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October 28, 2015
By Editor:

FTM was at the Freeport Town Council meeting right after they purchased two police SUVs for the department.  You can see the bid document below.
A few weeks ago Falmouth Officer Robert/Dennis Ryder in Falmouth totaled one of the department’s SUV racing to the scene of kids ringing doorbells in the Falmouth Country Club neighborhood at 11:30 pm.

What we found was Freeport spends $416 LESS than Falmouth does for a police SUV.  Then Quirk gives Freeport a quote of $307 LESS than they give Falmouth.  Can we get Freeport to negotiate the next purchase of Police SUVs for Falmouth?

If you can’t negotiate a car purchase it’s indicative of the inability to make any capital purchase.  You may think $300 or $400 are trivial amounts in relationship to the entire police budget.  It isn’t, it’s the tip of the iceberg.  Until FTM brought some heat on Falmouth over wasting $14.99 for a ream of 28 lb. copy paper, that anyone could buy at Staples for $6.99.  The consultant hired by the town reduced the cost for copy paper and paper clips by $32,800/yr.  His fee was ONLY $16,400 to do something anyone could do by simply asking for BIDS.  

So is a difference of $8.00 a ream a big deal?  It is when the whole package adds up to $32,800/yr. or an overpayment for office supplies of $328,000 over the last 10 years and a savings of $328,000 over the next 10 years.

How many $416 overpayments are contained in the Police budget controlled by Chief Eddie?  It would likely boggle the mind.



October 25, 2014

By Editor:

On October 14th our reporter wondered if he would ever get a response from the information officer at the DEA Boston Office, Tony Pettigrew, after four unreturned messages were left starting on August 25th.  He even tried, unsuccessfully, to reach Laura Harris, DEA Information Officer, at (202.305.8500) at the D.C. office twice without a response using the same question asked on Pettigrew’s voice mail.  So on the 14th he called the main listing in Boston (617.557.2100) again and asked to speak with the highest-ranking person in the office.  He was transferred to the Special Agent in Charge’s (SAC) office and spoke with Michael Ferguson’s secretary

Kathy for 8 minutes and 21 seconds describing Officer Josh Guay’s possible misconduct while he was attached to the DEA for an investigation of drug dealing in Scarborough. 

What FTM is looking for, is there a page in the Agents’ Operational Manual that states clearly that it’s okay for DEA agents to be allowed to have sex with their Confidential Informant (CI), get them pregnant, leave their wife, marry the informant, have a baby that started before the divorce, and all the while the drug case is in progress?  Or, is there a page that clearly states compromising a case (the three Class “A” drug trafficking charges were reduced to time served waiting for the case to be brought to trial instead of the 60 year possible sentence) by having sex with a CI is against the rules and will be sanctioned accordingly. 

You have to wonder what the conversation Kathy will have with SAC Ferguson when she leaves this message for his inbox. 

What was Guay’s punishment for compromising a drug case?  Chief Robbie Moulton promoted Guay to ACTING SERGEANT!  Moulton knows by saving Guay’s bacon he can depend on him to cover for him when he’s dating someone while married to wife number three, birds of a feather flock together.

October 23, 2014

By Editor:

•   The Mackworth Island report was based upon sources listening to the scanner traffic at the time of the incident.  We believe the incident you referred to happened way before the incident we reported on.  That report was several years ago and not recent, and after your stint as Harbor Master.
•    The joy riding incidents reported were from sources seeing the Police Boat far away from Falmouth, such as out past Portland Headlight at 08:30 on a weekday.  When Twombley was questioned about it he said he was looking for O.U.I. boaters.  When we reported that Tolan and his wife riding the police boat to Chebeague for dinner a nearby town manager said he would fire his police chief for the same misuse of police equipment.
•    The missing gas receipts relate to the usage of the boat after 2009 and primarily from 2011 to date.  Jay Hallett told us that the boat topped off every morning, yet out the 31 days of the month in question we receive only a handful of receipts.  Where were the other receipts?
•    After two years of efforts we managed to get the police boat tied to the dock so it could be used for emergencies after 15:30 seven days per week.
•    At last check we had 74 operators of our $500,000 firetrucks including Chief Rice, in Falmouth.  During the same time period we had 4 operators of our $200,000 (your number) police boat EXCLUDING Chief Tolan.  Would we have a Fire Chief in Falmouth that couldn't drive a firetruck?  I think not.
Thank you for your interest in writing the editorial below.  My sources have been very accurate repeatedly and I trust their honesty.

