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December 20, 2014
By Editor:

Under the general heading of YOU CAN MAKE THIS UP.  Last July 21st FTM ran an article about Officer Josh Guay compromising a drug case by sleeping with the Confidential Informant (that initiated the case), leaving his wife, getting the C.I. pregnant, marrying the C.I., and having a baby, all this while on the clock getting paid by the taxpayers of Scarborough.  You can see the photo of the Guay family below, along with the July 21st article reloaded for this update.
On the same 21st of July someone in a police department accessed the inter-agency database of the State Police and printed a report from the Biddeford P.D. of an unfounded allegation against a man.  The punk that did this, held onto the report for almost seven months, and mailed it to the man’s wife at her place of employment.  The return address on the envelope was that of the FTM reporter.  The couple called FTM and wanted to know why we would do such a thing.

In a few hours we were able to establish that FTM did not have access to the database for police only, that in most police departments officers can read the screen but only Sgt. ranks and higher have the authority to print the screen, and the format of the printed return address was dissimilar to that used by our reporter.

Officer Guay’s reward for the botched drug case was a promotion to “acting sgt.”.  Now we know the report could have been printed out in Bangor or Auburn police depts.  But, why would they do that and risk their jobs and pensions to commit mail fraud (the fraudulent use of the FTM reporter’s return address) and a charge or terrorizing an employee of Scarborough seven months after the report was printed?  You can read the email from the Postal Inspectors Office below.

The simplest answer is usually the correct one.  This punk waited until a few weeks before Christmas to ruin this couple’s holidays and cause the wife to be fearful of what the unknown punk or punks might do next.  Here’s a prime example of how much misconduct is permitted or promoted in the Scarborough Police Dept. under Chief Robert Moulton.

From: CISCFCSExternal@uspis.gov
To: seller99@msn.com
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 09:45:12 -0600
Subject: In Response To Your Mail Fraud Report C#1732958

Thank you for contacting the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. The information you provided has been entered into our national Fraud Complaint System. Your reference number is C#1732958. If we need more information, you will be contacted directly. Please hold on to any original documents related to your complaint.
Please note that Postal Inspectors do not have the authority to ensure that your losses are refunded.
We may share the information you provided with other agencies when there is a possible violation within their jurisdiction.
In the future, if you have complaints about mail fraud or mail theft, you can visit our website, http://postalinspectors.uspis.gov, to file a complaint online.

United States Postal Inspection Service

This is a system-generated email message. Please do not reply to this message.





July 21, 2014
By Editor:

Some back ground first.  Our sources tell us that Sgt. John O’Malley was the contact officer for the SPD at the hotels and motels in town.  He would circulate photos of wanted criminals to the staff and have them call him if one of the fugitives showed up or if they suspected guests were participating in ongoing crimes like possession of scheduled drugs with intent.

A young female desk clerk (Crystal Sandstrom) calls the SPD headquarters on Rt. 1 and said she thought a guest was a drug dealer.  Sources tell us, lickity split Officer Josh Guay was on the scene at the hotel.  Where, after many “meetings” with the young desk clerk and much surveillance of the subject, a romance blossomed and the then married Guay, got the desk clerk pregnant, leaves his current wife, and marries the desk clerk and fathers a child.

All the while sources tell us, the desk clerk/cop girlfriend/cop wife/confidential informant, was helping the SPD to build a case against one, Bobby Collins, age 32.  Apparently the traffic stop ‘developed’ the charges against Collins, and got him sentenced to time served waiting for his trial date.  According to the SPD website Collins was arrested for three Class A Felonies that carry a 20 year sentence for EACH CHARGE.  How does a potential 60 year sentence get plea bargained down to time served waiting for the trial to reach the top of the docket.  Easy, SPD had ruined the case with Officer Guay having a baby with the key witness, the confidential informant.  Had Collins’ defense lawyer, Robert Lebrasseur, Esq. been given these facts it is likely his client would have avoided the entire arrest, indictment, and jail time.  Perhaps Collins should consider suing every member of the SPD that had ANY knowledge of this farce and Withholding of Discovery that would likely cause the case to be cancelled immediately after the initial arrest.

We’re told that Guay stepped out of the case just prior to the traffic stop and arrest, and Officer Brian Nappi stepped in to take the collar.  Why?  SPD was terrified the whole case would go up in flames if Collins’ defense lawyer got Guay or his wife, the confidential informant, on the witness stand, so the AG’s office let him plead out to time served.  

Did the AG’s office know that the SPD was withholding this case killing information from the defense lawyer?  Was this the only case corrupted by Guay while he was attached to the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a task force officer?  We don’t think so.  Every case involving Guay and the Scarborough Police should be vacated because can you ever trust an affidavit sworn to by this crew?

Our sources state without qualification that all the commanding officers from Chief Moulton, the Capt., and the Sergeants knew of this misconduct and it was driven by Moulton’s desire to get a “drug bust” at any cost.  Moulton went so far as to congratulate Guay for a JOB WELL DONE!
Who could argue with Moulton?  A bad arrest, a bad case, prosecution misconduct, a divorce, a marriage, and a new baby, oh yes, this was a job well done for sure.

Fast forward to the recent Abdullahi Nur Federal Case (2:12 cr 00159-GZS) and a sentence of 10 years handed down last week.  The same SPD, the same Officer Brian Nappi, and possibly similar shenanigans took place in this case.  In every criminal case, prior bad conduct is brought up and made part of the record.  On the 17th our reporter watched a case before Superior Court Judge Roland Cole that went back 11 years to recount prior criminal activities.  The witness list for the Nur case included, Brian Nappi, Tim Dalton, Steven Thibodeau, Ronald Nelson, Mary Sauschuck, and John Bangeman (Doc. 124 of the record).

If Brian Nappi was part of the first case’s misconduct why wouldn’t a reasonable member of a jury believe that he was also involved again in another misconduct in this case?  If prior criminal acts are held against criminals isn’t it reasonable to have prior misconduct of Police Chiefs, Sergeants, and Officers of the Scarborough Police Dept. held against them in every subsequent drug arrest effected in the Town of Scarborough where the SPD had even the remotest involvement in the drug arrest.

The defense lawyers for the Nur case as listed on the first page were:
Neale Duffett
Peter Rodway
Robert Napolitano
Robert Sheketoff (Boston)
Randall Bates
Richard Berne

We wonder what the 10-year sentence would have been if the Judge and Jury knew the history of misconduct that Chief Moulton seems to promote in his Department?  How about time served like the Collins case with a lawsuit for false incarceration?

The answer to the question posed in the headline is, apparently NOTHING.


December 16, 2014

By Editor:
In a brief discussion of the death of the sister of Falmouth resident with several staff members of MMC, this was the exchange:

Doctors:  We get quite a few transfers from Inland Hospital to MMC.
FTM:  Are they alive when they arrive?
Doctors: Just barely.

That pretty much sums up incompetent care that leads to the death of a 54 year old woman that wasn’t seen by a doctor in the hospital for 24 hours, a woman that was spiking at 104 degrees and submerged in ice water to get the fever under control, a woman that while she was dying was taken off ‘critical’ care (and the around the clock monitoring that goes with it and put on ‘floor’ care, apparently where Inland puts people to let them die), a woman whose lab test didn’t get back to the unit until the day after she died, and a woman’s family told by the lawyers at PretiFlaherty that it wasn’t Inland Hospital’s fault.

A simple Google search produces reams of data on how any competent medical facility should treat this type of bacteria infection.  You can see the first page of the report by the doctor who wrote the textbook of the treatment.

Guess what Inland Hospital did?  Just about the opposite of everything listed here.

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