be read below.


April 17, 2019

By Editor:


When can we get a simple job to run a stop watch from 3 minutes down to zero and say your time is up you should wrap it up, followed by, “we ask that you cease applauding.”


As you can see below it was ONLY $960.00 because two lawyers at Dummy & Whatsit had to ‘confer’ with each other and with Nathan Poore, Town Manager.  The cop is at most meetings for $158.00 in overtime, how about we train him or her to run the timer?


Your tax dollars hard at work!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s an update on the article below.)

April 9, 2019


We met the biggest lowlife in Falmouth tonight, Robert Kline, Esq., and father of Griffin Kline, The Foreside Psycho described below.  The low life scum of a father, instead of apologizing for his son’s misconduct, he had the unmitigated gall to call us reprehensible, really?


I’ll tell you what reprehensible is:

Using your legal skills to subject the rest of us to your nutcase son.

Letting him rape underage girls, apparently more than once.

Letting him commit arson also apparently more than once at the Woodlands.

Letting him commit aggravated assault with a weapon.

Griffin Kline should be at Riverview Hospital for the rest of his life before he kills someone.  When that likely event takes place Robert Kline, Esq. should be indicted as an accessory before the fact, that not only allowed it to happen, but promoted it by threatening D.A. Anderson with exhausting her budget by defending and appealing one felony after another, ad infinitum.


What’s worse the Psycho on the Loose or the low life father, Robert Kline, Esq. that makes it possible while living at 47 Seaside Way?




July 17, 2015

By Editor:


We have an out of control psycho on the loose on Falmouth Foreside.  Let’s review the facts as reported by the Forecaster (see their article below) that led us to this conclusion.  Griffin Kline was out on bail for having sex with a 14-year-old girl, he was out on bail for the arson destruction of a wooden building at the Woodlands, when he was arrested and transported to Cumberland County Jail for assault at the Town Landing and released the following night. 


What does it take to get bail revoked in this State?


What really happened on the Landing on July 5th?


Kline according to witnesses had been fishing at the Landing for most of the day.  One lady said she was there in the morning and Kline was F-ing everything in sight.  She came back in the afternoon, same bad behavior, and she came back around 6 pm and saw the same thing, so it would seem Kline spent the whole day using the F word in front the kids on the pier.  When Doyle arrived with his daughter and son-in-law to enjoy the sunset the woman started to relate what she had seen with Kline’s behavior.  Doyle got up and went over to look down at the float and saw Kline wearing a Lucas Tree shirt.  Doyle didn’t think Art Batson, the owner of Lucas, would have an employee that behaved like this and asked if Kline worked at Lucas.  Kline said he used to work there.


At one point the woman with the young son went down the ramp and asked Kline to stop swearing in front of the children.  She came back up the ramp and said Kline flashed an EMS badge and said, “You’ve got 30 seconds to get off this pier or I’ll have the police arrest you.”


When the lady repeated this to Doyle he got up to take a picture of Kline to show to Chief Rice to see if he was really with the Falmouth EMS.  Kline turned his back and gave Doyle the finger.  Doyle sat back down and waited until Kline came up the ramp and took the photo you can see below. 

Then Kline walked past Doyle and then spun around with the 5-gallon plastic pail hitting Doyle in the face with the pail while Doyle was sitting on the bench.


Doyle pursued Kline to restrain him until the police could arrive and had to subdue him several times before he broke free and ran toward the parking lot.  It’s reported Kline threw the EMS badge in the port-a-potty before the police could get the proof he had committed the crime of impersonating a first responder.


You can see the picture of 47 Seaside Way where Kline apparently resides with his father, who is a LAWYER.


Maybe that’s why a PSYCHO is running loose in Falmouth Foreside.  Psycho you say?



When does Kline go to prison where he belongs before he kills someone?

Does Kline have access to any firearms in his father’s house?  If so, god help us all!


Now, we know what happened in court, read the email from Sheriff Joyce below.  We have to ask this question: can anyone hit someone in the face with a plastic 5-gallon pail and have the assault charge dismissed the next day?  If that’s the case we’re making a list of candidates we want to ‘sucker punch’ with a pail tomorrow.


At 10:34 on Friday the 22nd in an extensive and wide ranging phone call with D.A. Anderson, she explained in detail why what she did personally in this case was the best possible outcome.  In the 29 minute phone call Anderson argued repeatedly that Kline’s 8” thick file, the lawyer father pushing back on any restrictions, and the possibility that a trial would end without a $500 fine and no conditions such as being banned from the Landing, the pier, and the beach was the best she could do.  That may in fact be the case, but when Kline escalates to the next level and kills someone can we lay that at the feet of Anderson and Robert Kline, the father of this loose cannon. 

“You’re failing to be open to the idea that what we did was better than a trial”…D.A. Stephanie Anderson


That’s right.  It will stay that way waiting for the next victim of Griffin Kline to be assaulted or KILLED!








April 6, 2019

By Editor:


Recent outrage over Biden smelling a candidate for A.G. and numerous other women from ten years ago seems a little late on the up take.  Apparently all these #Me Too Democratic women aren’t even a little concerned about years of Biden feeling up young girls on television for crying out loud!  What in the world is wrong with all these women, some of which must be mothers with girls of their own? 


Watch the link below before they remove it.  As a father of two daughters I would have stopped Biden from rubbing on them in a second.  Even A.G. Jeff Sessions slapped Biden’s hand away from his granddaughter on camera.

Watch Video, click here


April 1, 2019

By Editor:


You get California, a state that’s broke from being a sanctuary for illegals, criminals, and welfare cheats.  You get San Francisco where people take a dump in the street and are turning the City by the Bay into the black hole of Calcutta.  You get Illinois that is really bankrupt from unfunded pensions and out of control spending.  You get Detroit where acres and acres of middle-income housing was destroyed leaving empty lots for miles in every direction.  You get Washington D.C. where the school system has a per student cost over $21,000 and produces some of the worse student results in the nation.


Then you have Falmouth, Maine totally controlled by the moon bats from everywhere like San Jose and Durham, and every other place any of us who grew up in Maine, would never consider living.  It seems they just can’t stop trying to change Falmouth into one of those Hell Holes they fled from.


The recent farce of group think run by the controlling party about building density on March 28th, was so contrived and premise driven by the Democrats to suppress any public disagreement, it was a waste of time.

One observer noted that the current zoning would allow 3,750 units to be built, adding enough population growth to move Falmouth to over 26,000 residents and making the town the SIXTH largest city in Maine.  What a great outcome for the moon bats that will dump their houses and move on to the next location and repeat it again.


Another attendee commented on just what the Councilor Ferrante (real estate broker/developer) project would do to Falmouth.  It would add another $2.6 million to the school budget net of any increased property taxes.  They opined it would be cheaper for Falmouth taxpayers to pay Ferrante a million dollars a year greenmail just to have her drop the project.


How does all this happen? 

Number of Republicans on the Town Council: ZERO.

Number of seats on Town Committees:             78

Number of Republicans on Town Committees: 19

Number of Republicans voters:                           Over 3,100


Under the heading elections have consequences.  Democrats on the Council pick Committee members and never pick a Republican that might resist any item on their agenda.  Welcome to Socialism Democrat/Moon Bat style.





March 27, 2019

By Editor:


The current uproar over handling is routed in Boeing’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) that the two crews that died had failed to disable as it went into the second cycle to dive to prevent a “stall” (failure to maintain lift under the wings) when in fact no stall was taking place as the plane had just taken off and was climbing out.


In the Boston case (NO. 13-12615-JDG) was a judgment for damages that followed 10,000 foot drop in altitude in SIX SECONDS.  The flight was from Costa Rica to Boston and forced to land at Miami on a 757.  Boeing moved to set aside the award and it was denied on February 6, 2019.




March 17, 2019

By Editor:


When you mistakenly make a reservation at a slum and are forced to flee to something not a slum and then write an accurate and truthful review about what you experienced, and have Trip Advisor require you to ‘revamp’ your review to get it published means only one thing:


Trip Advisor reviews are nothing more than crap!


Below you can read our reviews that we captured before they were deleted and click the link to see the photos.  One last thing, as we drove away one morning a crack ho came staggering around the corner from the backside of the Super 8 and headed up the access road to the bus stop.


February 14, 2019

By Editor:


So what’s it like to be a carpetbagger from San Jose living in Falmouth where you can plunk down $675,000 and buy a house cash?  Our sources couldn’t find any lien holder (mortgage) on 22 Surrey Lane.  Perhaps you come to Falmouth with enough money to buy your way onto the Town Council.  How much do you have to donate to Democratic candidates or the Party to jump over all the other Democrats in Falmouth to be the chosen carpetbagger to be on the Council?


See the Dope’s house, her voter card, the Council rules the Dope violated, and Councilor Kuhn who works for the ACLU, you know the organization that protects civil rights like FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Was it Kuhn that said, off camera, “DITTO” when the Dope blurted out “STOP APPLAUSING”?  See the Dope has a degree in, wait for it, ENGLISH EDUCATION.  This qualifies the DOPE to invent words like applausing.


On January 29th the Dope was quoted in the Forecaster regarding the Rt. 1 proposed nightmare for Falmouth, saying, “The process has not allowed open dialogue.”  Apparently when you have vast numbers of residents coming to meetings and rising up against a crackpot idea that would turn Falmouth’s Rt. 1 into the Maine version of San Jose’s Rt. 101, currently a parking lot in slow motion, doesn’t qualify as “OPEN DIALOGUE”, because it does not toe the line for the agenda that the carpetbagger wants to promote, or Free Speech for the Ruling Class and no APPLAUSING for the serfs.


The Dope should remember this saying going forward, “It is better to be quiet and let people think you’re stupid, than to speak and confirm it.”



February 5, 2019  

By Editor:


Unusual KUDOS to Judge Deborah Cashman for seeing this nearly five-year-old case for what it was, the wrong person is the defendant.  Below you can see the results of what happens when you drug and rape (allegedly) the wrong young man.


Assistant D.A. Diaz wanted 8 years (down from the nearly 50 years if Sean got the max on all the charges) and Judge Cole, who had held the hearing on what Dr. Biswas’ testimony would be at trial, and Judge Cashman who held the sentencing hearing ruled the sentence to be 9 months and 3 years probation and with ‘good time’ Sean would be free after 4.5 months or the end of May or beginning of June.


This is from the recording of the hearing:

Referring to Dr. Biswas’ testimony at the pre-trial hearing conducted by Judge Cole.


ADA Diaz stated that Dr. Biswas’ testimony was “SIGNIFICANT.”

He went on to say that she would testify to Cusack’s SEXUALLY INAPROPRIATE conduct with Caisse, and likely the most important comment, “the jury MAY NOT return a guilty verdict.”


This is likely what the D.A.’s Office discovered, if only one man was on the jury and heard Dr. Biswas’ description of what Cusack had done to Caisse over a period of years (grooming), that man’s vote in the jury room would have likely been NOT GUILTY now, and NOT GUILTY until hell freezes over, on all counts.


Just to recount what Cusack got for some street justice:

Six broken ribs

Broken finger

Broken nose

Large dog bite

Numerous contusions.  (See photos below)



February 1, 2019

By Editor:


The DOPE fails to read her own Council Rules, which state NO Councilor can speak at the table WITHOUT permission from the Chairperson.  So what does the Dope do?  She blurts out that, “We want to create a ‘safe space’ for people who want to comment so would you please withhold from clapping or booing that would be greatly appreciated so everyone can speak and not be held in judgment.” (You can see and hear this nutcase at 56 minutes on the video.  Right after Mike Doyle spoke (at 53:21) and was applauded!)  Here’s a news flash, EVERYONE is judged ALL the time on what they do, what they say, and who they are.  Our judgment is we don’t like carpetbaggers from Silicon Valley coming to Falmouth and telling us what to say at public meeting!



The DOPE hadn’t bothered to read the First Amendment guaranteeing the right to Political FREE SPEECH, the highest form of protected Free Speech (Google search free speech and the Associated Press case, one Supreme Court decision after another conferring special status to POLITICAL FREE SPEECH).  You’d think the DOPE would read something she swore to support in her swearing in to be a Councilor. 



What irritates the hell out of a lot of people is a carpetbagger from Silicon Valley moves to Falmouth and tries to force her Moon Bat thinking on the normal people in town that have lived here for years, and turn Falmouth into the godforsaken place they fled from in the first place.  On the Dope’s voter registration card she moved here from San Jose.  What’s it like in San Jose?  It takes 45 minutes to drive 5 miles and if the Rt. 1 project is approved that’s what Falmouth will be like in a few years.


Thomas Jefferson said it best, “If you fail to involve yourself in politics, you’re destined to be governed by your inferiors.”





January 22, 2019

By Editor:


On Monday the 14th of this month, in a quiet courtroom in the Cumberland County Courthouse, the assault case against Sean Caisse, which started in 2014, drew to an end.


After five years of dithering, $50,000 of bail being refunded, and numerous charges of assault, aggravated assault, and elevated aggravated assault, levied against Sean imploded down to trifle of the 50 years that was facing Sean.  The plea agreement came down to a few months in county jail, likely around four and a half months.


The turning point was likely the riveting testimony of Dr. Biswas, a forensic psychiatrist, an expert witness employed by the State of Massachusetts, which held the courtroom in her thrall for over an hour as she described in skin crawling detail, what ANDY CUSACK had done to Sean Caisse over a period of years, called GROOMING, in the parlance of child molesting and homosexual drug induced rapists.


That in combination with the perjury given by Scarborough Police in another pre-trial hearing gave rise to Assistant District Attorney Diaz fear of jury NULLIFICATION (where the jury thinks Cusack should be the one on trial).


How did all this come to be after so many moving parts that FTM will detail in Part 2 coming soon to this site?





January 7, 2019

By Editor:

Here are three real life examples of higher prices at Morong’s:


The first was a woman buying the lowest cost Mazda because her car’s engine blew and she had to buy a car that day.  She had a quote from Charlie’s in Augusta that was $189 less than the exact same car and sticker price only a different color.  There she stood with a cashier’s check in hand and the Morong salesman not only said we won’t comedown to that price as he tore up the purchase order in her face, and then said, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ASS on the way out.”  Then the youngest Sowles brother followed them into the parking lot next to their car and said, “come back in we’ll match that price.”  The couple was fed up at that point and bought the Mazda Protégé at Charlie’s, and saved $189.