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 02:32:15 +0000
To: Editor@FalmouthToday.ME
Subject: [Contact Page Form] submitted

Name: Kevin Cady
Email Type: Work Email

Phone number_: 2078091432
Inquires: Mr. Doyle. I applaud your efforts to keep our local government employees in-check. However, as the former harbormaster with the Town of Falmouth, 2005 to 2008, I find your facts somewhat inaccurate. Your recent story about the injury on Mackworth Island when you report the boat remained tied-up is false. I responded with the boat and fire deputy chief Jay Hallett (on scene commander) determined that a water side rescue was too risky and opted for a land side rescue instead. This was the correct decision by Hallett because the rescue took place at low-tide.

As for your reporting of the police boat joy riding about Casco Bay is another inaccurate reporting. The US Coast Guard "gave" the boat to the Town of Falmouth. The boat then was worth over $200,000.00. The cost was nothing by Falmouth to the federal government but $4,000.00 to the State of Maine for a "transfer fee." That fact should be your next story. The USCG followed-up in 2008 with funds to provide two new 150 horsepower outboard motors and a forward looking infrared camera - valued at $60,000.00 in Homeland Security grants. All no-cost to the Town of Falmouth.

The USCG and the federal government offered the boat to the Town of Falmouth on the condition that Falmouth assist the USCG with Homeland Security efforts in and about the immediate area of the Town of Falmouth's jurisdictional waters. Further, Falmouth took over the patrol efforts of the Town of Cumberland in 2007 as Cumberland took-over Falmouth's animal control duties. This may have magnified the impression that the Harbor Master was "Joy Riding" about Casco Bay.

The Town of Falmouth police department returned to the general fund about $80,000.00 in budgeted funds allocated for a new police boat because the USCG provided a viable platform at no-cost. This benefited both you and I as Falmouth residents.

 As for your story about missing or unreported gas receipts for the police boat. I can report that when I was Harbor Master the USCG provided the Town of Falmouth unlimited gas to fill the boat from 2006 to 2008. Their graciousness resulted in fuel budgeted funds by the Town to be returned back to the general fund. If my memory is correct the amount was well-over over $3,000.00 per year. Again, this benefited you and I, the local Falmouth taxpayer.

My request is that you post this to your website as an editorial.

Kevin Cady
Falmouth, Maine


October 20, 2014

By Editor:

This is U.S. Expedition South Pole calling in the blind.  Is there anyone there?  Over.  Come back on this freq.  Over.  Anyone there?  Anyone?

Almost every virus mutates to some degree.  EBOLA is a virus.  Last year’s flu shots don’t work on the variation of the flu this year because last year’s flu mutated into this year’s flu.  Flu is a mild form of a virus, except 100 years ago when it killed hundreds of thousands worldwide.  Will EBOLA mutate into an airborne pathogen?

What’s more dangerous, arrogant intelligent leadership, or arrogant moronic leadership?  What about a combination of the two?  That’s what we have trying to drive all of us off a cliff.  Not so, you claim?

• Whooping cough reappears in our schools after a 30 or 40-year absence.
• A form of polio has reemerged after decades when we thought our kids were safe from it.  This reporter remembers standing in long lines to get a booster injection every year until the oral dose was produced.
Welcome back to 1960 folks.
• A nurse for patient zero in Dallas flies to Ohio on Frontier Airlines to plan her wedding and now is infected and isolated.  This is called closing the barn door after your really expensive champion horse not just runs down the road, but gets crushed by a passing semi.  Who wants to be the next passenger on that plane that has been “sanitized twice” (from Frontier spokesman)?  When did twice become the right number of times?  What about 4, 5, or 10 times?  Then it was cleaned 5 times.  The last report was that the plane was taken out of service and the interior was being stripped down to the airframe.  How many millions of dollars in lost revenue will that cost Frontier, for just one plane?
• When will the arrogant Morons in charge close the southern border before an outbreak in Central America sends a stampede of sick and dying illegals to kill us here in our own towns?  This is a fear of the four star general running the Southern Command of the U.S. military!
• When will the arrogant Morons ban not just flights from the infected areas but everyone who comes from those areas on indirect flights?
• Every time the bedding is changed for an EBOLA victim the current protocol reported to FTM is that it must be BURNED.  How many times must the bedding be changed?  Our sources say every hour or more often depending on the discharge of fluids, you know, bleeding from the eyes, mouth, nose, plus vomit, urine and diarrhea.  That’s 24 sets of bedding burned every 24 hours, or more, times how many total patients per hospital.  At what point do we run out of sheets?
• FACTS: 70% death rate, each victim infects two or more, such as the two nurses infected by Duncan (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc.), over 10,000 victims as of this writing and climbing every day, children on the 6 flights the Frontier plane flew after the nurse contaminated the aircraft AND their schools are on shutdown all over the U.S.
• A care worker of the dead victim got on a cruise ship with thousands of passengers, then she self-quarantined herself on the ship, what could possibly go wrong here?  For one thing the country of Belize refused docking to the cruise ship so the woman could be off loaded, add to that Mexico.  How many onboard may be infected?  We won’t know until 21 days after they go home and infect how many thousands of others.
• A teacher from the Strong Elementary School here in Maine is on 21 days of paid leave because they recently returned from a conference 10 miles from Dallas.  It seemed the parents weren’t going to let their kids in the same building with the teacher until the teacher was cleared.

