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November 25, 2014
By Editor:

FTM filed the attached FOAA question because sources report potential danger from older M-16s making their way into local police departments to fight off the rioting hordes once the economy collapses.

From our reporter’s experience as an 11B20, infantry instructor, on the fire and movement range at Fort Dix, NJ, he knows first hand how the older model’s round impact on targets.  They made small round holes (.223 caliber or 5.56 mm) under 100 meters, and from there up they tumbled, and made impacts horizontally with bullet tip pointing almost anywhere on the 360 degrees of a circle.

The newer models have had their barrel rifling tightened up and are said to make point on impact at over 450 meters without any tumbling or reduced tumbling.  What does all this gun talk mean to the citizens of Falmouth and every other town and city all over America?

Just one thing, when your local swat team cuts loose with one of these rifles, a wayward round from nearly a half a mile away might hit you and end your life.


From: npoore@falmouthme.org
To: seller99@msn.com
Subject: Nov 18 FOAA Request
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 17:32:32 +0000


FOAA request response attached.




November 22, 2014
By Editor:

This is what we found when we filed FOAA requests for Cape, Falmouth, and Cumberland:

Cape force of  13,   5 went to other depts.,    2 left profession  53.8%
Falmouth        18,   4 went to other depts.,    0 left profession  22.2%
Cumberland    11,   4 went to other depts.,    1 left profession  45.5%
Scarborough 18,  11 went to other depts., 4 left profession 83.3%

Why does Scarborough have a turn over to other departments and agency within law enforcement either twice or three times higher in man count than three other towns similar to each other for patrol officers?
Why does Scarborough have a rate of officers leaving the profession either two or four times higher in man count than the same three towns?

Our, sources tell us that the good people get tired of the special deals for FORs as in (Friends of Robby) that get their charges reduced or cancelled completely.  The people that stay we’re told are the ones that will do favors for Robby (Chief Robert Moulton) and take care all the FORs.

Birds of a feather flock together!

You can see the email dates of October 28th from Cape and Cumberland and November 19th from Falmouth.  What took Falmouth an additional 22 days to answer the same question?


From: npoore@falmouthme.org
To: seller99@msn.com
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:40:55 +0000
Mr. Doyle,
There were 6 retirements since 2000 and 4 officers decided to take jobs in other departments including State Police, Sherriff Dept, and two other local departments. The total number of budgeted sworn officers has fluctuated between 16 and 18 officers. We presently have 18 sworn officers funded in the operating budget.
From: Michael Doyle [mailto:seller99@msn.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 12:37 PM
To: Nathan Poore

What was the total sworn officers in the dept from 2000 to 2013, such as 2000 12, 2001 14, 2002 14 etc.?
During that time period how many left for other depts. or left the profession completely?

Michael Doyle

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 09:13:16 -0400
Subject: Re: CEPD question
From: neil.williams@capeelizabeth.org
To: seller99@msn.com
Every year from 2000 till current we have maintained 13 sworn Officers.

2000  -  One Officer left for another Department and one Retired

2001  -  One Officer retired

2002  -  One Officer left profession

2005  -  One Officer left for State Job

2006  -  One Officer left profession and one Officer Retired

2007  -  One Officer Retired

2008  -  Two Officers left for Federal Jobs

2009  -  One Officer left for another Department

2011  -  One Officer left to return to his old Department

2013  -  One Officer Retired and one left on Disabilty

Chief Williams

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 7:46 AM, Michael McGovern <michael.mcgovern@capeelizabeth.org> wrote:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 11:22 PM
Subject: CEPD question
To: MICHAEL MCGOVERN MGR CE <michael.mcgovern@capeelizabeth.org>



What was the total sworn officers in the dept from 2000 to 2013, such as 2000 12, 2001 14, 2002 14 etc.?
During that time period how many left for other depts. or left the profession completely?