The second was a three-way deal involving the Saco VW dealer, Rowe VW of Auburn, and Morong VW Falmouth years ago.  The buyer wanted a specific black Passat wagon that neither, Saco or Morong had.  It was at Auburn.  Both dealers had to get the wagon from Auburn.  The Saco dealership sold it for $2,200 LESS to the buyer than what Morong wanted for it.


The third and most recent comparison was for an Audi Q 8, single payment lease, 15,000 miles per year, for 36 months.  Now the difference gets really huge.


Dealer                     Sticker            Payment

Audi of Stratham    $80,890          $37,198.58

Morong’s                  77,110            45,554.04


Stratham’s car was:  $3,780 higher sticker car for $8,355.46 lower payment OR




Update Morong changed to $73,980 sticker and a payment of 41,928.84 OR

Stratham car was $7,780 higher sticker for $12,510.26 MORE at Morong’s!



January 2, 2019

By Editor:

We’re told by people in the commercial website business that the average site gets 8,000 hits per year. 


In October 2018 FTM had 221,000+ hits that month and two more months that year over 200,000 hits.


In 48 months FTM had 6,613,896 HITS and 86,668 NEW READERS.


Most people think to achieve these numbers our distribution list must be very large when we send out our New Post on the subject line.  In fact our  list for notification is only 67 NAMES.


Our sincere thanks to all our readers today and all the future ones that come from you sending our link to your friends.




December 28, 2018

By Editor:


Some time ago we saw what could only be described as very inappropriate conduct at a White House ceremony where the people involved made the mistake to show up with their young daughter.  There was Biden rubbing all over the girl, stroking her hair, whispering in her ear, and kissing her head.  Just watching this on TV made our skin crawl.


We mentioned this in passing to one our top researchers and before you could say, “Creepy Uncle Joe” they had the YouTube link below showing one situation after another of the same weird conduct.  Then we were referred to the former Secret Service agent’s book about guarding the family.  He writes that they stopped having the Christmas party for the agents and their wives and girlfriends because Biden had rubbed or grabbed every female’s ass at the previous party.  He even grabbed one agent’s girlfriend by both breasts from behind, sources report, which nearly got the agent fired because of his physical reaction to Biden.


You watch the video link below and tell us if you’d leave a young female relative with Biden ever!  We were also told that Jeff Sessions slapped Biden’s hand away from his granddaughter at a ceremony.



December 19, 2018

By Editor:


Every now and then FTM comes across something so outside the box we are intrigued by it.  The Georgia Guidestones fit that bill.  Also known as American Stonehenge and its history is in the 20-minute video link below.  The messages all over the stones could portend the coming of a New World Order, population control, and more.


If nothing else you’ll learn something only a handful of Americans are even aware of today


This is a followup to our recent posting that was generated by that posting about Gov. Elect Janet Mills.

Date: Dec 14th, 2018

By Editor:




Report clears drug agents of wrongdoing

By John Hale State House Bureau, Special to the BDN • May 5, 1992 12:00 am

AUGUSTA — Attorney General Michael E. Carpenter on Monday released a special investigative report which cleared state drug agents of any wrongdoing in their probe of alleged drug use by District Attorney Janet Mills. But Carpenter stressed that the special investigators — two law professors from the University of Maine School of Law in Portland — were barred by federal law from probing the activities of federal drug agents involved in the case.

“I am very comfortable with the conclusion of the report,” Carpenter told reporters. “This report today goes as far as we can go. As far as this event goes, I think we’ve answered as many questions as we’re ever going to be able to answer. “It’s very difficult to say that this exonerates the agency. … It’s as close as you can come to clearing the agency.”

The investigation of Mills by the Bureau of Intergovernmental Drug Enforcement, now the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, was terminated by U.S. Attorney Richard Cohen when drug agents failed to turn up enough evidence to prosecute Mills.

News of the probe of Mills was leaked to a Portland television news reporter and first broadcast publicly in December 1990. When Mills, a prominent Democrat and BIDE critic, complained she was being targeted unfairly by political opponents (Cohen is a Republican), the case got widespread publicity. Mills, district attorney for Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin counties, has notified the state she may file a civil suit against BIDE and state officials, on grounds the news leak about the case unfairly damaged her reputation.

“I’m pleased my reputation has been cleared by these investigators,” Mills said Monday. “They say this whole thing was very unfair and unfortunate. This was very damaging to me, to my family, to my office. “Some of this foolishness was started by street talk, by street people. I applaud these professors for doing what they could.” Mills said she still is trying to obtain BIDE’s investigative reports on her under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

“As a citizen, my family and I have a right to know who started this dirty talk,” she said. Because BIDE employed both state and federal drug agents, as well as local and county officers, it crossed jurisdictional lines in trying to coordinate Maine’s war on drugs. The special investigators — Professors David P. Cluchey and Melvyn Zarr —stated in their report they were unable to get cooperation from the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the federal Drug Enforcement Administration during their three-month probe of the Mills case.

Asked if he could say whether federal agents acted improperly in the case, Carpenter said, “No, I can’t and I’ll never be able to say that. … There is a gap there. We knew we would come up against a wall with the federal offices. My only responsibility is to see if state officers acted inappropriately.”

Cluchey and Zarr concluded that state BIDE agents did act appropriately.

They said the investigation of Mills was justified because “information had come to state and federal law enforcement officials from a number of persons involved in the drug culture that District Attorney Janet Mills had purchased or used cocaine.”

“The credibility of these persons was uncertain, but the number of the statements justified a referral of this matter for investigation. An extensive investigation failed to reveal a prosecutable case, resulting in the United States attorney’s sound decision to terminate the investigation.” Cluchey and Zarr found no evidence that state BIDE agents had leaked the story of the federal grand jury investigation to the press. They said a large number of law-enforcement officials knew of the investigation, some of whom did not work for BIDE.

“The universe of such persons probably included persons who harbored a grudge against District Attorney Mills,” said Cluchey and Zarr. “The possible motive of the leakers may have been to use the media to act out their malice against District Attorney Mills. “Whatever the motive, the leak was highly damaging to District Attorney Mills and deprived her of her right to grand jury secrecy.”

The report said BIDE agents did not exceed their authority in investigating Mills, and that they did not use improper investigatory techniques. They said they could not comment on techniques used by federal officers. The report also said there was no evidence that state BIDE agents acted in a way to drag out the investigation.

Carpenter said a recent law change by the Legislature would ensure that any future investigations into the activities of state officials would be headed by the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that such investigations are open to public view.

The Legislature conducted its own exhaustive investigation into BIDE operations as a result of the Mills case. A proposal to dissolve BIDE and return drug-enforcement functions to the Maine State Police was killed. The agency was renamed the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Legislature will play a more active role in scrutinizing its operation.




November 12, 2018

By Editor:


Not only was Maine’s Governor elect, Janet Mills, the subject of a cocaine usage investigation but also in addition an Assistant United States Attorney ordered the investigation cancelled and deleted from the record system.


The investigation was conducted by B.I.D.E. (Bureau of Intergovernmental Drug Enforcement).


This information was stewing here at FTM for several years going way back to 2008 when we were made aware that there was severe difficulty in getting drug convictions in western Maine counties.  Our information back then that a coke dealer facing 20 years got a plea deal negotiated by Lenny Shannon for 4.5 years at Bolduc (no security facility in Warren).  It took us a while to do the math, but this was the likely scenario.


We’re told the dealer sat on the curb in front of the Farmington Court House all day until Lenny convinced the Assistant Attorney General (AAG) prosecuting the case the following:  “If my guy doesn't get a really good deal (4.5 years) instead of 20 years, I’m calling him to the stand, and my first question will be who is your most well known customer?  Followed by dates, times, number of grams, and money paid?  Do you really want to be the AAG that burns Janet Mills?”


FTM reported the gist of this to Gov. LePage at a meeting at the Pineland Farm conference complex in New Gloucester a number of years ago, witnessed by Diane Martin, Executive Director of the Maine Manufacturers Assoc. of Maine.  She threw us out of the meeting immediately after that by stuffing our meeting fee check in our pocket, but let us stay for the lunch, BFD.  We’ve waited all these years for the details that we didn’t know until now.


Sources tell FTM that Mills was leaking details of the investigation herself to “get in front of the charges” and defused them before the entire investigation was cancelled.  One investigator during an extensive interview on the phone said, “I can’t comment” followed by, “look around”, implying there would be no records.  One source at the scene at the recovery of her first husband’s death said, Mills came there drunk and said, “put him in my trunk so I can take him home.”  The law enforcement on scene convinced her even she as the, we believe, County Attorney, could not legally transport a corpse, even her dead husband, whose death was unattended by medical personnel.


Finally, the reports we heard that Mills drove drunk so many times the local cops would follow her home to make sure she didn’t kill herself or some other random person.  There was no sense for them to arrest her, what prosecutor working in her office would handle that trial?


Rules for the ruling class, simply put, there are NO RULES.



December 3, 2018

By Editor:


In recent litigation the Plaintiff moved to recuse Warren for previous misconduct that got him to recuse himself then, yet he refused to recuse in the instant case.  It’s against the Rules of Civil Procedures (Rule 11) for lawyers to LIE in documents filed with the court.  Benjamin Wahrer, Esq. of Thompson Bowie in his filing in footnote #5 stated: see image below.


Factually, the insurance company was held responsible because in the Portland Police report the driver admitted to making AN ILLEGAL LEFT TURN, and the insurance company paid out almost $5,000.  Wahrer knew this and lied about it or he didn’t know about it and that would be mal-practice.  Pick one.


What Judge Thomas Warren did was endorse all lawyers in Maine to LIE with impunity in court filings without having to face any sanctions whatsoever.  Essentially Judge Warren has set the bar for honesty in court filings so low it might as well be on the ground.


FTM is considering supplying the last 1,000 victims of the Cumberland County Courthouse with a white T-shirt so they can all have a group photo in front of the courthouse with these words printed in black:







(Now on 680 WRKO Boston 6 am to 10 am)

November 24, 2018

By Editor:


Tighten your seatbelt folks; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  Trump held Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in 2018 and needs to hold, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Arizona to win in 2020.  The Whitehouse plan was they knew they would lose from 23 (the number the Dems needed to take the house) to 30 seats.  So the decision was to pound the Senate races constantly.  The Impeachment was coming no matter how many the Dems won over the minimum.  What could NOT happen was losing the Senate (the jury that could vote to end the Trump presidency) under any condition.


Next the attack on President Trump will get way down and way dirty.  But first John Kelly and Kristen at Homeland are out.  The Cabinet will go full wartime footing.  Schiff will open his committee investigation on Russian collusion, Nadler will push that President Trump has been a Russian Mole for the LAST 30 YEARS, and Maxine (low I.Q.) Waters, Chairing the Banking and Financial Services will go after Deutsche Bank, where President Trump financed most of his developments for the last 30 years.


Now the dirty part, the Dems will try to force President’s Trump resignation to save Ivanka and Jared from prison.  They will go after all the emails and make up any charge they can, to swap a perjury trap for the Whitehouse.  The Dems used the Kavanaugh hearing as practice for what they have planned for the next two years, and it will be way worse than what we saw then.


November 20, 2018

By Editor:


A few years ago Doyle obtained all the emails of Falmouth residents that emailed with the town government.  The proverbial crap hit the fan and Nathan Poore, the crooked Town Manager, sprung into action.  He got Mary Nelson, Falmouth’s Representative to the Maine legislature to introduce a L.D. to out law citizens’ access right to obtain those email addresses from towns and cities all over Maine through a FOAA request.  To remind everyone Mary Nelson, Moon Bat in resident, at a Hayes for Governor meeting this year declared we can get rid of the SECOND AMENDMENT.


Nelson’s proposed L.D. was so over reaching when it started out at about three feet long, was reduced down to about nine inches when it finally passed.  Its final version allowed email addresses to be obtained if the resident corresponded with the town and not if they were only on a notification list, such as road closings etc.


Doyle started to use the Rules of Civil Procedures in court cases FTM was involved in, specifically Rule 76 H.  This allowed audio recording of any hearing Doyle was a part of and beyond the control of any judge.  When Doyle started invoking this rule he had one judge after another, reaching for their own rulebook.  Apparently they didn’t like this rule and it was changed.


Below you can read the rule from the book and next the change from the Maine.gov site.  In the first paragraph (a) the sentence marked Nothing etc., then compare that against the copy from the state’s website Notice (c.) (1.).  Another anti-Michael Doyle change in the rules because he had the nerve to use them and irritated the Ruling Class.


Why people don’t respect and don’t trust the courts and the judges in the State of Maine.  You know you’re going to be screwed when you walk in the door, you just don’t know how bad it will be until it’s too late.  Just for reference Doyle had the following judges recused off cases:


Nancy Mills, Esq, husband of Peter Mills, Esq. MTA Director and sister-in-law of Janet Mills, Esq., Attorney General and Governor elect of Maine.


Thomas Warren, Esq., a chronic abuser of Pro Se litigants, and allows unsubstantiated testimony and attempted perjury, go unsanctioned.


Roland Cole, Esq., who short circuited the bankruptcy law when he wasn’t recorded and imposed a massive “fine or admin fee whichever would survive the bankruptcy filing” and when he was recorded under 76 H went into great detail how it was impossible for a superior court (his court position) to intervene in federal bankruptcy proceedings.  Who is likely one of the biggest crooks in the Maine court system in our very extensive experience and opinion.



(Editor’s Note: FTM is running a back to school special where you can review how your school system’s payroll compares, in relation to four other local schools.  Who has the most staff over $100,000/yr., who has the highest paid business manager, who has the highest paid teacher, who has the highest paid Athletic Director, who has the highest paid Superintendent, and who has the highest paid Director of Facilities.)

October 22,, 2018

By Editor:


Let’s start with some job titles:



Cape                159,377.95

Cumberland    178,712.18

Falmouth         179,781.03 * $20,406 more than Scarborough

Scarborough    158,263.47

Yarmouth        164,622.43


We’re loading the first page of each report with all the pages of that school as a PDF after the first page, hit the click.


People over $100,000 of total compensation.

