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April 27, 2015
By Editor:

The sheer enormous amount of crap, that we have to look at, read, and decide which horrible activity to write about next is nearly overwhelming.

We use the word appropriately because the other word really describes what we have sent to us 24/7 about the sex abuse of children not just from the run of the mill pervs, but police officers also.

The Biddeford Police fiasco is just the most recent.  The Boston Globe article link below gives the human side to this crime.  Here is the Police side from our extensive sources:

1.    Cole Farms Restaurant was the epee center of child molesting with State Police Troopers finding a naked 10-year-old boy in the street and he’s returned to his molester.  Troopers investigating each other?
2.    Retired Chief Of the State Police arrested for RAPING his grand child.  No search of his devices for file sharing with other pervs that might be cops.
3.    Retired Chief of Police in Howland arrested for raping his twin 4- year-old grandchildren.  No search of his devices, etc.
4.    Eliot Police lying on their patrol logs, something that basic.  Will they lie to cover for fellow officers raping children?
5.    Biddeford Police Officer, Dodd, accused of child rape.  The same officer that rode with Robert Schwartz, former Chief of Police for South Portland and current Executive Director of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, when he WAS a teenager, who is reported to have gotten his ‘friend’ the cop job in Biddeford.
6.    The accused officer’s most recent demand, a retirement plaque.  So here it is:

April 20, 2015

Below is the link to the WMTW report.



April 20, 2015
By Editor:

Last night we tried a Sunday night sneak attack to see how well the service and food held up after what is always the busiest night of every week.  We arrived at 4 pm to be in line for the first wave that starts at 5 pm and doesn’t stop until the 10 pm close.

We started with bread and butter, toast with a whipped egg and cheese on it were the ingredients but you had to taste it to understand why we ordered it.  We waited in the basement bar and as it got closer to the rush to the dining room we went to the bottom of the stairs and watched as parties of 6 or 8 went upstairs.  Then our host, Justin, gave the magical nod that allowed us to rise from the depths into the holy of holy rooms where the show begins.  He took the two us to the bar at the left of the servers’ station.  This is THE PLACE to be, because you are on the front row to watch kitchen staff weave their magic (a word that doesn’t begin to describe what happens to ordinary food items).

We ordered the chopped salad, beet salad, smoked carrots (you’ve got to get these) lamb chops, sirloin, and key lime tart that came with lots of whipped cream.  The precision of the assembly, the speed of delivery, and the incredible tastes achieved gives rise to why Central Provisions is in the running for a Charles Beard Award.

Unlike other restaurant reviewers we don’t insult our readers by quoting prices.  Central Provisions prices are in line with fine dining in Portland and about the same kind of experience in Boston would be twice the cost that Central charges.  

Go there and be wowed by what you see, what you eat, and the fantastic staff that worked so well together it defines the word seamless.


April 17, 2015
By Editor:  

The permanent under class clamors for a ‘livable wage’ so the unions will get an equivalent bump in their hourly rate.  These are the people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s that work the overnight shift at Circle K stores making coffee around the clock, and every place else that the invisible service people work that we deal with all week long.  Almost all are renters, many have no cars, but many can find the $7.00 for a pack of their favorite smokes.

Some have college degrees, some are college dropouts, some are high school dropouts, yet they all share a common element, they find themselves at the bottom of the economic ladder for most of their lives.  Why?

Over the years we’ve met low I.Q. people through sheer determination and enormous amounts of hard work that have risen to success in skilled trades.  None of them suffered from minimum drive.

Currently in Portland the new minimum wage will be $8.75/hr.  Steve DiMillo said, “the even higher proposed figure would cost his restaurant $73,000/yr.”  FTM recommends a $20.00/hr. minimum wage with all the overage from today’s rate be given to every current employer as credit to their taxes both local and State, both property and income tax.  No net cost to the employers and all the generous voters can share the real cost of this subsidy.

Then every other non-employer in the City of Portland can pay their share of greater taxes to offset those credits to subsidize the people with the least amount of drive among all the taxpayers in Portland.

What this increase will do is make a permanent underclass possible where drive and hard work is less important than living at your parents’ house until they die and leave it to them.  Choices without consequences, what could possibly go wrong here?



April 14, 2015
By Editor:

The total material we receive from sources within the Scarborough P.D. and the friends of SPD members is stunning at a minimum.  Certain management in the Dept. claim that FTM makes up the the facts we report on and sells that LIE to the Council and the Town Management.  Below is just one email of the many we get complaining about the corruption in the SPD at the hands of Moulton and his hand picked supervisors that are his equal in misconduct.

The day is coming when FTM will, through Discovery, Depositions, and Interrogatories prove the facts presented in the previous reports on this site.  What the respondents don't know is how much information has been collected and who may think they can perjure their way through the questions.

Let's see who's willing to bet their paycheck, health insurance, and pension on not getting caught by someone else's testimony.

