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October 13, 2016
By Editor:

We have a Good Samaritan in the woods at the Rt. 88 Park across from the cemetery.  John Moon, a retired executive, went in with his chain saw to clean up the paths from blow down, put the dead wood along the edge of the 50 foot deep gravel pit so visitors don’t slip down the hole, and spent over $200 in materials each plus his labor to build a bunch of benches to allow hikers to pause and rest or tie their hiking boots.  What was his reward, not that he sought one, was a letter from our demented lying thief of a Town Manager, Nathan Poore, sic’ing the police on him.  Sources report that John DID NOT cut down any living trees, contrary to Poore’s false accusations.

Below you can read Poore’s letter, see the benches, the blow down, and the plaque dedicating the park.  Keeping the park all natural must mean impassible in Poore’s bizarro world.  

Our town manager ‘hard at work’ protecting us from Good Samaritans everywhere.



October 4, 2016
By Editor:

The short answer is Moskowitz is likely the worse judge in the State of Maine, and that’s some real competition.

The link below gives one of many abusive actions by Moskowitz.  After the introduction interview listen to what Moskowitz did to just ONE woman in his court.

It took the Committee five days to decide, against all the testimony opposing his reappointment, to put him back on the bench abusing the taxpayers of Maine.  FTM has very reliable sources that know that even the lawyers who stood before the Committee to testify in support of his return to the bench personally can not stand the man, but had to ‘suck up’ to him in person because they have cases in his court every week.  View Link


FTM plans on posting more of these videos of Moskowitz’s victims as they become available.


September 30, 2016
By Editor:

Poore stole $345.00 on a fugazy demand that any question he deemed was a continuation of another question would not get the MANDATED first free hour of the answer.  You can read the charge and the law governing theft in Maine below.

We filed a complaint with the Falmouth Police; apparently it’s NOT a crime if Chief Tolan’s boss commits the crime.  However, in a real town government like Ogunquit, the town manager is arraigned in York District Court for a similar theft.  You can read the basis of the charge in the next to the last paragraph in the first column below. 

>  View Charge, click here

>  To watch City Hall meeting, click here

Remember the Rules for the Ruling Class in Falmouth, there are NO RULES!




September 21, 2016

By Editor:


FTM raised this issue two years ago this October, see article directly below this one.  What is the Required Daily Amount of anything that “contains traces of toxic elements”?  Would a gram per soccer game be okay with your daughter at age 28 when she has ovarian cancer and the doctor tells you, “we can save her life with some luck, but she’ll never have any children?”  How’d you like to be in the hospital room during that conversion?


The soccer coach written about in this Sunday Telegram started with 38 cancer patients, 34 of which were goalies.  As of April of 2016 the count is 203 of which 159 were soccer players.  We know what you’re thinking, 203 out of millions and millions of kids playing soccer all over the U.S., what’s the chance of your little Suzie being one of them?  We like to think it’s okay to live on the edge BUT you don’t need to look down the barrel to see if a round is chambered.


Years ago we looked at fruit rollups’ ingredients before we bought a package for our son.  One thing on the list was CANUBA wax; you know what you use to polish your car.  We didn’t think any amount of car polish was good for a 5 year old and never bought any fruit rollups, ever.


Why would any parent in their right mind expose their own child to ANY TRACES OF TOXIC ELEMENTS, at anytime in their childhood?


There are no warnings because no tests have been completed yet.  Perhaps one of your kids will be the next victim to verify that it’s possible to get cancer from a mouth full of toxic trace elements, who knows?



October 29, 2014

By Editor:


Reports are coming in that girls’ soccer teams, especially the goalies, are being exposed to deadly toxins because they play on artificial turf fields.  You can read the report below and the answer to our FOAA requests from Falmouth.  Are Falmouth children in danger?  You decide.



September 15, 2016
By Editor:

Only in America can an individual take on the powerful law firms of Portland (Thompson Perkins and Drummond Woodsum), the Maine Municipal Association (the organization that your property taxes support to LOBBY against the same taxpayers), and an outlaw town government like Scarborough, and bring them to court.