Cape                  38

Cumberland       22

Falmouth           53 *  More than twice the number of Cumberland and

Scarborough      24     Scarborough

Yarmouth          32


Highest Paid Teacher

Cape                 129,052.82 *  $27,646.52 more than Scarborough’s

Cumberland      109,699.38

Falmouth          115,699.75

Scarborough     101,406.30

Yarmouth         107,974.00


Director of Facilities

Cape                   98,659.02

Cumberland      104,610.28

Falmouth          129,813.69

Scarborough     135,054.71 *  $42,516.55 more than Yarmouth’s person

Yarmouth           92,538.16


Business Manager

Cape                  145,797.98

Cumberland       168,452.04

Falmouth           193,458.90 *  Does Falmouth get $68,315.50 more work out

Scarborough      125,143.40     of their manager than Scarborough gets from

Yarmouth          129,338.43     theirs?


Athletic Director

Cape                119,308.92

Cumberland     123,128.24

Falmouth         126,825.93

Scarborough    129,713.65 *  $18,425 more than Yarmouth’s

Yarmouth        111,288.80



Falmouth couldn’t follow the simple example provided of their OWN previous printout of their own payroll.  That’s what you get for an extra $68,315/yr.  Scarborough was the only town that collected a payment for their report, $10.  Cape was the first to respond, followed by Cumberland, Yarmouth, and Scarborough, with foot dragging morons in charge Nathan Poore and Danny Boy O’Shea in Falmouth.  Hey Danny, who’s the ASS now?  (Danny called FTM an ass for asking questions about the school department.)

View Cape Elizabeth School Payroll, more..

View Cumberland School Payroll, more..

View Falmouth School Payroll, more..

View Scarborough School Payroll, more..

View Yarmouth School Payroll, more..




By Editor:

September 13, 2018

You can think anything you want about President Trump, but his adult children are successful, productive adults.  Don Jr. when he was in Maine during the campaign said, “Because my siblings grew up rich, we didn’t get away with living like that.  When I was in school I spent every summer driving a D-5 Caterpillar bulldozer on the current project.  That was how all of us quote, unquote, rich children of Donald Trump lived.”  None of them are drug addicts or alcoholics, or into domestic violence.


Then we have the infamous Scarborough Police Chief, Robert ‘Robbie’ Moulton.  Years ago he dated his second wife while he was still married to his first wife and while the future second wife was still a senior at Scarborough High School, where Robbie was the school resource officer.  We’re told back then he referred to the high school as the Happy Hunting Grounds.  Sources report he had two sons with that wife, and beat the one named Chris by slamming his face on the kitchen stove, that he looked like he had been in a car accident when he went to school.


Was that the only domestic violence victim of a beating at the hands of Robbie?  FTM has been holding this item until we did an update on Moulton.  Sources report that Robbie was beating his second wife, Cammy, and the SPD was called to rescue her.  The responding officer was ORDERED not to go to that address, the audio recording of the ‘call for police service’ was ERASED, and the time card for the ‘dispatch time and on scene time’ was SHREDDED.  Was that done at the hands of Capt. Marla St. Pierre? 


The opposite outcome from President Trump’s parenting is the sad outcome for Chris Moulton after suffering under the abuse of Scarborough Police Chief, Robert Moulton.  You can see his face and hands photo below.  Read his handwritten words on his shirt, does that tell an even more hideous story?


September 7, 2018

By Editor:


The Democrats love to use Republicans’ money to fund their own schemes.  They can’t raise enough money for their pet library, so back to the Town Council (also run by Democrats) to get all the Republicans in Falmouth to fund the Democrats’ very own library.


Why, you may ask does FTM make such a bold statement?


The library is run by eight Democrats over four Republicans.  That includes stealth Democrats masquerading as Greens, unenrolled, and one trustee that isn’t even registered to vote.


FTM interviewed Dave Billings, Manager of Circulation, to see if right wing, conservative authors, were in the Falmouth Library.  The short answer is NO.  None for Michele Malkin, Sean Hannity, Ann Colter, 3 for Mark Levin that has nearly a dozen New York Times Best sellers.  Also none for Hancock, McTaggert, and Lipton that challenge the conventional group think that the Kool-Aid drinking Democrats love so much.


Finally, when you see Marcia Clark at the podium it’s likely her husband, Peter Goffin, is lurking around the lobby of the Council Chambers and when he speaks to contradict Mike Doyle, he lies and conflates to mislead the listeners.  They never sit together, they pretend they don’t even know each other; so they can falsely present they are two strangers in favor of the library expansion.  Peter works in wealth management at UBS, and if you’re a conservative or Republican, and you’re his client, you should cut out the middleman, Goffin, and just send your money to the Democratic National Committee.  You can see Mr. Clark, er Mr. Goffin below.


"The wooded estate of the Goffin/Clark democratic cabal, with a quarter mile driveway"


August 27, 2018

By Editor:


Too harsh an indictment?  Read the facts that led FTM to make that statement:

  1. The bank calls the woman and ‘invites’ her to bring her vehicle to the branch on Rt. 1 in Falmouth, so they can ‘sell’ the car for her.
  2. She turns over both sets of keys to Aaron, the branch manager, and leaves. Subsequently Aaron is fired for ‘failing to file’ compliance reports in a timely manner.
  3. T D Bank treats this episode as a REPOSESSION and sues for the loss of value for selling it to, what seems to be, an insider.
  4. The suit seeks payment for, and gets it, for towing the vehicle while the bank had two sets of keys, almost $500.00.
  5. They hire a fly by night lawyer, Susan Swed, who didn’t have a known street address to deliver court filings to in a timely manner. Swed winds up recusing herself due to an undisclosed conflict.   Judge Keith ‘Kappy’ Powers (husband of former Falmouth School Superintendent Barbara Powers) grants a default judgment against the elderly woman, the mother of Barbara Powers’ nemesis for a

ONE-day delay in getting the filing to the fly by night lawyer.  Can’t defeat the nemesis, punish his mother.

  1. Judgment for T D Bank, $20,000.
  2. Years later to settle the elderly lady’s estate T D Bank can’t FIND any documents relating to this case. NONE!  How do you get T D Bank to sign a release and get paid when these thieves don’t even know they stole some money from a woman over 85 years old?
  3. The brain trust at T D Bank comes up with a solution for no records of their unreasonable, and likely crooked claim, they settle on only stealing $15,000 from their elderly customer’s estate. Way to go Larry.  LARRY DO THE RIGHT THING AND REFUND THE $15,000 TO THE DEAD WOMAN’S ESTATE!


You can see Larry Wold’s photo below.


August 20, 2018

By Editor:

We only get crazy emails once in a great while, but when they come in, they’re a dozy.

We checked with a source and they told us that the first one, according to the profile, was a white male, age 18 to 35, between 5 feet and 5’ 6”, between 150 and 185 lbs., who lives with his mother, plays video games all day and night in the basement, or watches donkey porn (Who knew donkeys were into porn? Our guess is only someone who watches it a lot.)

The second one is a naïve woman that is very light in the knowledge area, but like most of her ilk, picks a side before they know who the victim is, or who’s the perpetrator.


From: Burning Tire

Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2018 9:16 AM

To: seller99@msn.com;


Subject:Despicable cunt


How Do you sleep at night you malignant fuck?



On Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 9:22 AM Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com> wrote:

7 hours every night how about you?


From: Burning Tire

Date: Sun, Aug 12, 2018 9:26 AM

To: Michael Doyle;


Subject:Re: Despicable cunt


I said HOW you illiterate fuck? HOW not how much. 


If you can speak the language get the fuck out of America. 




From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 10:04 AM
To: Burning Tire
Subject: Re: Despicable cunt


How implies level of comfort and duration.  Look up words before your tiny mind uses them.



From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 10:10 AM
To: Burning Tire
Subject: Re: Despicable cunt


Did you mean CAN'T instead of CAN?


Maybe you should leave America with all the other cowards that CAN'T use their own name in their child like emails. Being stupid isn't a literary high point for you. 


From: Burning Tire <burningtireforme@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 10:15 AM
To: Michael Doyle
Subject: Re: Despicable cunt


Awwww do you want my name so you can take pictures of my house and harrass my family to post on your little blog? Talk about how mean the world is to you?


What is it like to be so feckless and deplorable that you have to harrass people in order to get an erection? 


From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 10:38 AM
To: Burning Tire
Subject: Re: Despicable cunt


I didn't know you were gay.  Only gay people ask questions about erections.  Now are you a gay man, woman, or trans, because you must be in a protected class, likely, mentally challenged.

Do you NOT have spell check harass NOT HARRASS.


I have enough emails to do an article about cowards like you.


Have a nice day,


Michael Doyle



P.S. I can sign my name and my phone number because unlike you, I'm a man, and not afraid of people like you.  Plus the site had 4.4million hits in 36 months ending 12-31-18 and 61,000 new readers AND 507,000 hits in the first 3 months of 2018 and 7,500 new readers.


On Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 10:52 AM Burning Tire <burningtireforme@gmail.com> wrote:

Oh did I hit a nerve their Mikey? Unable to get it up? I would say it’s a shame but it’s not like you could get any pussy. Must be so frustrating when you are creeping on women. 





On Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 11:03 AM Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com> wrote:


This goes out to all 15,816 new readers this year.

FTM will pay $10,000 for the name, address, and phone number of the person using Burning Tire email address.



From: Burning Tire <burningtireforme@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 11:38 AM
To: Michael Doyle


Burning tire offers 10001 Stanley nickles for evidence that mike Doyle likes donkey porn. 



From: Burning Tire <burningtireforme@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 3:28 PM
To: Michael Doyle


The reward has been updated to 60,298 Bison Kuggarands for anyone willing to admit you aren’t a complete waste of skin. 




From: Burning Tire <burningtireforme@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2018 9:24 PM
To: Michael Doyle
Subject: Re: Despicable cunt


What’s the matter Miguel? 

From: Burning Tire <burningtireforme@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2018 12:52 PM
To: Michael Doyle
Subject: Re: Despicable cunt


How’s the cock sucking biz going?


Do you get a good dental plan with that?



------ Original message------

From: Jennifer Richardson

Date: Tue, Aug 14, 2018 1:37 PM

To: Editor@falmouthtoday.me;


Subject:Journalism or Stalking?


Good day,


I have read some of your blog, yes blog. You do not strike me as a journalist, but as someone who likes to create turmoil and discomfort for those involved. Your most recent post on certain payroll items in the Town of Falmouth was in my opinion, stalking. Why do we need to see a picture of t he Town Manager's home? Other than to threaten him by upsetting his family to get what you want, I see no other purpose. If someone came to my address, parked in the street and began to take pictures, you best believe I would be calling the police and reporting a stalking.

Please don't hide behind the Constitution in your writings. Try common decency and kindness and you will most likely have much more cooperation and viable topics to write about.


Thank you for your time,




On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 2:19 PM Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com> wrote:

Thank you for your comments. I repectfully disagree and suggest you stop reading my site. Because if I have to take a photo of your house and you call the police you better call your lawyer too because I'll sue you for violating my RIGHTS.  See you in court then we find out if you need to hide behind the Constitution.



From: Jennifer Richardson

Date: Tue, Aug 14, 2018 2:31 PM

To: seller99@msn.com;


Subject:Re: Journalism or Stalking?


I apologize if you felt my opinions were invalid. I just want to make sure you know the laws that I am discussing. Please feel free to read the statutes. Understand that everyone has a different thresh hold to what is considered undue stress and emotional distress.




Again, thank you for your time. Have a nice day.




P.S. I stumbled upon your website by accident and have only perused it once, but thank you for suggesting I no longer read it. I will sincerely consider this. :)



From: seller99@msn.com <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2018 4:11 PM
To: Jennifer Richardson
Subject: Re: Journalism or Stalking?


No need to apologize. That's why we have LAWS. Everyone's feeling about stress or emotional distress is measured against a single standard. If you're a thief like Nathan Poore is, you might be more sensitive to scrutiny.  However, that does not increase your rights to tell a reporter what they can do.


I find it amusing that the left will jump to the wrong conclusion and defend the perpetrator while attacking the victim of a crime. 


Before any of your opinions will have any value to the population at large you need to do a great deal of research to understand the conflict before you pick a side.


You have a nice day






August 10, 2018


By Editor:


FTM is well funded by supporters that absolutely detest Poore’s stealing money from us, putting up phony rules to slow down the FOAA process, and sends not only stupid emails but also, very annoying emails.


Our supporters have offered to fund a private investigation of his life from the date of his birth to this date.  We’ve held off on that offer for some time, living in the hope that at some point Poore would have someone on the Council or someone that he respected, perhaps another Town Manager in southern Maine, take him aside and talk to him like a Dutch Uncle.  Perhaps they could explain that taking $345 in violation of a State Law wasn’t a good thing to do.  Perhaps they could explain that an email request response that contained $200 worth of, NOT emails, but advertising, really wasn’t in the sprit of the FOAA law.


These supporters believe that someone that would cheat on answers to the FOAA law, so publicly, has likely cheated not only elsewhere, but also probably during his whole life.


Below you can see Poore’s voter registration card, his tax doc on his home,

(he pays a little over $2,800 in taxes) and the photo of his home, somewhere down the road Poore’s going to wake up and wonder why did he let his ego get so far out of control?  Let’s see if someone can convince him he picked the wrong fight with the wrong person and he decides to be more cooperative before FTM finds out something his wife doesn’t know about him.





From: Nathan Poore

Date: Mon, Jul 30, 2018 6:48 PM

To: seller99@msn.com;




Can you confirm that you parked outside my home today and took photos (1:30pm)?




From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2018 7:44 PM
To: Nathan Poore <npoore@falmouthme.org>
Subject: Re: Misc


Yes that was me. I didn't park as know there's no place to pull over so I stopped stood up and took a picture of your house. 


From: Nathan Poore
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 8:43 AM
To: 'Michael Doyle' <seller99@msn.com< a="">></seller99@msn.com<>
Subject: RE: Misc


Just to be clear, you don’t have permission to be on my property.


From: Nathan Poore

Date: Tue, Jul 31, 2018 8:45 AM

To: Michael Doyle;


Subject:RE: Misc


One more thing – yes, I understand that the ROW you took the photo from, is not my property.


From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 10:08 AM
To: Nathan Poore <npoore@falmouthme.org>
Subject: Re: Misc


Just to be CLEAR for you, the ROW if it's the same as Falmouth, is 75 feet from the center line on the road.  That would allow me to stand in your driveway to take as many photos as I want to take.


One other item, I didn't steal $345 from you under color of law.


Keep winding the key. 



From: Nathan Poore <npoore@falmouthme.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 1:34 PM
To: Michael Doyle
Subject: RE: Misc


You and I both know that the ROW is much narrower than 150’. You will be trespassing if you enter my property at the distance you cited below.