Our Morons in charge should have instantly banned ALL entry into the U.S. from the moment of the first reported case, including the two infected doctors.  You want to save the world good for you.  But, you don’t get to bring your disease home to us.  Live and die by your decisions, but don’t make the rest of us die for your decisions.

As we approach the holiday season consider this item.  One EBOLA infected traveler while shopping at the Maine Mall the day after Thanksgiving drops dead in the food court, (he thought he had a bad case of the flu) what happens to the 40,000 people that were exposed to his coughing, sneezing, and touching thousands of surfaces all over the Mall?  More bad news, he spent the previous day at L.L. Bean’s trying on clothes, hats, and touching almost everything in the store.  L.L. Bean has over 1,000,000 visitors every year.  They come from all over America and from all over the world.  They go home or travel for the Holidays and kiss and hug thousands and thousands of their relatives.  What happens two or three weeks later?

You want some irony now?  A White House worker takes the bus to work and hangs from the bar that was just touched by the next EBOLA victim.  He goes to work and touches something just before the President walks into the room and the President touches it.  Now what?

Reports indicate that Berlin, Madrid, and Amsterdam have at least one case.
In each case four health care workers contracted EBOLA while caring for a victim in a sterile hospital.  There are suspected cases in Cyprus, Rome, Brussels, Paris, and London.  Will our Morons in charge stop this crazy conduct before we hit critical mass?  Here, critical mass means the point of no return, and we just wait for 70% of the U.S. population to be reduced from its current 315,000,000 down to 94,500,000.  Let’s hope it’s not the 30% of the current population that doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING like grow food, make toilet paper, and make electricity.

Will there be anyone left alive that knows how to run the communication system and to answer the radio call from the South Pole?

Leading scientist warns Ebola is changing to become more contagious 
Dr Peter Jahrling from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease says the viral loads in Ebola patients in Liberia are much higher than they are used to seeing.
Read the full story:
18 October 2014

By Editor:

Sit down for this one folks, Sergeant O'Malley we are NOW told by an officer from another department, is that Sgt. John O'Malley not only has the good Mrs. O'Malley at home to comfort him, not only his old boss' wife, Gina McCue of Fogg Road, Scarborough (one of his girlfriends) not only Scarborough School Bus Driver Julie Inman (married and reportedly meets him on duty), but now we learn of ANOTHER woman who he seeks the company of while on duty.

You heard this right.  Besides a wife, two girlfriends, a former dispatcher enthralled by him, he now has a NEW woman. He was caught unaware in the Cumberland County Court's parking garage by this new source who works for another agency.  This source has see O'Malley at events with his wife and was surprised to see him "intimately kissing" a woman NOT his wife while ON DUTY, while he's supposed to be at court.

This source assumed O'Malley was divorced and this was his new squeeze.  The source was wrong, O'Malley's still enjoy a "Mrs." and who could blame him?  Why divorce when you can have several girlfriends too.  He met this new girlfriend at his night school we are told where he is furthering his education.  Maybe he is seeking a sex ed degree or he might be studying to be a Polygamist.


October 13, 2014
By Editor:

Town Library supporters are disconnected from what is happening at the three other libraries in Falmouth at the three school buildings.  The teachers for the first graders and up, are pushing to get iPads paid by, an issued by, the Falmouth School System.  FTM has previously pointed out that today’s students will be trained away from print books and indoctrinated into a digital life.  The Library (museum for printed books) is looking to spend millions to build the absolute best, outdated storage building for books with total disregard for the reality of today.

“The iPads allow students access to more databases and better resources than just the library has to offer… are better than having students use outdated text books.”  Suzy Palmer third grade teacher
Is anyone listening?

•    Paper making factories are closing everywhere, two in Maine this past week.  The demand for paper is dropping between 7% and 15% each year depending on the type of paper produced.  Does that indicate an increase in demand to print more books?
•    Daily newspapers are clinging to the edge of the cliff with their fingernails.  The Pingree Press Herald would already be out of business if not for Sussman deciding to write off the loss of money every week to control the agenda, as the cost to keep his wife in office.  Does that support the need for book storage when they can’t get enough paid subscribers to justify their ad rates?
•    More e-books are sold every year than print books.  Does that indicate a need for more library shelf space?
•    The hockey supporters fell $150,000 short in their fund raising efforts to finish the new hockey rink this year and will attempt to do it next spring.  Does that indicate that there is a lot of spare cash laying around donor’s bank accounts ready to be given to the Library Fund Raiser?
•    Our Town Library holds 44,000 +/- books.  Just twenty Kindles can hold 70,000 books, weight a little over 10 pounds, and take up less than a cubic foot of space.  Should we nearly triple the books available for lending for a few thousand dollars or waste millions on yesterday’s technology?