At some point we’ll have a jury decide how badly the town’s misconduct was and what, if any, penalty should be assessed.  Below you can read the five page decision and our PARTIAL witness list.

View entire document by clicking here

September 12, 2016

By Editor:

A source came forward this weekend with this information.  They have been reading about the crime wave that is Chief Moulton and now know that nothing that is going to be revealed will get him fired because “he has the goods on so many people in town government past and current that any attempt against him will result in a crisis in Scarborough.”  They went on to relate that they came forward with this information to illustrate “what a dirt bag Moulton is, and always has been.”

Years ago Moulton beat his son Chris and bashed his face on the kitchen stove when the son was in high school.  This is the son from Moulton’s second wife, the one he was dating while she was an UNDERAGE senior at Scarborough High, while he was the school’s RESOURCE OFFICER.  This is the son that was possibly driven to abuse alcohol and a stint at rehab in Saco.  Chris sunk all the way to drinking mouthwash.

Where was Moulton when Chris was on this road to self-destruction?  Perhaps he was patrolling continuously Sandy Piper Cove Rd.  Where Kathy, his girlfriend, was living before her current marriage.

Finally, is Moulton subject to uncontrollable rage?  At a party at Dickie Fowler’s years ago, wife number three was hitting on a guy, and Moulton was screaming out of control at her at their house when she got home, which was across the street from Fowler’s, so loud that the people still at the party could hear him.



September 6, 2016
By Editor:

It’s New Year’s Eve night, just after 2:30 am, and your phone rings.  At first you think you’re dreaming.  But it keeps ringing until you wake up enough to know it’s not a dream.  Half awake you try to figure out who could be calling at this ungodly hour.  Then as you manage to reach for the phone you think it must be your son and his car broke down and he needs a ride home.

You:  Hello!  (Expecting to hear your son reply with Mom I need a ride home)
OOB Officer Jami L:  Hi this is Officer etc. we found your son at 12:30 am and he’s dead.

(What goes through your mind in the second she tells you OVER the phone that your son is dead.)

A few weeks ago the MST ran a multi-page story on the heart wrenching details of what it’s like to knock on a door in the middle of the night, to tell a family that a loved one is DEAD from the police officer perspective.  Not so heart wrenching the way Officer Jami L does it, is it?

You might wonder why Jami wasn’t fired on the spot?  It seems her family’s well connected in politics and wealthy enough to have a Fairfield, CT lawyer, gassed up and on the ready 5 catapult waiting to launch a law suit.

More interesting details have come to light from sources.  It’s reported that the OOB cop Regan is the expectant father.  That Jami had the initials of the married Saco cop (reported to be a 6 year relationship) tattooed where it can be read during a certain type of a sex act, because it’s about 4 inches from Regan’s eyes.  FTM is told that Jami does the cops in several towns along with a Public Works employee in OOB.

We’re appalled that Scarborough allows Thornton to be Lead Dispatcher while sexing an elected member of the town government and that Thornton by sheer luck isn’t the father of the Jami L child and dealing with tattoos of ex-lovers on her private parts.  Be clear FTM didn’t ruin your life, you ruined your own life, your parents’ lives, and likely that of your unborn child. Thornton should be fired for cause and Jami should be fired for misuse of police powers (harassing a woman trying to save the married Saco cop from a STD) AND telling a family member of a dead child over the phone in the middle of the night.  Just un-damn-believable!



September 1, 2016

By Editor:
How did we get to the point where an ex-cop is screaming like a nutcase on the phone defending his ex-wife over the affair she had with her ex-lover the member of the OOB Town Council and the LEAD DISPATCHER at Scarborough P.D.?

Actually, it was pretty easy.  All you have to do to qualify for multiple articles to be posted about you and your misconduct is to keep coming up on the radar.  

