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Comedy Corner
July 1, 2014
By Bill Noodles:

(Editor’s Note: Noodles continues his countrywide vacation as shown by the photo below.  Also Nemitz loves to make up conversations between our Governor and others so Noodles thought he’d put Numnuts in a make believe conversation that would never take place, perhaps?)

Billy Numnuts Nemitz (B):  It can’t be my turn again!  I thought it was something we all agreed to just for the first year with Donald.

Cliff Schechtman (CS):  Donald owns the whole place, if he wants to make changes in the agreement we have to go along with it, or we are out on the street looking for a job in another paper about to go out of business, or one like this that’s losing a ton of money every month.

Steve Greenlee (SG):  Stop being such a big baby about it we all have had to do this just like you.

Carol Coultas (CC):  That’s right all of us including me.

B:  Yeah, but this thing is more in your wheelhouse than mind or the other guys.

CC:  Just what do you mean by that comment?

B:  You know you have more practice doing this type of thing.

CC:  I certainly DO NOT!

B:  Maybe that’s one of our problems.

Greg Kesich (GK):  Now, now people let’s keep our eye on saving our jobs.  Plus Donald likes the way you do it the best of all of us.

B:  You know that doesn’t make me feel any better, right?

Lisa DeSisto (LD):  Billy get with it or I’ll make you the permanent envoy to Donald’s duty roster.

B:  You’ve got to be kidding me?

LD:  Look at my face; do I look like I’m kidding you?

B:  Okay, where do we keep the knee pads?  God I hate doing this.

(Editor’s Note:  Just to keep our PG rating the knee pads were for scrubbing Donald’s kitchen floor, not the other thing you were all thinking about.

Or are we wrong about that too?)


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