You can read below the Forecaster’s clips on the iPads for Elementary School students and the failure to raise the money for the hockey rink.  This Library fiasco is a monumental waste of generational money (nearly $6,000,000 at last check), spent on the wrong thing, at the wrong time.  It should be defeated just like the Cape Elizabeth Library overreach was defeated.



OCTOBER 9, 2014
By Editor:

So far we've had reports of inside the police station, vacant houses in the winter at Prout's Neck, school buses between trips for the kids, at hotels while running a drug investigation with a Confidential Informant employee of that hotel, and now in the Town Hall itself.  How does any work get done for the taxpayers with so many male employees with their pants down around their ankles?

It is already known the wheels have come off the leadership at Scarborough Police Department. Multiple sources have reported to FTM  that many great officers plug away hoping for a leadership change while many of the best officers have left to go to other departments, retired early and some even left the profession with a bad taste in their mouth due to the discipline process which is handed out much like Lois Lerner’s way of handling the IRS. Same behaviors, some get punished severely and some are ignored as “non-police business”, and some show character flaws that get them promoted to Sgt. or higher.  The Chief, it seems likes birds of a feather, to flock around him.

Well it appears we may have leadership issues within the town hall itself. It should be apparent by the way Tom Hall and the council has handled the information FTM has uncovered and provided them for action. It’s circle the wagons time and pay lawyers with taxpayers money to protect them. A source who has read an earlier chapter about former Scartborough Finance employee, Lori Bedor in which she was seen by several town employees late at night with Chief Moulton behind closed doors in his office. She was also married at the time to former Police Sgt. Greg Bedor. (One of several officers who fled the PD due to Moulton’s reported behavior with his wife).

Well, this source has informed FTM that on top of questionable behavior with Moulton, she is rumored to have been caught INSIDE town hall in a comprising position with ANOTHER department head. Bruce Gullifer who is in charge of Scarborough’s Community Service Department. This is also rumored to be the reason Lori, “resigned”. Yet the department head, Gullifer remains to this day, along with Chief Robbie Moulton.

Is this a town government or a sex club for swingers?


October 6, 2014
By Editor:

This can only happen when you spend other peoples’ money.  You have a manager at one of your plants making, let’s say paper, here in Maine.  This manager goes out of his way to flimflam a vendor out of $360.00 that is legitimately owed to the vendor.  The vendor sues your company to get the money back.  The judge rules that the vendor’s suit was beyond the time limit to file a suit, NOT that the vendor wasn’t entitled to the money.  You don’t find out about it until your corporate office gets the lawyers bill for defending the suit, not to win it, just to get an untimely filing ruling, less than a break even.

The legal fees come in at $3,303.10 for this fiasco.  You have a couple of choices.  You could fired the manager immediately, you could order him to write a check to your company for the full amount, or you could reduce his pay by a $1,000 per month until it’s paid off.  Which would you do?

Our little analogy applies to Nathan Poore.  You can see the final bill, below, from Mark Franco of Thompson Bowie, who complains about having to defend lawsuits from our reporter, while laughing all the way to the bank with $3,303.10 of our MISSPENT tax dollars.

You know why this happens in Falmouth?  Simply put, there are no consequences for this kind of misconduct, now, or ever.  Would you and your papermaking company keep a manager in charge of your $42,000,000 budget that does this with any of your money?



October 2, 2014
By Editor:

Sources report that one of the handful of detectives in Scarborough is about to sue Chief Moulton due to a storm of nitpicking by Chief Moulton.  Maybe one of the detectives, who has said, when asked to be at the 8 am role call to exchange info with the patrol officers, “he had better F-ing things to do with his time”, perhaps like his habit of coming to work at 9 am.

What kind of cop shop is Chief Moulton running that his detectives have to sue him to get him off their rear ends?  The word around the office is that Moulton rides his officers that are on his s--- list until they either quit or he has enough penny ante items to use his favorite saying, “time to pack your F-ing bags”.

On the other hand those who turn a blind eye are said to be the ones that get promoted to Sgt. or higher.  Such as the Sgt., when called to an under age drinking party was told by then Capt. Moulton, a guest at the underage drinking party, to take all the responding officers with her and LEAVE, which she did.  When Chief Moulton moved up the food chain whom did he bring with him?  The Sgt. that did what she was told, when she was told, right or wrong.

Stop an under age drinking party that the, now Chief, was a guest at?  Not if you want to be a Captain and get to sit around the office all day collecting the paycheck and building the pension plan!

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