Mike Doyle

Chief Neil R. Williams
Cape Elizabeth Police Dept.
325 Ocean House Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Tele: 207-767-3323
Fax:   207-767-0681

From: wshane@cumberlandmaine.com
To: seller99@msn.com
CC: jcharron@cumberlandmaine.com
Subject: RE: CPD question
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 12:16:28 +0000
Hi Mike,
I’ll need to catch-up with the Chief for 2000, 2001, and 2002 , but here’s what I have since I’ve been Manager ( March 2003)
From 2005 – 20012 we were at 10 sworn officers then moved back up to 11 in 2013.
I’m not sure when I’ll catch Joe, so it may be a couple days before I can get you the remainder of the data.
William R. Shane, P.E.
Town Manager
290 Tuttle Road
Cumberland, Maine 04021
Tel: 207-829-2205
Fax: 207-829-2224
Cell: 207-232-5258
From: Michael Doyle [mailto:seller99@msn.com]
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 11:23 PM
To: William Shane
Subject: CPD question

What was the total sworn officers in the dept from 2000 to 2013, such as 2000 12, 2001 14, 2002 14 etc.?
During that time period how many left for other depts. or left the profession completely?

Mike Doyle

Please be advised that pursuant to Title 1 M.R.S.A. Section 402(3), a public
record includes any written, printed or graphic matter or any mechanical or
electronic data in the possession or custody of an agency or public official that
has been received or prepared for use in connection with the transaction of
public or governmental business and contains information relating to the
transaction of said business; therefore, the public is advised that any
correspondence, whether by traditional method or e-mail with Town offices or Town
officials, with certain limited exceptions,is public record and is available for
review by any interested party.



November 18, 2014
By Editor:

Attorney Dan Rapaport (Preti Flaherty) at Deposition: Do you know Michael Doyle?
Claimant: Not really, I see him occasionally at Dunkin Donuts in Falmouth.
Rapaport: Have you ever read Falmouthtoday.me?
Claimant: I read it once in a while.

The first two questions in a wrongful death suit, probably because this is the same law firm and the same lawyer that defended a claim where an elderly woman went into Mercy Hospital for a problem on her right leg and was discharged with a paralyzed left arm.  In this current case a woman went into Inland Hospital, owned by Eastern Maine Medical of Bangor, with perhaps pneumonia and died from septic shock from an infection that went untested for, until after she was dead.

How does a hospital sign a Death Certificate claiming CARDIAC ARREST when the Claimant’s autopsy showed infection from necrotizing fasciitis?  This Claimant, presents the best organized, researched, and documented pro se claim we’ve ever seen.  This is where it gets interesting.  The reviewing, Medical Claims Panel (designed by lawyers, for lawyers, to screw families out of money to compensate them for injuries and death caused by incompetent medical care by making loved ones try the case twice, once before the panel and again in court, more on this later), member Judge Ogilive, stated, “We will not accept your documentation by members of the medical profession that wrote the book on this type of death by infection unless you have a medical professional present this data to the Panel under Rule 26 (b)(4).”  This means the Claimant has to pay five to ten thousand dollars to have a medical expert pass a three ring binder of about hundred pages of documentation on how and why Inland Hospital mismanaged this patient into a death that was likely avoidable.

This woman, according to Inland’s own records, was not seen by a doctor for 24 hours before the abscess on her upper thigh was ‘discovered’, she was rushed to surgery where the fluid removed from the abscess was listed as a foul smell by the surgeon, her temperature went to 104 and she was put into an ice bath to control it, she was taken off ‘critical care’ and changed to ‘floor care’, where she remained until she died, the day after her death the test results on the bacterial infection was completed.

The Claimant compiled the following: the form letter from the insurance company denying any wrong doing (this letter likely goes out on EVERY CLAIM the insurance company receives), the death certificate, the autopsy report the surviving brother paid for, the lab report completed after she died, the research he did on this type of infection, his time line of events leading to his sister’s untimely death, and his WORK PRODUCT page seized by Attorney Dan Rapaport and labeled Respondent’s Ex. #3 (not shown here for reasons of confidentiality).  Go the link below to read how this woman was allowed to die while under the care of Inland Hospital.



November 13, 2014
By Editor:

The two and half years of dedicated work by a handful of Falmouth residents cumulated in a nine thousand pound block of Vermont granite carved into a memorial for those who gave their all in the defense of our freedoms.

Several people spoke during the ceremony, the star spangled banner and taps were played by trumpet, the flag was raised on the new flagpole to Half-mast, and Councilor Anderson representing the Town Council read the Council’s Resolve.

It was well done and the Legion members, in uniform, and all other ex-military were very pleased with the dedication ceremony.

Occasionally these types of events produce an interesting sidelight and we weren’t disappointed.  An elderly lady had a misstep coming down the slanted curb to the street where the chairs were set up and fell into the first row of seats, scraping her right leg.  Our reporter on site, rushed to her aid, as did Chief Eddie and Johnny Kilbride.  Our reporter caught her under the armpits and kept her from going to the pavement and the other two steered her to a seat.  When she was seated Eddie could see from his side that she was bleeding through her slacks on her leg and he or Johnny ordered in the rescue.

