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May 1, 2015

By Editor:

The reason we have incompetent, rude, arrogant, condescending, rule and law violating, and out of control judges on our courts in Maine is because they are placed there by the Joint Judiciary Committee of the Legislature even AFTER they demonstrate that they don’t understand Rule 76 H during their own hearing.

Judge Donald Marden, a longtime judge in Maine said it was his policy not to allow any recording in his courtroom other than the official court reporter.  Only one problem with that it violates rule 76 H.  Even when confronted with the copy of the rule and QUESTIONED by a member of the Committee he held fast to his WRONG assessment of what was on the printed page!

FTM had to point out to the Committee that Judges Warren, Cole, Mills, Kelly, and Wheeler, all Superior Court Judges in Cumberland County understand the rule and COMPLY with it.  Albeit several had to consult their own rulebook, while on the bench, to read the rule because apparently no one had ever invoked it upon them before.

These are the same judges that knock Pro Se litigants out of court all the time for violating any rule about filing deadlines, reply deadlines, fee payments, discovery deadlines, and many, many more.  Yet, here we have a longtime judge so incompetent that he can’t understand the rule in his own hand.  How many other rules does he violate every day?

You can watch the video below.




JUDGE:  To form an opinion after careful consideration

TYRANT:  A ruler who has no legal limits on his or her power by law or constitution.

Family Court and Guardian Ad Litems under investigation, see the video here


March 16, 2015
By Editor:

During the hearing in Augusta on Thursday the 12th FTM sat to the left rear on the podium and one seat away from Judge Gorman.  She was the first to speak and the left thumb, not clamped to the podium like her four fingers were, trembling out of control, struck FTM.  We find it hard to believe that a trained lawyer, an experienced judge of nearly 20 years, would be this nervous speaking about her own qualifications to KEEP HER JUDGESHIP.

Could she be nervous because she knew there would be at least one person pointing out her inability to know which rule to apply for the waiver of fees or was her concern that the Administrative Order issued by her court that violates the Freedom of the Press Clause of the First Amendment in seven different parts of that Order would be pointed to as an example of her overwhelming incompetency as a sworn officer of Maine’s highest Court.

The thumb trembled until she forced it down on the podium and out of sight of FTM.

If she wasn’t nervous does she in fact have the onset of Parkinson that was undisclosed to the hearing that may accelerate and make her incapable to carry out her duties.  

Rules?  What Rules?  Because, the Ruling Class have NO RULES.


March 10, 2015

By Editor:

This is the next step in the legal process to bring the State of Maine in line with the United States Constitution.  Either the law applies to everyone, or it applies to no one.




February 26, 2015
By Editor:

FTM was in a courtroom when Judge John O’Neil Jr. enforced the Order that on closer inspection looks like a massive violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Freedom of the Press Clause.

You can read the filing by clicking here

February 11, 2015
By Editor:

This judge changed the location for the media so we couldn't hear the witness accuse the Eliot Chief of police of covering up 4 out of 6 patrol officers lying on their signed patrol logs and then the witness testified that the Eliot Selectmen refused to take any action on this misconduct.  You can see the video below.


We wonder how many cases might be challenged that depended on these same officers 'honesty' on the witness stand.  As the chief was quoted by witness Cady, his report opened a "can of worms".

Apparently the judge doesn't want our readers to hear this damning testimony.


Judge John O'Neil Jr.: http://youtu.be/5y49fAuSfN0



Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz


Cumberland County Courthouse


142 Federal Street


Portland, Maine 04101


Re: Francke v. Doyle


Judge Moskowitz:


“…One of the most wonderful features of our justice process in this country and in this state is the ability to correct mistakes…or by the trial court acting…even on its own…correct a clear mistake that I made on Monday…”


---Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz, Wednesday January 7, 2015


I also was a victim of one of your mistakes.  In the above captioned case when I was able to prove that the testimony used and suborned by Attorney Nicholas Walsh was perjury, you furthered the injustice by denying a rehearing where I could have proved with physical evidence that the entire case against me was a fraud upon me, and more importantly, your court.


Are you only willing to correct a mistake made by you, if you get caught by the Press Herald?  I hereby request one of those “most wonderful features” that you referred to Wednesday, bestowed upon me, where I have the same opportunity that you had in open court to be cleared of the false charges and perjury used to punish me for a crime I did not commit.


This is your opportunity to right at least one injustice before you leave the bench.  Consider this my Motion before the Court for a Rehearing based upon new evidence that perjury was used to gain a judgment in your Courtroom.


Respectfully submitted this 13th day of January 2015


Michael Doyle


3 Shady Lane


Falmouth, ME 04105




Cc: Nicholas Walsh, Esq. 120 Exchange St., Portland, ME 04101


Justice Leigh Saufley, Maine Supreme Court, 142 Federal St. Portland,


       ME 04101



January 8, 2015
By Editor:


Don’t for a minute think this is aberrant behavior by Moskowitz; it’s just the first time there was someone in the room to catch him in the act.  Of all the judges FTM has observed in Maine (nearly everyone of them in the last 12 years) including the crazy woman judge in the Kennebec County Courthouse that went berserk when we asked “how many continuances would the court give the DA”, Moskowitz is the single most incompetent baboon (in our opinion) ever to sit on the bench and is a disgrace to the entire judicial system in Maine.