You and I have dealt with each other for a number of years. You are now involving my family. They were very uncomfortable when they saw you yesterday. You have a picture of my property and will used it for whatever reason you choose. At this time, you have no further need to visit my property from the ROW other than to harass me or members of my family. I need to know if you intend to visit my property again. I take this seriously because your decision on whether to continue to visit my property has an impact on my family and how I prepare them and myself in the future.


You can take your stands, make your claims or bring whatever issues you have to the Falmouth Town Office but stay away from my home and family.


From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 2:24 PM
To: Nathan Poore
Subject: Re: Misc


If you weren't foot dragging the school payroll answer I wouldn't have gone to Kennebunkport to take a picture of your house.  I don't have a need to take another picture but at the same time you have no right to tell me or anyone else that I can't take a picture of your house. 

Freedom of the Press overrides your unfounded 'fear' for your family's safety.  I pose zero threat to you or your family and the only violence I've been subjected to was the twig on the school board that grabbed my arm while I was holding a video camera at a school board workshop.

Your faint of fear is only a ruse to go to court to seek an unfounded harassment order against me and I will counter complain that the charge is false and seek damages against you.

Your turn!


July 29, 2018  

By Editor:


Nathan joins Christine DeTroy with the second dumbest email of 2018, Christine’s is so far out there in first place she may win dumbest one of the decade, or this century.


Our request was the same as format provided:

Listed school dept. employees from highest total income to lowest.

Current contract


What part of that, can you NOT understand?


Nathan loves to piss away tax money in Falmouth.

Example One:

When we started asking FOAA questions about over the top mismanagement, like hiring the Chief’s son and the Lt’s nephews to be Town Landing ‘Rangers’ at $500/week.  To be clear these three kids of Police management were paid over $15,000 in a summer to collect less than $4,000 in launch fees.  We guess paying Chief Tolan over $144,000/year recently, just wasn’t enough to keep his son out of the government trough.  So what does Poore do to slow down the onslaught of FOAA questions?  He hires Drummond & Woodsum (when Harold Woodsum was a kid he use to run around Preble St. and the square in S. Portland with holes in the knees of his pants.) and pays them $3,400 to write a protocol that everyone had to fill out to ask a FOAA question.  How many of those forms did we fill out?  ZERO!  Because that would be an amendment to a State Law, and Poore has ZERO authority to amend a State Law.


Example Two:

Poore amended the FOAA Law another way.  He came up with the ‘no first hour free’ rule because every question we asked related to a previous question where we had a free hour.  Here’s a shocker, every question we asked related to crap you were doing in a previous question.  So, under Poore’s rule, no free first hour EVER.  FTM has litigated this once but in the wrong part of the code and ruled ‘untimely’.  When we told the judge we would file a claim every time it happened going forward Poore stopped the no free first hour immediately.  Why does this make him STUPID?  Easy, the claim was for $345.00 and the legal fee to defer it to another trial was over $3,000.  If you got caught cheating someone four ways to Sunday, and would at some point have to cough up the $345.00, would you piss away $3,000 in the first go around, and probably another $3,000 in the second round?  ONLY IF YOU’RE AS STUPID AS NATHAN POORE.

Finally, Nathan you’ve got our attention and now it really begins, your turn in the barrel is coming.

From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 7:50 PM
To: TC Nathan Poore 2


Provide current contract numbers in the format provided.

Michael Doyle


From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com< a="">> </seller99@msn.com<>
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 1:37 PM
To: Nathan Poore <npoore@falmouthme.org< a="">></npoore@falmouthme.org<>

1. Current contract year
2. All School dept. employees
3. All employees regardless of total income
4. School Dept. Employees Only
List them from highest TOTAL income to include ALL benefits to lowest total income

------ Original message------
From: Nathan Poore
Date: Mon, Jul 23, 2018 4:25 PM
To: Michael Doyle;

Mr. Doyle,

We will process your request as time permits.


From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 5:53 PM
To: Nathan Poore <npoore@falmouthme.org>
Cc: Kielty, Brenda <Brenda.Kielty@maine.gov>

Apparently 3 weeks isn't enough time.

Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE device

From: Nathan Poore <npoore@falmouthme.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 12:27 PM
To: Michael Doyle
Cc: Kielty, Brenda

Mr. Doyle,

Your original request (attached) was not clear. The Town sent you a memo requesting clarification one week after your original request (attached). Your response to the request for clarification was received yesterday, not three weeks ago.

I am sending this to you and copying Brenda Kielty so that she is aware of the facts.



From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 10:01 PM
To: TC Nathan Poore 2; BRENDA KIELTY AAG
Cc: BILL SHANE; NAT TUPPER YARMOUTH MGR.; KATE BOLTON ci; THOMAS HALL SCAR MGR.; cmessmer@capeelizabethschools.org; SCOTT POULIN MSAD 51; wdonovan@ci.scarborough.me; SHAWN BABINE 2


Thank you for your recent email. Let's review our history:
1. Foot dragging on every FOAA request I make.
2. Over charging for answers.
3. Withholding the first free hour for an answer.
4. Supplying copies of ads in an email request costing over $900.00, or over $200.00 of crap.
5. I've been busy lately, BUT not too busy to keep my lawsuit handy to recover the $345.00 you stole from me with your half-baked "this question relates to another question, etc" crap. Don't be surprised when get served at a future Council meeting.
6. What confused you in the email request below? Highest to lowest in that format, and CURRENT CONTRACT NUMBERS.

Playing stupid isn't a good move on your part, because eventually people will actually think you're stupid. The two worse towns I deal with are the two lamest town managements in Greater Portland, Falmouth and Scarborough.

Have a nice day,

Michael Doyle

(Editor’s Note: Back by popular demand our article about Sgt. O’Malley and his harem.  He must be buying Viagra by the pound!)


July 23, 2018

By Editor:


You know the kind of jobs we’re talking about.  You can drive as fast as you want to all the time, arrest people for asking a question at a Town Council meeting, ‘fix’ tickets for friends of the chief, get full health and pension benefits paid for by the taxpayers, have sex anytime you want with a girlfriend while you’re at work and get the taxpayers to pay for it, and of course have a hot wife at home that you can tap on non-work time.


Where else but the Scarborough, Maine Police Dept.


Meet the most recent players for this fun job:

Sgt. John O’Malley

His (ex)girlfriend, Lyndsay Hadlock?

His current wife Sonya, who could do way better with any other husband.

When he wasn’t busy doing these two watch for school bus #8 driven by Julie E. Randall.  Is it true she carries a sign for the bus window ‘If we’er a rockin, don’t be a knockin’?


Sources report all this is history at this point because they report Lyndsay was a heavy drinker.  Maybe she would be a good date for Councilor Babine when townspeople aren’t covering his campaign signs with fecal matter and spreading roofing nails on his driveway.  Sources report that O’Malley was dating both of these women while ‘on the clock as a Scarborough cop’. 


FTM nominates O’Malley for a new award at the yearend recognition ceremony for 2018, the 2017 one was held recently at Scarborough High School, the new award would be for STUD OF THE YEAR!


July 21, 2018

By Editor:

Jury nullification occurs when the details of what the ‘victim’ did to the Defendant is so horrific the mere description of it in the defense of the man that beat the ‘victim’ Cusack (owner of Beech Ridge Speedway and good buddy to Scarborough Chief of Police Robbie Moulton), it alone can sway the jury to acquit Caisse. When FTM was in the courtroom listening spellbound to a psychiatrist who testified uninterrupted for over an hour recounting in excruciating detail the heinous things that were done to Caisse over a period of 14 years by Cusack, it made our skin crawl.

The doctor used words like predatory, exploitive, and grooming to describe Cusack’s (accused of drugging and raping Caisse repeatedly) hideous misconduct from Caisse’s age 14 to age 28. Men on the future jury are going to ask why is Caisse on trial and not Cusack.

After that, FTM obtained a recording of the testimony hearing where SPD officers were the only witnesses. What we know factually about what was asked there is no question that some answers were sheer perjury. At least one officer will likely be asked were you lying then or are you lying now during the actual trial?


      July 6, 2018

      By Editor:


      ‘Tricky Nicky’ is getting quite the reputation for scamming sellers out of an extra one to two thousand dollars at closings.  In a recent one he demanded around $1,200 spread over three items.

      1. He wanted money to move the PODS after the buyer unloaded them from the street in front of the property to the ‘driveway’. Essentially this was a shake down to get the seller to pay for the PODS to pick up the two boxes.
      2. Money to have the house ‘professionally cleaned’ after the buyers had spent the day having hundreds of trips into the house unloading their two moving PODS.
      3. Having a dumpster come to remove a few minor left overs like a FREE Oreck vacuum cleaner that the seller had removed by a pickup truck after Nick’s foolishness started.

       The dead give away was Nick kept pushing for cash from the title company but had to settle for invoicing the title company from the actual company doing the work against an escrow of $1,200.  Just a typical scammer caught when the seller agreed to an invoice only deal over Nick’s objections.


      FTM’s recommendation:  When you sell your house reject any offer from a buyer that comes through Nick Guerrette of Keller-Williams and save yourself an hour of listening to his horseshit at your closing.  The seller in the above example came a few seconds away from standing up, walking out, and saying, “I’ll take care of all this and we’ll close in four days.”


      You can see Tricky Nicky’s photo below.


        June 22, 2018

        By Editor:

         (Editor’s Note:  Wow, response was very heavy on the sister of Peter DeTroy, (Portland’s very own Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer all rolled into one) according to sources INSIDE the law firm that bears his name, email to FTM.  To satisfy all the requests on what she looks like, her pic is posted below.  Also, two recent videos of public forum comments at Falmouth Town Council.)



      • →  Click here to View Freedom of Speech



       June 18, 2018


      By Editor:


      It only took her a few years for Christine to figure out that FTM wrote about her brother.  Her low life rant is posted below.


      (Editor’s Note:  The article about Peter DeTroy ran several years before the disclosures about Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, etc.  Maybe their sisters never ever heard of those allegations either.  Did they write to those news outlets like Christine wrote to FTM?)



      Dear Christine,


      We at FTM are just totally stunned that Peter didn’t disclose all his misconduct to you and the rest of his family and siblings around the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  From your use of words in your email I’m sure you would have cheered Peter on for providing legal services for women bent over his desk or kneeling in front of his office chair.  What family wouldn’t praise a brave lawyer for taking advantage of women who would never report this behavior because they were desperate and broke from a divorce, and had children in school that would be ridiculed without mercy if this became public.


      We can see this now, “Hey, Billy’s mom’s giving BJs to her lawyer.”  Wouldn’t that be fun for all the kids of all the women he took advantage over all those years?


      From your email it’s very likely that the lowlife gene runs deep and wide in the DeTroy family tree.  Our sources report, back in the day Peter and Marilyn were trying to out do each other in total number of affairs.  It seems Peter had an unfair advantage; the firm’s receptionist served up his conquests.  Great work if you can get it.




      August 3, 2017

      By Editor:


      From very reliable sources FTM is told that Eddie retired last September and got a sweet heart deal.  He starts drawing his pension then while being paid the full boat for two years on a contract that ends September of 2018.  For those of you keeping score that an extra $200,000 in round numbers AFTER he retired.


      What could possibly be the need to pay the putz an extra 200 grand?  Nathan, the likely finger in the pie on this deal, there’s a need to train Johnny Kilbride to be Chief.  Come on guys, have your lies have some thread of common sense in them.  Everyone knows that for last 5 or 10 years Johnny’s been running the day to day of the police department, while Eddie plans where he’s going for lunch that day.


      Just as a reminder, FTM had to embarrass Tolan into wearing his uniform three years ago by comparing his lack thereof to chiefs in Cape, Cumberland, and Yarmouth.  FTM did the same to get him to pretend to patrol the roads in Falmouth by the same comparison.  When Tolan was told by those chiefs that FTM was asking them how much time they patrolled there was a flurry of Falmouth 1 (Tolan’s call sign) on the scanners.  We guess a lot of those radio calls were made from his home while he was sipping a beverage.


      We want a job where you retire and get a 75% raise for two years.  Unreal!


      July 4, 2017

      By: Editor

      This year would have been the 100th birthday of President John F. Kennedy this past May 29th. A lesser known American would have been 100 on May 23rd this year, so FTM gave some serious thought to what took place in Daly Plaza, so many years ago.

      We were a sophomore in world history class when a senior walked into the classroom, bent over and whispered into Mr. Mosley’s ear what had happened in Dallas and almost immediately the P.A. announced school was ending early, and as that was being said the buses rolled up and we all left in shock and stayed in front of the TV for the next three days.

      Twenty years later, to the day, we were in Dallas on a business trip and another Regional Vice President from Massachusetts joined us on a walk through, of Daly Plaza. In total silence we looked at the locations, the elevations, the angles (geometry), and the distances. The other RVP was a retired Green Beret Major with his share of kills in Nam. We had no combat time but had been a fire and movement instructor at Ft. Dix, NJ for five years and sent thousands of rounds down range during that time.

      We turned to each other, and we said, “So what’s your opinion?” The retired Green Beret said, “Not possible.” We agreed, and here’s why.

      The shot was a sniper mission and the physical history simply can’t support the Warren Report fiction. In a sniper mission there are two critical things that take place TARGET ACQUISTION and SIGHT ALIGNMENT. Target acquisition is finding the target when you’re looking at a circle the size of quarter through the scope. You have to look around the target area to find where you need to aim the scope at to be on target. Once that is done then sight alignment is done by adjusting for cross wind, elevation drop (a 50 caliber bullet will drop 30 feet in 1,000 yards), and movement of a non-stationary target. Add to these factors the shooter, whoever it was, racked a bolt-action rifle three times in six seconds, and each shot was better than the previous one.

      In sniping it’s always the geometry that makes the shot successful because you are not firing at where the target is, but where it will be when the bullet arrives. The Warren Report would have us believe that what almost anyone with this kind of skillset would know to be fiction. In a three shot attack the first shot is always the most accurate and on target because you have the most time of the three shots to calculate the geometry. The second shot is less so because you’re racking the bolt, acquiring the target again, and doing a lot of geometry in your head on the fly. The third shot is the same drill with little likelihood of hitting anything.

