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JUDGE:  To form an opinion after careful consideration

TYRANT:  A ruler who has no legal limits on his or her power by law or constitution.

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November 24, 2014

STATE OF MAINE                                  SUPERIOR COURT

CUMBERLAND, ss.                                DOCKET NO. CV-14-149    

Michael Doyle, Falmouth, Maine


                                                                          PLAINTIFF’S Response

v.                                                                           to Defendant’s Opposition  

                                                                           to Sanctions and Cross  

Town of Scarborough, Maine                               Motion for Sanctions       




During an after hearing meeting between Plaintiff and Defendant’s Counsel, Mark Franco, Plaintiff was threatened by attorney Franco when he stated, “If you stay away from Southern Maine you won’t have to deal with me anymore.”  Plaintiff took the threat to mean that any future attempt, by Plaintiff, to enforce the FOAA law of Maine, would be met with as much intimidation and harassment as Franco could get away with either legally or illegally.  If Franco had stated I have a gun in my pocket and  “if you stay away from Southern Maine you won’t have to deal with me anymore” would he have to wave the gun in Plaintiff’s face for the Plaintiff to be intimidated?  When a person tells a bank employee he has a gun in his pocket and robs the bank with nothing in his pocket, he is charged with armed robbery because the employee acted under the belief that he did have a gun.  Could he then use for a defense that he was only ‘joking’ with the bank employee?  Not likely. 

This is misconduct of the most egregious kind, designed to suppress and terminate Plaintiff’s access to public information, for only one reason, the answers that must be given, are embarrassing to the repliers. 


The Court must sanction this misconduct. Franco’s Motion signed of the 18th of November is a false recounting of what he said and his paragraph # 6 is a complete misrepresentation of what he said.  The precise quote of what he said is above in bold and italics print.

What Franco’s interpretation, of joking, is not shared by Plaintiff, and Plaintiff is well aware of what a lawyer can do to Plaintiff while the Plaintiff is paying that lawyer.  Plaintiff doesn’t care to find out what Franco will do behind the scenes when he feels comfortable making a threat in a conference room next to the courtroom we both just came out of after a hearing.

To the original Motion for Sanctions Plaintiff now adds a request for Sanctions for Perjury against Attorney Mark Franco in the amount of $100,000 personally and an additional $500,000 from the firm of Thompson Bowie for false swearing in an Affidavit presented to this Court by a partner of the firm.

Wherefore, Plaintiff requests that this Motion for Sanctions and Penalties be granted and that Plaintiff be granted such other and further relief as is appropriate.

Respectfully submitted this 20th day of November 2014.

Michael Doyle

3 Shady Lane

Falmouth, ME 04105


NOVEMBER 1, 2014
Michael Doyle, Plaintiff


Town of Scarborough, Maine

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