Let’s review the bidding to date; this is what sources are reporting to FTM:

Thornton sexing and harassing an elected Scarborough official.
Thornton having an affair with his best friend’s, Officer Andy Flynn’s, future ex-finance.
Thornton telling about and showing pictures of Jami K’s pistol tattoo near her vagina, while he was dating her.
Jami K having an affair with a married Saco officer and apparently getting some cash for her services.
Jami K hanging out with known dealers and it seems dating one or more of them.
Jami having an affair with Officer Regan, OOB P.D.
Jami being pregnant, and it’s reported NOT knowing who the father is; time for a trip to the Maury Show.  How many men in southern Maine will have to supply DNA samples?
Jami being demoted from corporal due to unauthorized use of police databases to get the name and address of a woman that was warning the Saco cop he was sleeping with someone (Jami), who was very active sexually, so she could harass the woman.
Ex-cop Anthony Foshay, Jami K’s ex-husband, SCREAMING threats on the phone.  Picture below.  Why ex-cop?  FTM is told that he was reported weaving all over the road in an unmarked OOB police car, stopped by a cruiser, found to be ‘despondent’, supervisor called, transferred to rubber gun squad (fear he would eat his own gun), and allowed to resign.  Also reported to be hanging around known dealers.

All this from Thornton Sexing and harassing an elected member of Scarborough’s Town Government.  Anthony how much do you want to bet, because of your crazy calls to FTM, that a lot more will be posted about you, Jami, and new members of the, We Can’t Stop Ourselves from Being Idiots Club?

When you get on this site the best course of action is what Chief Moulton does:  Tell everyone it's a lie, that no one reads the site, and he’s not going to bother suing the site to give it any credence.  Or, in other words, lay there and take your beating like the baby seal that you are and keep your mouth shut.


(EDITOR’S NOTE:  The article below generated several phone calls.  Two of them we couldn’t understand from some punk ass bitch that wouldn’t give me his name and screamed incoherently about coming to my home and doing something to me.  The name that came up for the number (207.286.4439) he called from was ‘Foshay’.  He called twice.  Then we had three calls from Kristen (207.523.0944) who sounded like she was high on meth, she wanted me to drop dead.  The best call was from the family lawyer, Steve Colarossi, from (203.434.6096) in Fairfield, CT, he argued that Jami was a private citizen.   FTM’s reply was she is a public employee, an OOB cop, reported to be having an affair with another public employee, a married Saco cop.  Does the married Saco cop take her to his house to check the pistol tattoo or does he go to her house WHILE HE’S ON DUTY IN SACO?  IF a public employee got FIRED for misconduct, maybe we’d have less misconduct.  If it can be verified that anything is incorrect in the article FTM will make any corrections needed.  Let’s start with the pistol tattoo above Jami’s vagina and work out from that point.)


August 25, 2016

By Editor:
(Editor’s Note:  This is from a new source who just came forward to report this MISCONDUCT and wants our readers to know what is going on behind the scenes and we expect much more from this source in the future.)

FTM is repeatedly asked if all this crap is going in town government why aren’t there people coming forward to demand reform?

Well folks, here’s the answer in spades.

Sources report to FTM, when an elected member of Scarborough Town Government was sexually harassed by Joe Thorton, he was promoted to Lead Dispatcher by Chief Robbie, this is the man that had sex with his best friend’s fiancée, Esther, the ex-future wife of officer Andy Flynn, he is a Member of the Old Orchard Beach Town Council, he sent explicit pics to the elected official while he was also intimate with Officer Jami Ladakakos, while Jami (it is reported) carried on an affair with a married Saco police officer.  Photos of Jami in circulation show a tattoo of a pistol just above her vagina.  Also it is discussed by those who have been intimate with Jami that she has the shortest distance between the vagina and the anus of all the women in circulation, commonly referred to as the “taint”.  Now, this is true or not, and those who have been there can testify to its accuracy.

Back to the elected official in Scarborough.  She reported it to Hall and FTM is told the HR dept.  She was striped of all chairmanships and shunned by management.  See, only the scum rule Scarborough and the good are punished.  This is what they do to elected officials what would they do to the average citizen?  FTM is told Thornton is applying to be Assistant Town Manager.  Why not?  Access to more women to screw on the payroll?

Below are the pics of Thorton and Jami.



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