      Yet, in this attack the first shot went wild, the second one hit the Governor, and the third one struck the President’s head. The third shot was the most difficult one, on a left turning target, moving away from the book depository, and was the most accurate. This is simply not possible in the real world of gunfire. Based solely upon the empirical evidence it would indicate that whoever took the head shot was firing his first round after having plenty of time to do the geometry prior to pulling the trigger.

      Finally, would the Warren Report lie? Has the Federal Government ever told the truth about something this important, ever?


      June 29, 2017

      By Editor:


      Nico, as he is known at the Cumberland County Courthouse, makes a handsome living completely legally and completely unethical.  So unethical he’s the go to guy for a salvage scam that he’s becoming famous for, it goes like this.  Your $100,000 boat ‘slips’ its mooring or comes ‘untied’ at the dock and drifts out to open water, where one of his clients ties on to it and tows it somewhere ‘safe’.  The owner gets a salvage bill for $40,000 enforced under maritime law and must be paid or the owner loses ownership of the $100,000 boat.  What would you do if this were your $100,000 boat or your $500,000 boat?  Right, you pay the man that ‘salvaged’ your boat and Nico gets his cut off the top. 


      This scam came to light when Nico tried to raid Marion Doyle’s estate in Probate Court.  This came about because of a different scam Nico was running on Marion’s heir.  You see his client, Colleen Franke, a sometime neighbor, cooked up a fake stalking charge against Marion’s son as revenge for his complaining about the 24/7 lobster pound next door.  Now to understand Nico and the kind of client that gravitates to his underhanded and legal conduct you have to know this scam and the players involved.


      Colleen files a complaint that the D.A’s office doesn’t even assign a docket number to it.  So Colleen hires Nico and she files a new complaint and the Falmouth cop said “she new the exact words to get the complaint served”.  Hmm, how did she get that info?  Then the hearing was a kangaroo court run by our favorite judge, Moskowitz, if you were there you would have to wonder if Moskowitz was getting a piece of the action.  This is the judge that got put back on the bench after a five-day delay by the Judiciary Committee and three lawyers testifying by letter against Moskowitz.  The best perjury of all the perjury suborned by Nico was the Wescott neighbor testifying that she saw the Doyle vehicle in the Colleen driveway with high beams on the house, from her front porch.  The only problem, the Doyle house blocks the entire view of the Colleen house.  Moskowitz gives Nico a one-year ban for Doyle from the Town Landing and the Town Landing Market because Colleen got a job there for the hearing and quit right after the hearing.


      Next Nico gets a hearing for his payday before Judge Thomas Warren, who is a little weak in the testimony rules.

      Colleen: “I had to move to York”.  No rental records, lease, or any proof she wasn’t living in Falmouth at Brent Nappi’s grandmother’s house.  So, York was the closest ‘rental’ to Falmouth, lucky it wasn’t BOSTON.

      Colleen:  “I loss income”.   No bank statements showing the bills she paid before the move to York and the non-payment of the same bills after her ‘loss of income’.  Etc., etc. and etc.  Judgment for Colleen was $18,800 based upon ZERO evidence of one penny of loss.  Way to go Judge Warren


      Colleen is currently back in the neighborhood for the third or is this the fourth time.  After this foolishness Colleen gets into a huge fight with Nappi and gets thrown out of the house one night after midnight, where’s the video when you want it.  Nappi’s father tells people that Colleen isn’t good for his son.  No kidding, how about for the neighborhood in general, and Doyle in particular.  This lasts for a year or so then, BOOM, her couch is in the driveway, and she’s out again, less screaming and swearing this time, and during daylight hours.  Then she’s back again, then gone, then back again, we think.  More bad news about Colleen comes in from sources far and wide.  None of Nappi’s friends can stand her, and they really don’t want her in their homes.  How long will this bout last?  Probably until the 40 plus Nappi can find another 20 something replacement.


      Now we come full circle.  Nico tries a Hail Mary to collect his fee from the $18,800 award and attacks Doyle’s dead mother’s estate.  In Nico’s crooked (in our opinion and based upon the empirical evidence) little head, an ‘award for damages’ against the son, is the same as against the dead mother’s estate.  When that goes south Nico pulls this out of his butt, a bill for over $2,000 for trying to UNSUCCESSFULLY raid the estate.  Finally, a real judge, with real legal acumen sticks the $2,000 bill back where it came from, in Nico’s butt where it belongs.


      You can read the court order below.



      CHAPTER 125
      June 20, 2017

      By Editor:

      In some departments Thibodeau’s conduct gets you fired, see the attached article, but not in Scarborough.  Sources have come forward with new info about Thibodeau and the SPD.

      He continues to make jokes about Asian drivers and uses the “N” word while on duty and in uniform.  Not only does he NOT get fired, he’s STILL a supervisor!  Not demoted?  Really?  Does Scarborough Police Dept. still think this is 1955?  He even, according to sources, harassed the Vietnamese officer to quit.

      This was all reported to Scarborough’s HR department.  What happened?  Nothing!

      What does Chief ROBBIE MOULTON do to keep the HR wolves from the door?  He hires three new female cops, just to counter his rep as a badge bunny hound.  He needs new talent in that area since Cathy Chandler’s husband read their emails back and forth, and that spigot has been tightened.

      Retired State Police Trooper Bob Chandler was reported to be furious and made Cathy ‘unfriend’ Robbie the Hound on Facebook between Cathy and her boss.  Sexually suggestive emails uncovered by FTM made Bob so furious and outraged him that this relationship was so blatantly written about in emails during work hours.

      FTM is told that the discovery of these sexual emails opens the town to an uphill battle for future sexual harassment suits.  If you allow the department heads to send sex emails how can you fire subordinates that are new hires for the same misconduct?  How can ROBBIE complain about anything with his track record of watching taxpayer-funded porn on the crime computer?  

      See link:  www.kswo.com/story/33731002/city-manager-talladega-police-officer-fired-for-sharing-racist-posts-on-facebook

      June 14, 2017
      By Editor:

      Our source reported a wreck of around $10,000 in damage and the team at Acme Body Shop on Lincoln St. in South Portland did an outstanding job getting the vehicle back together and back on the road.

      They went on to report the Amy Alward Allstate Insurance Agency on Ocean Street in South Portland made sure everyone got paid and did an outstanding job on managing the claim to their total satisfaction.

      FTM sends big KUDOS to both companies.






      CHAPTER 124

      June 8, 2017


      By Editor:


      What goes through the average moron brain when you are the Fire Chief for Scarborough and according to sources close to the facts, the Duke presides over the annual awards ceremony and puts in for COMP time because he had to take a few hours out of his OFF time to recognize the men and women of his fire company that risk their lives every time they drag a hose into a burning building or maybe even drag a person out of that same burning building to save their life.


      How petty do you have to be to have to be COMPED for the time you pass out awards to the people that make your job POSSIBLE?


      Well Chief Thurlow, the Duke of the fiefdom, how petty are you?



      June 2, 2017
      By Editor:

      This goes back a few years when the owners of the Bakery, with two girls in the Falmouth schools, and community supporters for everything Falmouth, wanted to expand their building.  Amanda Sterns, Economic Prevention manager for Falmouth, said no, no, no!

      It seems the expansion would be a few feet inside the 75 foot set back required from a dry streambed that has water in it about three weeks a year.  No exceptions, no waivers, no nothing, for people not related to the town manager, Nathan Poore.

      But as you can see below Nathan’s brother, Andrew Poore’s application to reopen the movie theater shot through the ‘approval process’ at the speed of light.  Special rules for special people seems to be the way Nathan runs his town.


      See video...




      May 22, 2017

      By Editor:

      Machias is a town of slightly over 2,200 souls, with a hospital that holds 38 beds at the time of these records (as a reference point that’s one floor in one wing at Maine Med), and doctors that got their degree at St. Joseph’s Med School in Lebanon (the country).

      So, how much could an M.D. earn in those parameters? Would you guess $200,000, $400,000, or over $500,000? How about $1.1 MILLION in one year? What does a doctor do to earn that much money in a town that small, that poor, and that far off the beaten path in Maine, of all places? See the tax reports below. Being a director for 2 hours a week pays really well in Machias.

      How about this question? How does that hospital outperform almost every other hospital in Maine, see the graph below. Kind of reminds us of World Com and Bernie Evers, CEO when no one could keep up with World Com numbers. Guys at MCI and ATT were being fired left and right because of their lower numbers. Oops, it turned out all the World Com numbers were fake and Bernie will be dead before he gets out of jail.

      Sources report that the hospital got decertified and was reset in its current iteration.



       View more...


      May 15, 2017
      By Editor:

      In January a customer stopped at the first Speedway going north from Boston on Route 1 to gas up for the trip back to Maine.  What happened next he had never seen in fifty plus years of driving and had never heard of it ever happening before or since.

      The auto shut off on the pump handle did not only not shut off it continued to gush gasoline full blast out of the fill pipe and wouldn’t shut off until the attendant was able to get it to stop.  What ensued was a gasoline puddle that the customer had to stand to in to drive his car out of it.  He took the risk of burning to death to get his car out of a possible fire and explosion from the volatile gasoline fumes.

      What was Speedway’s reaction to this?  They hired a law firm with hundreds of lawyers all over the country to beat the victim out of paying for the repairs to his car and shoes.  The gasoline pouring down the side of his car took all the finish off the left rear side of the car costing about $1,200 to fix.

      The photos below in order are:

      The lawyer’s bio.

      The receptionist at the law office that seems to be in the Witness Protection Program

      The pump that nearly killed the customer #12

      The work order that showed that pump #6 had the same problem that pump #12 had, how many other pumps at how many other Speedway locations around Boston have this same dangerous condition?

      The judgment for the Plaintiff/Customer.





      CHAPTER 123
      April 26, 2017  
      By Editor:

      When Tommy Hall fails to do his job that he’s paid to do, like supervise his department heads, this is what happens.  The Duke buys pickups and SUVs to do inspections and med calls to save fuel expense instead of taking a fire truck to a call.  What happens if your house is on fire?  The fire truck is at the station and all the duty personnel are out in Tahoes.  Instead of being able to drive directly to your house in a fire truck and stop the fire from consuming your home, the duty personnel need to drive back to the station in a pickup or SUV to get a FIRE TRUCK!  How did saving fuel costs work out for you while you watched your home reduced to ashes?

      Then we have the always interesting, James Butler, that gets promoted to captain one day after being hired.  Does he have access to a department credit card?  Because recently he was taking a group of Russian Firefighters on the grand tour of Maine fire Departments and FTM is told he even took his town Tahoe to Sunday River for a couple of days.  Why do the taxpayers of Scarborough need to pay a FD captain, on a workday, to be almost 100 miles from the town, in a town vehicle?

      Hard to believe, right?  Well just look at the pictures below.  Remember Butler seems to only work 3 out of the four weeks each month but gets paid for 4 weeks, FTM is told.

      Finally, we have a former Council Member that thinks she won’t be photographed when she passes a note to a man sitting next to the FTM reporter with an arrow drawn on it pointing to the reporter.  Her comment was she was private citizen.  The reporter informed her that she was sitting in a public building and the town was video recording everyone in the room.
      This is what happens when you vote for a moron.


      CHAPTER 122

      April 1, 2017


      You have two kinds of people working for the Town of Scarborough. The worker bees that show up every day and do the best they can for the residents of the town. The other group are some of the management in the town that use their access to town funds to basically mail in their job, come and go as they please, work if and when they want to, and spend their work day jerking the worker bees around all the time.

      Let’s use the example of Duke Thurlow and Deputy Chief Gary Sandler. He doesn’t advertise a position, makes Sandler a deputy, in an ‘unofficial’ fulltime position for 36 hours, and with benefits. This takes a part time position and creates a fourth full time chief without advertising the job. The Duke said he got a grant to bankroll Sandler. Why?


      April 4, 2017
      By Editor:

      Here’s a message to every government employee in Maine, when FTM asks a question, it’s very likely we have the answer, we just want to see if you think it's a good idea to lie to us.

      FTM asked Chief Sauschuck about a notebook of Somalia gang criminals (read the email to the chief below) and whether the PPD had to man up to four officers to enter Kennedy Park after dark.  You can read his reply after the FTM email.

      Here’s the problem, the reason FTM even knows about the notebook is that police officers in Southern Maine have not only seen the notebook, but held it in their hands, and were told it was generated in the PPD because the Somalis would use fake names, addresses, and phone numbers when they were arrested for yet another robbery, assault, break in, and on and on.  The PPD needed to hold up the booking photo to the perp to see who he really was.

      You might say Somalia gangs?  What Somalia gangs?  These things don’t match the scenario that Portland and the Press Herald is peddling for Portland as a sanctuary city.

      Americans won’t commit enough crimes so we have to import people that will do the crimes Americans can’t be bothered to commit.


      From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 3:28 PM
      To: srd@portlandmaine.gov


      Chief Sauschuck:


      I'm asking you to confirm or deny the existence of a notebook containing somewhere in the area of 40 to 50 photos of known Somalia criminals/gang members.  I'm told it is not searchable under FOAA because it has the status of an "investigative tool".  Does the PPD have any notebook similar to what I have described?


      I'm also told that PPD officers have to go into Kennedy Park in groups of four or more, true or false?


      Michael Doyle, Editor





      P.S. For context my site in the 24 months ending 12-31-16 had 2.7 million hits and over 42,000 new readers.




      April 4, 2017  

      By Editor:

      The emails below should be enough to launch a major investigative review of every case Judge Moskowitz has ever touched.  FTM points to at least six cases we’ve reviewed that indicate corruption, incompetency, or a combination of both.  This is the judge that FTM testified against at his hearing to be re-nominated to the bench, the judge that had an unprecedented three lawyers write letters to the Judiciary Committee against his re-nomination, and the same judge that the Judiciary Committee took five days to vote to approve his re-nomination.  The usual time to vote for re-nomination is less than fifteen minutes.

      Now we have an email from a caseworker supporting Sharon Blanchard’s record of misconduct in her epic divorce case from Ron Blanchard, a highly successful South Portland businessman.  How does any woman in 2016 get only $170/wk. spousal support after 29 years of marriage and two daughters from a multi-million dollar divorce estate?  How is that decision reached by any competent judge in Maine?

      It’s easy just get in front of the worse judge (in our opinion based upon the empirical evidence) in the entire State of Maine, backed up by the Maine Supreme Court, defending a brother of the Black Robe.  In Maine, justice in any court goes to the one with the best connections, not the facts of the case, just who is friends with which litigant.