This is where it spins out of control.  The injured lady, shaking from what happened, takes out her cell phone and
calls 911 while Chief Eddie stands next to her.  Our reporter could hear both sides of the call from where he sat 12 seats away.  She wanted the dispatch to call her daughter to come and get her.  The dispatch asked over and over where are you?  She said over and over I’m in front of the Legion Hall.  Then the dispatch wanted the street address.  Variations of these questions and answers went on and on, tying up this one dispatcher for close to ten minutes while Eddie, standing next to her during the whole call, should have taken the phone from her and said we’ll get your daughter right from here.  Thank god no one was in a life and death situation while Eddie let this go on and on, or was there someone?  Can we collect some dimes so Eddie can go to Wal-Mart and buy a pint of COMMON SENSE?

Lastly, why does Chief Eddie hate wearing his uniform?  Don’t we pay him enough to come to a Veterans Memorial dedication in uniform, even if it’s his day off?  Apparently, not enough to show some respect to the Veterans, both Living and Dead.


November 10, 2014

By Editor:

Sources report that Smitty’s is coming to the old Regal Cinema multiplex next to Wal-Mart.  For those not familiar with the brand there’s one on Rt. 111 north of the Biddeford turnpike exit on the same side of the road.

The theaters are set up with long tables facing the screens with comfortable, conference room styled chairs on wheels, that couples sit on opposite sides of the tables to eat and watch the movie.

The food was chicken quesadilla, pizza, burgers, etc.  The drink selection included beer, wine, and soda.

The downside is the constant movement and distraction of servers asking your neighbors questions at the most critical part of the dialogue in the movies.  The Biddeford location’s food was good for what it was, and the theaters were full based on what was playing on the screen.

We don’t believe you have to order food to watch the movie.




November 7, 2014

By Editor:

In Scarborough, reports tell us that a Confidential Informant was compromised by Officer Josh Guay.  His ‘punishment’ was to be promoted to acting sergeant.  You can read the links below what happens in other agencies all over the country when this type of misconduct takes place.  In Scarborough this misconduct is rewarded with a promotion, more pay, more pension, and unabiding loyalty to Moulton who permitted it in the first place.

1. Officers shall take precautions with opposite sex informants. Officers will have a second officer present preferably the same gender as the informant in any meetings, interviews or other potentially questionable circumstances with the informant.

2. Limitations: 42.2.9.g

  1. No officer shall engage in sexual activity with an informant of the police department.
  1. No officer shall engage in a casual or financial relationship with an informant of the Department other than to pay approved government funds to the informant.














November 1, 2014

New sources have come forward to state that one love nest for the Scarborough Police Dept. is the house at 48 Winslow Homer Rd. on Prouts Neck.  To understand what this road is like, our sources describe it as a fully gated road system within the Neck, ONLY accessed by a button key code box and an electric gate at the turn around past the old Prouts Neck Inn.  We’re told you drive down a narrow one-way dirt road past some small side streets with a speed limit of 10 mph until you get to a curve where the speed limit drops to 5 mph.  When you exit the area on Library Lane you approach a vertical gate bar that pops up once you roll close enough for the sensor to raise the bar.

If you’re going to be pounding your girlfriend while on the 3pm to 11pm shift or the 11pm to 7am shift you can’t find a better location.  No one will see you going in or out of a motel while you’re in uniform, no video cameras in the parking lot (driveway), and you don’t have to explain why your patrol unit is there, you’re checking the locked doors of course.  As you drive down this fairly long road, #48 is on the left hand side of the road.  We’re told Officer Peter Nappi is seen on a regular basis parked in that area ‘checking locked doors’.  That’s the code word for unlocking the doors to certain homes for use by other officers later that day.

The owner of 48 Winslow Homer Rd. is Charles Schueler, Jr. of P.O. Box 82, Woodbury, NY 11797.  The property is assessed at $983,200 with an annual tax of $14,846.32.  Can you just imagine riding your girlfriend in a Million Dollar house for FREE.

Finally, we wonder what Mr. Schueler thinks about what happens in his bedroom for the 8 or 9 months he’s not there?  At least now he knows why the sheets were sticking together on the first night each season when he moves in.

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