Fact:  Moskowitz allowed perjured testimony to go unchallenged after the Defendant obtained the proof of the perjury.  Perjury suborned by Attorney Nicholas Walsh.

Fact:  Ordered a mother of four daughters, who went from a stay at home Mom, to a two weekends, a month visitor with her kids, to pay her husband’s lawyer $8,000 legal fee for one day in court as punishment.  What was her crime?  She picked up her kids at the bus stop and took them to breakfast and then to school.  Moskowitz said in court “I will do this every time you disobey my Visitation Orders.”

Fact:  Ordered a mother of three kids, one with special needs, and living at the Federal Poverty level to pay $7,957 to the Guardian Ad Litem at $100 per month.  The woman told FTM to comply with this order her and the three kids would have to give up eating ANY FOOD one day every week for almost seven years.

This is the kind of Prize Judge turned loose on the people of Maine by Governor Baldacci.


Second prize, would be two judges like Moskowitz.


How did Sineni get four felonies reduced to two misdemeanors that will disappear if he behaves himself for two years?  A potential 20 years in jail reduced to zero!  Stolen guns, perhaps in payment from one of his clients, because you never know when you might need an untraceable firearm (a cold piece) to kill an ex-girlfriend while you might be high on the chemical of your choice.  How does Sineni qualify to be SOLE guardian of his two biological kids and one NOT his?  If this guy is father of the year what was his ex-girlfriend like or the father of kid number 3?

Here’s a scenario that was given to FTM by sources involved in the Maine Criminal Court System.  Sineni had a client or clients such as drug dealers and pimps that wanted Sineni to use some dirt on Moskowitz to lessen their own sentence.  FTM was told Sineni possibly had a big chip to play when he needed it (women beaters usually get caught when the woman goes to the hospital or cemetery) and never wasted it on a client.  Well this week FTM was told that chip was cashed in, and poof, 20 years disappeared all the way down to no record after 2 years.  You have to wonder how big that chip was that covered how much illegal activity?  Can you say Zumba video of someone getting down and dirty?  We’ll never know for sure until the bodies float to the surface.

Will Moskowitz be thrown off the bench for disobeying the U.S. Constitution?  Of course not, he’s just as untouchable as Sineni said he would be when he beat the charges.  Different rules for the Ruling Class, the rest of us peasants get 20 years.



November 24, 2014






STATE OF MAINE                                  SUPERIOR COURT

CUMBERLAND, ss.                                DOCKET NO. CV-14-149    

Michael Doyle, Falmouth, Maine


                                                                          PLAINTIFF’S Response

v.                                                                           to Defendant’s Opposition  

                                                                           to Sanctions and Cross  

Town of Scarborough, Maine                               Motion for Sanctions       




During an after hearing meeting between Plaintiff and Defendant’s Counsel, Mark Franco, Plaintiff was threatened by attorney Franco when he stated, “If you stay away from Southern Maine you won’t have to deal with me anymore.”  Plaintiff took the threat to mean that any future attempt, by Plaintiff, to enforce the FOAA law of Maine, would be met with as much intimidation and harassment as Franco could get away with either legally or illegally.  If Franco had stated I have a gun in my pocket and  “if you stay away from Southern Maine you won’t have to deal with me anymore” would he have to wave the gun in Plaintiff’s face for the Plaintiff to be intimidated?  When a person tells a bank employee he has a gun in his pocket and robs the bank with nothing in his pocket, he is charged with armed robbery because the employee acted under the belief that he did have a gun.  Could he then use for a defense that he was only ‘joking’ with the bank employee?  Not likely. 

This is misconduct of the most egregious kind, designed to suppress and terminate Plaintiff’s access to public information, for only one reason, the answers that must be given, are embarrassing to the repliers. 


The Court must sanction this misconduct. Franco’s Motion signed of the 18th of November is a false recounting of what he said and his paragraph # 6 is a complete misrepresentation of what he said.  The precise quote of what he said is above in bold and italics print.

What Franco’s interpretation, of joking, is not shared by Plaintiff, and Plaintiff is well aware of what a lawyer can do to Plaintiff while the Plaintiff is paying that lawyer.  Plaintiff doesn’t care to find out what Franco will do behind the scenes when he feels comfortable making a threat in a conference room next to the courtroom we both just came out of after a hearing.

To the original Motion for Sanctions Plaintiff now adds a request for Sanctions for Perjury against Attorney Mark Franco in the amount of $100,000 personally and an additional $500,000 from the firm of Thompson Bowie for false swearing in an Affidavit presented to this Court by a partner of the firm.

Wherefore, Plaintiff requests that this Motion for Sanctions and Penalties be granted and that Plaintiff be granted such other and further relief as is appropriate.

Respectfully submitted this 20th day of November 2014.

Michael Doyle

3 Shady Lane

Falmouth, ME 04105


NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Michael Doyle, Plaintiff


Town of Scarborough, Maine

Click here to see entire DOCKET

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