      On Monday, November 7, 2016, 10:41 AM, karen.stpeter@healthaffiliatesmainecm.com wrote:
      Hi Sharon,
      Since I do not have a release of information I cannot send this directly.  I am sending you  the letter I wrote  and you can send it to him or not.  If you do send it cc it back to me so he will know you did not alter the letter and will know I wrote the content not you.

      Subject:    RE: Fw: Unbelieveable story about judge and corruption in our courts if interested, 712-9595

      Date:    2016-11-07 08:46
      From:    <karen.stpeter@healthaffiliatesmainecm.com>

      Dear Mr. Schechtman:
      I was asked to write you regarding Sharon Blanchard's experience as an abused wife attempting to divorce her very rich husband.  I, like you, initially could not make heads or tails of her story and believed that she definitely needed a reality check.  And then I began reading all of her documents that began in 2011 when she originally began pursuing her divorce. She reported from the beginning to her lawyers that her husband threatened that she would end up with nothing and be homeless which she will be on November 10, 2016 when she goes to her final court hearing for an eviction from the house she has lived in for over 30 years.  She had many lawyers that did not represent her as they continually would get caught in the web of wanting to get paid by her husband as she had very little money to pay them with. Her lawyers even encouraged her to obtain SSI which she did and currently has a small monthly income while her ex-husband continues to have many resources. The whole process is convoluted and cannot be explained fully in an email.  What I can say briefly is that she was not represented by her lawyers adequately, and as I read  in the deposition the Judge lectured only her in court as being the only  dishonest  person among the many men in the room from her lawyers to her husband. Sharon has reached out to many people for help as she seeks a just divorce settlement from an abusive husband she spent 29 years with.
      So this raises a lot of questions about our present day systems with regards to women's rights or disability rights. What recourse do we have if we as women are forced to stay with our husbands because we do not have the financial resources to obtain an adequate settlement?  Do we stay and wait for them to die or do we take the risk with divorce to be forced to be homeless or be encountered with more abuse or death?
      This is not my story but Sharon Blanchard's own experiences of what she has gone through to seek a divorce from an abusive husband. I would be willing to sit with Sharon as she tells her story to your investigative reporting staff so that her truth can be told.
      Than you for responding to her and allowing her this chance to share her story.
      Karen St. Peter, MHRT-C

      On Friday, November 4, 2016, 2:25 PM, Cliff Schechtman <cschechtman@pressherald.com> wrote:
      I'm sorry. I just cannot make heads or tails of this. Divorces are messy but I can't find any proof that the entire system is conspiring against you. If you want your case worker to write me, I'll read whatever she sends. These things are never black and white.

      Cliff Schechtman

      Executive Editor
      Portland Press Herald
      Maine Sunday Telegram
      MaineToday Media
      Kennebec Journal
      Morning Sentinel
      Coastal Journal

      (207) 791-6693
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      Portland, Maine 04101
      From: "seb927@yahoo.com" <seb927@yahoo.com>
      Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 4:10 PM
      To: Cliff Schechtman <cschechtman@pressherald.com>
      Subject: Re: Unbelieveable story about judge and corruption in our courts if interested, 712-9595
      My caseworker Karen St.Peters, from Health Affiliates of Maine will verify I have facts to back up my story, she has seen the facts. I have been trying to get help for the last three years. She has never seen a case as bad as mine and she has seen many. She has been trying to get me help for over a year without success. I am being railroaded by my ex husband (abusive) well known business man in South Portland, my own well known  lawyers, his lawyers and judges because I wouldn't stop talking about the forgery, perjury and conspiracy going on by well known lawyers, and  illegal  judgment from Judge Jeff Moskowitz  on the bias false testimony of OUR family lawyer against me about our prenuptial, from 1986. Our family lawyer and the defendant's book keeper have full control of our multi million estate in defendant's will. The prenuptial had been made invalid numerous times previously with facts from the abusive defendant in his deposition written February 15,2013. The prenup was even invalidated by facts at our trial the judge ignored.We owned a multi-million dollar estate and it was given to the defendant 100% and is going to leave  me homeless and indigent November 10,2016 in court. I am 66 years old, disabled, abused for 29 years by the defendant, which has been documented by the court, getting a PFA on the defendant from 2012 to 2015, which has been kept hushed during our three year drawn out divorce proceedings. A handwritten order was written May 22,2013 that I didn't sign gave the defendant full control of our estate while I lived below poverty level, and still living below poverty level suffering with mental and physical disabilities caused by the defendant, lawyers and judges making false testimony and bankruptcy ruse. My first lawyer, December 2012, wrote in the divorce complaint days after I retained him that the defendant was the only one interested in our real estate, unknown to me until the summer of 2015. My second lawyer refused to take the defendant to court for non support ordered by the court August 29,2013. I lived on nothing to $170 a week the whole time he represented me. I am still living below poverty level. I have had numerous lawyers, most working to help the defendant get loans for millions, some with 33% interest. The defendant was up to date on our mortgages when I asked for a divorce July 2, 2011 when I had had enough of his abuse. The defendant stopped paying on mortgages and the loan at 33% interest. The lawyers all knew my prenuptial was invalid and I presume the judge was aware by our court files. The judge seemed to be involved during our entire divorce. I have appealed in Supreme court with an oral argument, also with a reconsideration , both denied. My story should be told, it happens to many women trying to divorce their abusive spouse. My first two well known lawyers were working together to get me to forget about the order billing me for their time together and denying he was communicating with my first lawyer. Second lawyer told me and my therapist he was going to take the defendant to higher court for business fraud He also said he was going to get a receiver to run all our businesses. He took me to a referee in his office building and the referee gave our entire estate to the defendant, the prenuptial was invalid at that time. The defendant paid the referee $3000, while I live in poverty. The defendant has broken the PFA numerous times stalking and harassing me, coming into my house and garage removing assets The judge has reamed me in court, but no one else for the same thing. The judge refused me to speak in court. My lawyer in court never brought up important fact,when I asked her why she wasn't defending me she said,not to tell her how to lawyer and she wish she had never met me. She went into the defendant's office to look at his files with the defendant and his girlfriend, which she denied and said would be unethical. In court she admitted going to the defendant's office and Judge Moskowitz said it was okay. My lawyers just wanted to help the defendant remove me from one of our houses, so the defendant could make me homeless like he had threatened me for 29 years if I divorced him and his abuse. I have PTSD depression, and  ADHD. The lawyers try to convince me I am crazy when I talk about what is going on. My second lawyer told me not to report them because they are well known and no one would believe me. I have had a couple of lawyers that could see what was happening, one asked me to fire him and the other went to Supreme court for me. I was refused to get a forensic account by my lawyers or to have my own witnesses at court.  My caseworkers number is 207-317-6011 if you want more details, I have been traumatized and am going to trauma therapy. I break out in a major skin disorder all over my body because of extreme stress, which will leave scars. There is a lot more to my story, any help you could suggest would be appreciated and greatly needed. I hope you can understand my story because of the trauma I am suffering I don't explain thing to well. I have been made dependent on the abusive defendant for 21 years of our 29 year marriage. I was in therapy for about 22 years with the same therapist being abused and told to get a divorce and the court would be fair giving me a settlement I could live on. The defendant is a diagnosed narcissist with other mental disorders. I am starting to get sick over the abuse and having anxiety attack, can't sleep etc. Sharon Blanchard  207-712-9596

      On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 10:30 AM, Cliff Schechtman <cschechtman@pressherald.com> wrote:

      Always interested, usually disappointed by lack of  proof, but fire away...

      Cliff Schechtman
      Executive Editor

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      March 9, 2017
      By Editor:
      “All we can do is advise them of their situation,” Wayne Dodwell President and CEO of the community hospital in downtown Machias.  Gee, Pres. Dodwell exactly what was the advice that was given to Reid Emery, 61 of Eastport as he walked out of your hospital wearing a johnny and sandals, got from between 200 and 380 feet into the parking lot during a blizzard, and fell over into a snow bank to die alone.

      John Zablotny, nursing supervisor, ‘discharged’ Reid at 8:30 pm.  This happened January 1, 2008 and John loss his license, appealed, it was remanded, and don’t you think someone who apparently advised Reid that a johnny and sandals are what L. L. Bean customers are buying to walk around in a Downeast blizzard should be licensed as a nurse in Maine?

      This is where it takes the turn that we all appreciate.  Sources report that Dr. Rabee Kiwan, doctor on call was taking calls for Dr. Aziz Massad, Chief of Surgery and Dr. David Rioux, Chief of Staff, was at home banging a CNA named ‘Lindsey’, daughter of one of the nurses and a hospital employee and didn’t want to get dressed and go to the hospital to keep Reid from killing himself.  Rabee is currently on staff at Mercy and has privileges at Maine Med.  Dr. Kiwan wanted Reid out of the hospital and Dr. Mark Kaplan, Emergency Room doctor, turned his back when asked by a nurse can you do something?  Is this depraved indifference leading
      up to manslaughter?  Go figure.     

      Click here to see parts of Gov. LePage's hecklers







      CHAPTER 121

      March 27, 2017


      By Editor:


      Sources are going berserk over the PPH report attached below.  Let’s review the facts that the sources state is part of the real record:


      1. Sean was ‘groomed’ by Cusack for years.
      2. Sean gets attacked by Cusack.
      3. Sean finds another young man also attacked by Cusack.
      4. The two of them go to the SPD to file a complaint against Cusack.
      5. Moulton joins the interview room and takes over the complaint interview.
      6. Two years later Sean shows up at the SPD to find out about his complaint.
      7. Told that there was no complaint to be made and the matter was dropped.
      8. He leaves in a rage and goes to Cusack’s house and dispenses some street justice to Cusack.
      9. Cusack gets free of the knots and calls whom, SPD, State Police, FBI?
      10. Cusack calls Sgt. Pearson, she calls Capt. Marla, and she calls Chief Robbie, why?
      11. Robbie orders all patrol offices away from Cusack’s house, why?
      12. Robbie runs all radio traffic through the Buxton PD not the SPD, why?
      13. If this was a normal crime scene why the secrecy?
      14. Why did Cusack have Sean sign a non-disclose if his hands were ‘clean’?
      15. Why isn’t Cusack being tried for all these allegations, maybe more victims of his might come forward and cancel any non-disclose, and stand up for what’s right?


      You can read the PPH hilarious article about Cusack’s spin on the civil suit below.  Then read the actual police report, all three pages!  When a man is dragging another man around the house by his dick, it’s a pretty good indication that the dick being dragged, was somewhere where it shouldn’t have been.


      Beech Ridge owner claims blackmail is behind lawsuit against him - Portland Press Herald


      In a response to the lawsuit, which alleges sexual abuse, Andrew Cusack said the plaintiff colluded with a former race driver to try to blackmail him with the accusations.


      (What does Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner, and Toralf Strand have in common?)

      June 6, 2019

      By Editor:


      In Kittery we have a six foot six inch Viking, heir to a Norwegian oil fortune, with a mother listed as one of the wealthiest in Norway (see photo below), a woman beater, and an accused rapist that has a multi-million dollar estate on a Norway fjord (see photo below).


      It starts with the Viking pinning her down with his knee while he held her hands over her head and pushing her towards the stern and close to pushing her overboard, on their sailboat tied to a mooring in Pepperrell Cove, Kittery.  He takes the dingy to the dock, leaving her to swim for it at night.  She calls the police; they go to their house where the Viking tells them he was afraid of the five foot four inch victim (see photo below).  The police come to the waterfront, rescue the woman, and arrest her on the dock, handcuff her, and take her to Kittery P.D. (see photo below).  This is where it gets really interesting.


      He works as an engineer for HUNTER DOUGLAS (see photo below) in California, designing window blinds for your home, where he meets up with a co-worker (see photo below) for what looks like a very friendly after hours relationship while his live in girlfriend and co-owner of their home, runs their yacht importing business back in Maine.  If you’re a woman deciding on window blinds for your house do you really want to buy a product designed by a WOMAN beater, a man cited for child stalking (see complaint below), and cheater on his partner with at least one and maybe two women at the same time?  Could you find a non-Hunter Douglas product to buy and not enrich any company that employs Toralf Strand?


      Sources report that when Strand’s not manhandling the girlfriend around, stalking her young daughters and video recording them and their friend through an open window, Strand’s mismanaging the couples finances to the point they may lose the house (and numerous notices from the I.R.S.) that Strand’s rich mother paid for by a loan to her scumbag son that Strand never paid back, and gave half of it to his partner by deed.  On the 17th of May Strand randomly ran into his ex-live in and pinned her against the bar at the Wallingford Dram, before he stormed out.  That’s how Strand abides with a non-contact order by the court.


      During the court proceedings Strand hires Jens-Peter Bergen, Esq. another Viking infamous for being video recorded having sex with the Zumba dance prostitute in her Kennebunk studio.  Birds of a feather flock together, does that count for scumbag lowlifes as well?


      After 30 years working on a green card Strand likes American Money and lifestyle but avoids becoming an American Citizen.  This might wind up biting Strand on his ass because Norway, we’re told, won’t allow citizens to reenter Norway if they are accused of Rape and Assault in another country. 


      While his crew is topside during a regatta racing his sailboat (see photo below) Strand is below deck taking a selfie to send to Jeni and joins the Bezos and Weiner club (see photo below).



      FTM could not load the entire photo of Strand's penis because the hosting platform won't allow porn postings.


      November 25, 2022

      By Editor:

      Below you can read the NUTCASE Victoria Wallack, “Personally, I believe these FOIA (correct name is FOAA) requests are just another form of hate speech.”


      We, at FTM, personally believe Wallack is a COMMUNIST First Amendment Denier.  Her attack on Freedom of Speech is another form of HATE SPEECH by Communist/Democratic Comrades against America, and all our other freedoms.


      The scary part of WALLACK comments is that she sits atop the Maine Right-To-Know Committee, which advises the Judiciary Committee on what Citizens can find out about their OWN government. All the while sitting on the Freedom of Information Committee and advising and a representative of public schools, school boards, and superintendents.


      Also, below you can read how the corrupt Town of Scarborough, misapplies the FOAA law, to withhold public information, that would prove Jeff Porter is a LIAR.

      This is part 2 of a new post I'm sending please post the entire thread as is.

      Thank you

      From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
      Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2022 4:50 PM
      To: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
      Subject: Willful and Illegal Withholding - Scarborough Police Department - Jeff Porter - 7 Cumberland Way




      From: Shawn McBreairty <shawnmcb@maine.rr.com>
      Sent: Monday, November 21, 2022 9:12 AM
      To: janderson@scarboroughmaine.org <janderson@scarboroughmaine.org>
      Cc: towncouncil@scarboroughmaine.org <towncouncil@scarboroughmaine.org>; thall@scarboroughmaine.org <thall@scarboroughmaine.org>; mholmquist@scarboroughmaine.org <mholmquist@scarboroughmaine.org>; Brenda Kielty <brenda.kielty@maine.gov>
      Subject: Fwd: FOAA Request - Shawn McBreairty - Willful and Illegal Withholding - Scarborough Police Department - Jeff Porter - 7 Cumberland Way


      Mr. Anderson

      Scarborough Town Council Chair


      I request you hold your police department to the Maine FOAA law and that the Town of Scarborough comply with my request that is now 9 months old.  


      I ask you to investigate and return this note to me upon your findings with the information I requested.  


      These games are trivial at best and I really don’t want to have to file a Superior Court complaint against the Town of Scarborough and all involved in this email back and forth.  


      It would take up thousands of dollars of taxpayer money for you to lose to me in court, you’d be forced to comply with the request anyway and the Town of Scarborough would most likely make national news.  


      Right now, the Scarborough Police Department is willfully and illegally withholding my public records request, called the Freedom Of Access Act (FOAA) and a Maine State law.  


      Maine Freedom of Access Act: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




      It is a simple request and it is odd that your police department is so intent on withholding this public information, that now appears to be confirmed below that for some reason, they are holding on me.


      I believe this may be the 5th, or 6th email to gather a very simple request and their second misuse of Maine law.   


      Should the police department need to redact information already not public knowledge (Jeff Porter, his address, my name, etc) then that is one way to comply.  


      However, the most recent attempt by your police department to not provide my request is another item that falls outside of the Maine law:


      The attached denial cites the Intelligence & Investigative Record Information Act. Section 804 is invoked when a criminal justice agency believes there is a “reasonable possibility” that dissemination would result in any of the listed “harms.” This denial does not include any subsection to indicate which harm is impacted. It is an insufficient citation.

      There are no “harms” listed, or applicable to this request, given it is in an effort to prove that at NO TIME did the Scarborough Police Department interview me for a concern raised and lied to by Jeff Porter, the MSAD51 Superintendent, who lives in your town. 


      However, if materials exist with my name, by law, you need to provide them. 


      Mr. Porter and I had a very public battle over the proof that MSAD51 in Cumberland, ME was pushing Critical Race Theory on the students, starting in kindergarten.  It was in fact, proven by national and global journalists.  It gained national and global attention.  


      Mr. Porter lied to the Maine Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee on 2/18/22, where among his many lies, he stated that I “visited Mr. Porter’s house, at 7 Cumberland Way, Scarborough, ME 04074.”  

      I have never been at his residence, nor ever “filmed his son playing basketball.”

      If this fabrication from Mr. Porter, as you can view for yourself at the 1:18 mark below, was such a concern for his families safety, one would have to assume that 1) a police report(s) was filed and retained and 2) that if I were a suspect that an officer would have investigated me and that 3) an officer would have interviewed me.  #3 never happened.  




      Maybe members of your police department are friends with Mr. Porter, maybe they are trying to protect him, but what I decide to do with this information your town is withholding from me illegally is not for your Chief to try and determine.  


      Here is an email I sent your Police Chief after being denied again, a number of weeks ago:

      “Chief Holmquist,


      You may not be aware, but The March 23, 2022 response from the Town of Scarborough cites 16 M.R.S. § 804 which is the Intelligence and Investigative Record Information Act (I&IRIA). 


      My assumption is there is no way I’m in active investigation to this point, if I ever was, as no one from your office ever reached out.  


      However, the “neither confirm nor deny” provision in Title 16 was section 807 and was repealed in 2021. 



      Thus, you either need to provide me the requested information, or confirm that no records exist per the request.  


      As this is my second request the original request was from 6/2/2020 to date, so I’d like it reviewed again and extended to date, 10/19/22.  


      This should take a clerk about 5 minutes to clear up.  You may also want to consider having Tody seek FOAA training and recertification.   


      This is pursuant to the current FOAA laws of the State of Maine.” 


      This is the original FOAA request sent 2/23/22:


      “Mr. Hall,


      Provide for inspection, any written information, including emails, police reports, or phone to phone communications from 6/2/2020 referencing Jeff Porter and I, including Jeffrey Porter and I, to date.   


      Provide any written information, including the above and same timeframe, simply referencing Shawn McBreairty.


      This should be a very quick search and well within the two hours free.  


      This is pursuant to the current FOAA laws of the state of Maine.” 


      I ask that you lead these town employees to comply with the law and do so with haste please.  I ask that you personally return the next correspondence to me.  


      Thank you,


      Shawn McBreairty

      Maine Source Of Truth

      Hampden, ME

      From: Tody Justice <yjustice@scarboroughmaine.org>
      Date: November 16, 2022 at 6:00:13 PM EST
      To: Shawn McBreairty <shawnmcb@maine.rr.com>
      Subject: Re: FOAA Request



      Attached you will find a letter relating to your request.


      Yolande (Tody) Palmer Justice - CCM/CMC

      Scarborough Town Clerk/Public Access Officer/Registrar of Voters

      259 U.S. Route One - P.O. Box 360

      Scarborough, ME 04070-0360

      Telephone:  207.730.4020     Fax:  207.730.4033




      On Fri, Oct 21, 2022 at 4:53 PM Shawn McBreairty <shawnmcb@maine.rr.com> wrote:

      Yes, for the second time, I wish to proceed.  


      Hence why I asked you to provide the documents, per the FOAA law.  



      Shawn McBreairty


      Sent from my iPhone 11 Max

      On Oct 21, 2022, at 4:00 PM, Tody Justice <yjustice@scarboroughmaine.org> wrote:

      Good Afternoon:


      Attached you will a letter acknowledging receipt of your FOAA Request dated October 19, 2022, to the Police. 


      Yolande (Tody) Palmer Justice - CCM/CMC

      Scarborough Town Clerk/Public Access Officer/Registrar of Voters

      259 U.S. Route One - P.O. Box 360

      Scarborough, ME 04070-0360

      Telephone:  207.730.4020     Fax:  207.730.4033


      From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
      Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2022 1:35 PM
      To: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
      Subject: Maine advisory group member claims public record requests are ‘hate speech,’ ‘weaponized’ | Fox News


      A member of the Maine Right-To-Know Committee, which advises the legislature on the state’s Freedom of Access laws, claimed that public records requests are "hate speech." | Fox News




      November 4, 2022

      By Editor:

      We had to serve Jensen Baird, a law firm in Portland, personally to the receptionist, by Cumberland County Sheriff Office, and again by the CCSO.  Jensen kept denying the service because it wasn’t done ‘properly’.  They, unlike other law firms involved in this one Complaint, wanted all the forms that go with a service.  The CCSO service used incorrectly the word ‘NOTICE’ on the top of the Sheriff’s form naming the document.  It was clearly named ‘COMPLAINT’ on our documents.  That one tiny mistake by the CCSO office caused a flurry of orders and reorders by the Federal Court.  We finally got the right forms after a treasure hunt on the Federal Court website at the BOTTOM of the list of forms.  Where else would you put the forms needed to launch a suit except at the bottom, because NONE of the huge list of forms above the launch are NEEDED until the suit is on the docket.


      If you take heart meds and allergy meds, you’re not allowed to drink water in the courthouse from your own bottle unless you buy the bottle in the Cumberland Courthouse, and not at all in the Federal Courthouse.  All the while other customers and lawyers are allowed to drink from any container they have in Cumberland Courthouse, and of course any employee of both courthouses can drink anytime anywhere.


      October 24, 2022                                                                              

      By Editor:

      Who knew this was such an obtuse concept that two lawyers and a police chief were totally in the dark, out to lunch, and oh yes, STUPID!  Below you can read the legal definition of what punishment is for committing the crime of copyright theft.


      Ann Maksymowicz, the resident nutcase on MSAD 51 School Board, stole our sign format and converted it to her own campaign.


      October 10, 2022

      By Editor:

      So, this required paying $74.85 to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office to deliver the complaint to them AGAIN by hand and a receipt to prove it.


      See money order receipt below.


      This was complicated by having the court ordering us to get proof of the service on the Jensen Baird & Dicks-R-US law firm.  We received two Orders a few days AFTER the expiration date to complete the service.  On the third one (SEE BELOW) we had to drive to the courthouse to pick it up in person.  The second one as an example took EIGHT days to go from Portland to Portsmouth, arriving one day after expiration.


      To set the record straight Plaintiff took NO STEPS to serve the complaint without the COURT’S PERMISSION to comply with a LATER SERVICE DEADLINE.  Each time the COURT extended the deadline that extension ARRIVED AFTER the deadline expired.  Without a deadline that WAS POSSIBLE to comply with Plaintiff saw no point in attempting service to Jensen Baird & Dicks-R-Us.



      October 7, 2022

      By Editor:

      As a frequent commuter on the turnpike between Exit 45 and the NH bridge, we noticed the actual speed limit is in the 85 to 95 mph.  At 70 (the posted speed limit) we saw a line of seven cars fly by us and we sped up to clock them.  Their speed was 95 mph.  We watched them pass a trooper in the crossover between the north and south bound lane, and his car rocked from the wind pressure, and he never looked up.  I guess it’s not easy to stop seven cars 25 mph over the posted limit.


      The answer to the question posed in the headline is a resounding NO!  Read the info supplied by the Maine Turnpike Authority.  During 2019 Pre-Covit there were more accidents that Troopers were sent to than in 2022.


      September 25, 2022

      By Editor:

      It’s been an interesting ten years.  We often wondered if we would run out of things to write about, but something always came up that caught our attention.


      Here’s to the next ten years, God willing!!!!


      September 16, 2022

      By Editor:

      On Wednesday the 14th there were letters from lawyers, witnesses in person, and witnesses on Zoom.  Never to our knowledge has there been such an outpouring of opposition to any judge’s reappointment. 


      FTM gets more complaints against Moskowitz than all the other judges in Maine COMBINED.


      These complaints aren’t we lost our case and he was rude to us.  They were he changed dates on documents, he violated court decisions, even those from the Maine Supreme Court, denied discovery, denied due process, ordered by the Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Court to apologize to a reporter for ordering him NOT to report on what was testified to in open court.


      One member of the Committee on reappointments, Rep. LOIS RECKETT stated, after hearing those in favor of Moskowitz’s reappointment to another seven years of misconduct on the bench, that she had already decided to vote in favor of Moskowitz’s reappointment.  In a jury room that’s the equivalent of hearing the defense’s case first and voting for an acquittal BEFORE hearing the evidence against the Defendant by the prosecution.  That wouldn’t be permitted in a trial, and it should have disqualified RECKETT’s vote and marked her as present.





      September 7, 2022

      By Editor:


      THE PRESS HERALD CONVENIENTLY LEFT OUT THE PICTURES THAT WE INCLUDED!  Below, you can see the illustrated pages in the book.  This book was on the Teacher of the Year’s RECOMMENDED reading list in Maine.  KELSEY STOYANOVA, teacher of the year for MAINE 2022, teaches at RSU 22, where it’s available for third graders or EIGHT-YEAR-OLDS


      If someone at Wal-Mart was talking to a child using this book to illustrate what sex was about there would be charges brought against them.  So, doing it in school is legal because a teacher gets to groom your child and reduce their reluctance to be molested later.


      Indoctrination is bad enough, training them to be an America hating socialist, but warming them up to be sexually active too early is wrong on every level.


      Why would any school system want to do that to children so young?


      September 1, 2022

      By Editor:


      Sources report that the teachers in the Cumberland/N. Yarmouth (MSAD #51) schools are wearing name tags with their names AND their preferred PRONOUNS.  We also hear that the same stupid behavior is being done in Falmouth.


      Your School Boards are idiotic to promote this after losing two years of in class teaching time.  Reports on the news today state nine-year-olds are testing TWO years below their grade level on national exams for math and reading.


      Unless these two school systems can show national exam RESULTS at or above grade level, they should drop the pronoun crap and bare down on reading and math!


      Parents if you don’t check on these results TODAY your child may never catch up and suffer from this pause in learning forever.


      The inmates are running the asylum.





      August 26, 2022

      By Editor:

      Brayden was interviewed by Ray Richardson on Thursday on 1310 WLOB.  He sounded so impressive we drove to Auburn at 470 Hatch Road and had a conversation with this very talented young man.


      He uses state of the art farming techniques that he learns from watching YouTube.  He starts 7th grade next week, he wants to finish high school become a fulltime farmer, and thank God we have people like Brayden, so we’ll have food to eat.


      Take a moment and buy something from his stand so he can be even more successful.


      August 20, 2022

      By Editor:

      This ridiculous outcome started with Maksymowicz walking off the stage a year ago after refusing to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance during a dedication of that Pledge to all the men and women serving in the armed forces protecting all our rights including Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.  Maksymowicz has the right to protest anyway she wants to, she can promote communist ideas like universal income, and free everything for those who choose not to work.  Just as it is our right to point out what an unmitigated ASSHOLE she is for doing all her anti-American crap.


      District Attorney Sarhbeck has twice prosecuted us ILLEGALLY for harassment in violation of numerous SCOTUS decisions protecting political

      Free Speech.  Undeterred by those decisions, in September Sarhbeck will have us back in court because of ILLEGAL criminal trespass warning notices and criminal trespass itself.  These are all in violation of the 14th Amendment’s protection of “EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW”.   


      All of this incompetent misconduct and massive waste of court time was exposed by one nitwit, Marxist follower, refusing to recite the Pledge.  Ann Maksymowicz is likely the dumbest son of a bitch elected to public office in Maine along with all the dumb sons of bitches that voted for her.  Before the virus started, I had a serious discussion with Sarhbeck in a private office off the hallway near his main office, about raising two or three hundred thousand dollars to jump start his race against Sen. King.  He thought he wouldn’t be able to raise the millions of dollars for the full campaign that would be needed.  After getting his ass handed to him in a 2 to 1 defeat by a newcomer to the office in a primary of all places.  I’m glad I didn’t waste any efforts on a loser who has ZERO grasp on the First Amendment and ZERO grasp of SCOTUS decisions protecting those who use it to spread political truth.







      August 18, 2022


      During a hearing in the Cumberland County Courthouse before Judge Peter Goranites and witnessed by Cumberland Det. Jake LaChance, Maksymowicz confessed to the theft by this statement: “I took it from Mr. Doyle’s website because it wasn’t copyright”


      The entire site is copyright and it so states at the bottom of the site and everything on the site is covered by that copywrite.  Had Maksymowicz researched the site she would have seen the copyright.


      Consequently, she has confessed to stealing property valued at $500.00 and is being sued in Small Claims Court for that amount and this complaint requests that she answer in the criminal court for the theft.



      Michael Doyle

      PMB 329

      1465 Woodbury Ave.

      Portsmouth, NH 03801





      August 15, 2022

      By Editor:

      A source reported the following:


      Trend gave an estimate of one truck for $200, two men for 3 hours for $450, and a gasoline surcharge of $100, for a total of $750.


      A Deposit paid of $200, which was reasonable based upon the total Trend said the move would cost.  This was the classic BAIT and SWITCH SCAM.


      The customer didn’t see a contract UNTIL all their property was in the moving van, and then it was on an iPad with pages scrolled by too fast to read and sign here, NOW.  (A contract of adhesion)  TOTAL COST AT DESITNATION $1902.00.


      This SCAM was ‘caused’ by the change in ‘scope’ of the job.  The customer had them drop off some furniture at the local Goodwill on the way out of town.  The customer made two stops on the way to the highway.  After driving for 30 minutes the customer called the truck to find out where they were.  They were almost at the destination.  When the customer arrived, he was surprised not to see the truck there, it seems the two workers were having lunch and arrived a half hour later.  Which means the customer was being charged almost $150 for the workers to have lunch.


      Next halfway through the unload the lead worker announced we’ve got a 2-hour ride back to the office.  Which meant we either stuff the house or leave it on the driveway.


      The customer wrote a check because if he used his bank card there was a $54 service fee for that (card companies specifically DO NOT allow service fees to use a card) and as soon as the truck cleared the driveway, he called his bank and put a stop payment on that check.  The driver told the manager that the customer was unhappy which generated a phone call to the customer.


      This is where the torrent of BULSHIT started about scope, Goodwill drop-off, and the whopper of a lie that the storage space was 10’ by 25’ not as the customer stated 10’ by 15’.  Which made the customer so angry he regretted giving the workers $50 each as a tip and hung up on the manager.


      BEWARE OF TREND MOVING AND STORAGE, LLC of Londonderry, NH, get a signed contract before they touch your property.


      August 10, 2022

      By Editor:

      The four NITWITS of Cumberland, (Police Chief Rumsey, Tyler McGinley, Ann Maksymowicz) including our soon to be ex-District Attorney, Jonathan Sahrbeck, Esq. have numerous case law showing that they were in fact conspiring against us to deprive us our rights under the Constitution.


      Here is a partial list of cases we may refer to in our upcoming suit:


      Jackson v. City of Cleveland

      Ocasio v. United States

      Barrett v. United States

      Gipson v. Callahan

      Heyne v. Metropolitan Public Schools

      Jutrowski v. TP of Riverdale

      Molodowan v. City of Warren

      Paradis v. Charleston County School

      Rudd v. City of Norton Shores, MI

      Shaw v. Villanueva

      Thomas v. Roach

      Weser v. Goodson


      All credit for this list goes to our crack research team that is second to none in New England.


      This is how one court ruled in a similar case to ours:


      “Express agreement among all the conspirators is not necessary to find the existence of a civil conspiracy.  Each conspirator need not have known all of the details of the illegal plan, or all of the participants involved.  All that must be shown is that there was a single plan, that the alleged conspirators shared in the general conspiratorial, objective, and that an overt act was committed in furtherance of the conspiracy that caused injury to the complainant.”


      Below you can read our complaint to the Board of Overseers against Sahrbeck.


      Watch our comments on the CRAPPY BOXES built on Route 1, authorized by our Town “leadership” in the YouTube link below.

      UGLY BOXES ON RT. 1 - YouTube


      July 28, 2022

      By Editor:

      Sometimes efforts of lesser people just fall into line with a huge self-screwing scenario.  This is exactly what happened here.  Rumsey and the women on the School Board who apparently have NEVER read the constitution, which you usually swear to uphold, protect, and defend as part of your swearing into office process, got together to hatch a plan to keep Doyle from attending School Board Meetings for at least one year and a slip of the printer and a try for two years was a misfire.


      Due to all the false charges of Harassment Rumsey had to cough up “DISCOVERY” to Doyle.  In that pile of papers were Rumsey’s memo to himself documenting the CONSPIRACY MEETING of the four nitwits.  The line we like best is “He (Sahrbeck) also provided me (Rumsey) with some suggested language for that letter.”  You know the letter that violates Doyle’s Civil Rights.


      Folks, you CAN NOT make up how stupid these people are in real life.


      July 21, 2022

      By Editor:

      Retired Scarborough Police Chief Robert, the MORON, Moulton, couldn’t answer these questions honestly without verifying that his command was essentially a RICO operation pretending to be police department.  The greatest FEAR he has, is do we have rebuttal witnesses to prove his answers are PERJURY?


      Each question is based on research of over thousands of emails after over 1,300 were withheld illegally (without notification or court review) and the questions imply the true answer.


      None of this would have become public had Shawn, the BABOON, Babine, Council Chairman in 2017 and recent DRUNK DRIVER arrestee, not ordered Sgt. Pearson to arrest us at a Council Meeting.


      This page was filed in our Appendix with our Appeal to the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS).




      When the female Councilor was arrested for O.U.I. who decided not to book her at CCJ?


      Who decided not to have her car towed?


      When you were a Captain at SPD at an underage drinking party and sitting in a hot tub talking to a 14 year old Maietta granddaughter, did you ask her to take her dress off and get into the tub?


      Do you have a history of talking to school age girls in that manner?


      Were you married to wife 1 when you started dating a high school senior in Scarborough who subsequently became wife 2?


      It’s reported you made a point to exonerate yourself from the hot tub incident by paying for a polygraph test.  Provide the name, address, and phone number of the examiner.


      When Guay got the C.I. pregnant what was the justification of promoting him to acting Sgt.?


      What was the justification for taking Guay to a DEA awards luncheon where he received a plaque for the drug case that was dismissed because he was having sex with the C.I.?


      How long did you use a seized BMW as your personal vehicle?


      Did you drive that vehicle out of state with an expired inspection sticker?


      When a Sgt. tipped off the thief of a large amount of Viagra that the MDEA was about to serve a search warrant on did you do any internal investigation to arrest that Sgt.?


      Are you friends with Cathy Chandler on Facebook?


      Have you interceded on OUI cases to have the officers involved reduce or void the charges?


      Have you ever had a sexual contact with any Scarborough employee?


      Have you ever flirted with or had sex with any employee wife or ex-wife?


      By Editor:

      July 15, 2022

      In order of the most requests we start with Sgt. O’Malley having sex on the clock.


      (Editor’s Note: Back by popular demand our article about Sgt. O’Malley and his harem.  He must be buying Viagra by the pound!)


      May 17, 2018


      By Editor:


      You know the kind of jobs we’re talking about.  You can drive as fast as you want to all the time, arrest people for asking a question at a Town Council meeting, ‘fix’ tickets for friends of the chief, get full health and pension benefits paid for by the taxpayers, have sex anytime you want with a girlfriend while you’re at work and get the taxpayers to pay for it, and of course have a hot wife at home that you can tap on non-work time.


      Where else but the Scarborough, Maine Police Dept.


      Meet the most recent players for this fun job:

      Sgt. John O’Malley

      His (ex)girlfriend, Lyndsay Hadlock?

      His current wife Sonya, who could do way better with any other husband.

      When he wasn’t busy doing these two watch for school bus #8 driven by Julie E. Randall.  Is it true she carries a sign for the bus window ‘If we’er a rockin, don’t be a knockin’?


      Sources report all this is history at this point because they report Lyndsay was a heavy drinker.  Maybe she would be a good date for Councilor Babine when townspeople aren’t covering his campaign signs with fecal matter and spreading roofing nails on his driveway.  Sources report that O’Malley was dating both of these women while ‘on the clock as a Scarborough cop’. 


      FTM nominates O’Malley for a new award at the yearend recognition ceremony for 2018, the 2017 one was held recently at Scarborough High School, the new award would be for STUD OF THE YEAR!


      July 8, 2022

      By Editor:


      We refer our readers to Lozman v. Riviera Beach, FL.  Our case is exactly like that one.  He was abuse by the system in his local Federal Court, the Second District Court of Appeals, and then won a resounding victory at SCOTUS.  He had a team of lawyers writing his Appeal, I did mine solo.  It will be interesting if two IDENTICAL cases get a different outcome.


      June 30, 2022

      By Editor:

      It’s starting to look like Jens Peter Bergen, Esq. famous for his visits to the Whore of Kennebunk, may hold some sway over Judge Jeff Moskowitz, in the case of Strand’s contempt of court.


      There were approximately 141 un-NAMED customers to the Whore, Bergen was NOT one of them.  There’s been some speculation that Moskowitz may be a victim of Blackmail as an unnamed customer of the Whore.  It would explain some of the unusual ruling that contravene established court ruling in general and specific to this case.  Was Moskowitz seen going into the Whore office or coming out?  Worse yet is there a video going around law enforcement that depicts Moskowitz getting serviced?


      Without full disclosure of the list who knows who’s on it, who’s been deleted from it, who’s being blackmailed continuously, either monetarily or on court decisions?


      Below is Sabrina’s update and all the players involved in trying to steal over $100,000 from her by low balling the appraisal, straw buyers, crazy tenant getting a 6 month lease on a house for sale, cutting locks on a POD, destroying Sabrina’s property to the point that the insurance issued a $7,000 check that Strand wouldn’t sign over to Sabrina.



      While the crew he and his business partner had hired to sail in a regatta that their company, Seascape was promoting, STRAND stayed below deck and sent pictures of his penis to a coworker of his, Jeni (last name?).


      His business and romantic partner forgave him, figuring it was his mid-life crisis and that Strand would get back on track and back to work running their million-dollar sailboat importing business.


      But Strand, the 6'6" Viking from Norway just got more violent, and after he struck his GF with a large piece of wood, she filed a protection order to keep the Viking away from her and her young daughters.


      Strand hired fellow Viking ATTORNEY JENS PETER BERGEN, also renowned for his days as a JOHN to the Zumba Prostitute and slammed his girlfriend with a 38 article fully MENDACIOUS lawsuit, including a WRIT REPLEVLIN which they used to tear the youngest daughter's beloved Collie away from her.


      Despite all this, VELANDRY won in the lower courts, and then again in LAW COURT. The case, STRAND V VELANDRY has since become case law.


      The order was simple, since STRAND said he wanted the house, he had 90 days to come up with the financing.


      During this time, STRAND hired WILLIAM "WILL" CHAPMAN of CMRE APPRAISERS out of Portland, Maine. Will arrived at the KITTERY, MAINE house and met another of STRAND'S girls, ELLEN DENNEY, where they together appraised the house for a full 150K under list.


      Why would WILL CHAPMAN pull favor for ATTORNEY JENS PETER BERGEN? The word is WILLIAM CHAPMAN was also a regular john of the Zumba prostitute, and BERGEN used this to curry favor over poor WILL CHAPMAN.


      STRAND then hired his local real estate buddy, JUSTIN "BIG BEARD" KELCOURSE to be the strawman for the house sale, telling VELANDRY that the half a million dollar, waterfront house wouldn't get more than $320,000.


      Apparently, Vikings aren't too good with finances, as STRAND defaulted on his contract to buy VELANDRY out.


      Velandry held her end of the order and moved her family to Massachusetts and put the house up for sale.


      On January 6, 2021, VELANDRY received a call from her real estate broker, the locks had been changed, and the house had been TAKEN OVER BY A VAGRANT.


      VELANDRY travelled to Kittery to investigate the situation. Once there, she discovered the house had been taken over. She accessed her home through an open window and discovered a LEASE on the kitchen table. The home had been LEASED to ABIGAIL "ABI" DRAKE by TORALF STRAND, and was notarized by JENS PETER BERGEN, which put his own client, STRAND, in direct contempt of following the Supreme Court affirmed Court Order, stating the house was to be sold!


      This all goes back to court where MOSKOWITZ has taken over the case. We argue that ATTORNEY BERGEN never would have pulled off this insurrection had he not had JUDGE MOSKOWITZ in his corner!



      CHAPTER 121
      March 27, 2017
      By Editor:

      Sources are going berserk over the PPH report attached below.  Let’s review the facts that the sources state is part of the real record:
      1.    Sean was ‘groomed’ by Cusack for years.
      2.    Sean gets attacked by Cusack.
      3.    Sean finds another young man also attacked by Cusack.
      4.    The two of them go to the SPD to file a complaint against Cusack.
      5.    Moulton joins the interview room and takes over the complaint interview.
      6.    Two years later Sean shows up at the SPD to find out about his complaint.
      7.    Told that there was no complaint to be made and the matter was dropped.
      8.    He leaves in a rage and goes to Cusack’s house and dispenses some street justice to Cusack.
      9.    Cusack gets free of the knots and calls whom, SPD, State Police, FBI?
      10.    Cusack calls Sgt. Pearson, she calls Capt. Marla, and she calls Chief Robbie, why?
      11.    Robbie orders all patrol offices away from Cusack’s house, why?
      12.    Robbie runs all radio traffic through the Buxton PD not the SPD, why?
      13.    If this was a normal crime scene why the secrecy?
      14.    Why did Cusack have Sean sign a non-disclose if his hands were ‘clean’?
      15.    Why isn’t Cusack being tried for all these allegations, maybe more victims of his might come forward and cancel any non-disclose, and stand up for what’s right?

      You can read the PPH hilarious article about Cusack’s spin on the civil suit below.  Then read the actual police report, all three pages!  When a man is dragging another man around the house by his dick, it’s a pretty good indication that the dick being dragged, was somewhere where it shouldn’t have been.


      Beech Ridge owner claims blackmail is behind lawsuit against him - Portland Press Herald


      In a response to the lawsuit, which alleges sexual abuse, Andrew Cusack said the plaintiff colluded with a former race driver to try to blackmail him with the accusations.



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