Mr Doyle,

It has come to my attention that an injustice occurred with a female employee at Scarborough police dept that you should know about.  I was told that last month Jamie Higgins, the department's crime analyst, was being reprimanded by Sgt. O'Malley when he decided to put her in a headlock and hit her in the back of the head several times, and thought he was funny.  Even after she pointed out to him that she had a bump on her skull and was injured, he still found it funny.  I’m also told that before he did this he walked through the office to make sure no one else was there to stop him.  A meeting between her O'Malley and captain Grover(?) resulted in the incident being downplayed into a head noogie.  I was also told that when Jamie told the police chief the next day that captain Grover had not informed the chief that a serious accusation of assault and bullying had been made.  I’ve been told she had to go to human resources because she wasn’t sure anything would be done to prevent another situation from happening again.  He was punished, but I don’t know how.  I do know he wasn’t fired, arrested, or demoted, but left to continue doing what he does - bullying.  If you or I assaulted someone in that way I would think we would be arrested.

Many employees are unhappy with administration and sergants who do not set good examples, who have morality problems, do not hold people accountable, are bullies, and believe in a do as I say not as I do approach.  And it goes further into supervisors with the dispatch leader Joe Thornton who has engaged in very inappropriate conduct with a co-worker's fiancee which ended up breaking up their engagement and cancelling the wedding weeks before the date (last summer).  Joe was the officer's best friend and co-worker but ended up carrying on an inappropriate relationship with officer's fiancee behind his back.  This happened before Joe was promoted to dispatch leader, but was still promoted even after engaging in this poor behavior that makes the department look bad and this carries on the tradition of promoting people with very questionable morals and ethics.

I wish I had more details to give you but I’m not part of the department and am just close friends with one of the employees there who has provided me a lot of shocking things, if they tell me more I will write you if you like.  He has told me you write about their department, and I think what has happened to Jamie is really sad.  From what I hear she is a hard worker and good person and now feels like there is a target on her back because she came forward.  Maybe you can call her at the police department to ask more, or ask town hall for a quote?  But they probably aren’t allowed to say it.

Thank you for your time sir.  I trust that you won't disclose anything about the source?


April 10, 2015      
By Editor:

FTM tries to attend as many meetings held by the Moonbats to find out what their tiny leftwing minds are up to these days.  We weren’t disappointed this past Wednesday when the democratic leadership in Falmouth showed up to beat the drum against the Governor’s proposed budget.  It was a goldmine of stupidity.

Pam Fenrich, Falmouth Democratic Party Chair, stated being video recorded at a public meeting was obnoxious.  Fenrich, the Dems local pit bull, is very familiar with obnoxious because that’s one of her own skill sets.  The Forecaster has 13 entries for her attacking arious Republicans in letters to the editor.  One we can guarantee is a total lie.  Fenrich letter about School Board candidate Michael Doyle and what he would ‘do’ to the schools if elected was pure rubbish and a filthy lie the way Harry Reid lied on the Senate floor with impunity about Mitt Romney not paying his income taxes.  Like Reid’s answer when confronted with the lie his answer was, “Romney didn’t get elected did he?”  Fenrich is cut from the same piece of lying cloth; she never spoke with Doyle before or after writing her letter to the Forecaster, because lying isn’t against the law.

You can see Fenrich perform at 21:40 on the video link here:   https://youtu.be/Kz04irdFosI

The woman sitting directly behind our reporter might be a wanted mob boss somewhere because every time he swung the camera around to record a speaker in the room she hid her face behind the budget paperwork passed out by Breen.  Maybe she’s in witness protection by the U.S. Marshalls.  More likely she’s just another normal Moonbat.

Sen. Breen (an 11 vote landslide margin against a new comer to politics) refused to confirm or deny that the normal Democratic method of balancing the State Budget, is to NOT PAY our hospitals in Maine almost a BILLION DOLLARS, would be part of her party’s upcoming proposed budget.  Breen either wasn’t honest (lying about the democratic budget that was released the next day) or so far down the food chain no one bothered to tell her what was going to be in the budget of her own party.  

Let’s see, a liar, or an idiot, pick one, perhaps both.  You can see Breen lie or be stupid at 15:35 on the video when she says this about the Democratic budget: “working on it”, “NOTHING YET”, and the budget was issued 12 hours later.



April 8, 2015
By Editor:

Roger T. Nelson, a current Portland resident according to the Sex Offender Registry, DOB 07-13-49, and on the Registry for 10 years for the possession of child pornography, was caught in a Federal sting on a kiddie porn trading site run by the Feds.  You can see his booking photo below.  He was caught when he used his own credit card to pay for the videos and pictures of 9 and 10-year-old boys being raped and sodomized by their attackers.

Nelson was a reserve Scarborough Police Officer at the time of his arrest principally patrolling the Prouts Neck area by himself.  Our source, currently embedded in the SPD, stated that the entire department was ordered, under penalty of being fired, NOT to discuss this arrest with anyone, ever.

In an arrest such as this it is common for the department where the officer worked to send out a press release to all news services in the area advising of the arrest for one simple reason, so victims of a uniformed POLICE OFFICER molesting them can come forward.

When Nelson wasn’t trolling Prouts Neck he was a bus driver for the Scarborough School System, according to sources familiar with the case.  How many parents at the time this was being covered up by Moulton (photo below) would have wanted to have “the talk” with their young sons to see if they were in fact touched by Nelson?  How many victims are now in their 20’s, carrying this hideous memory, and still ashamed to tell their own parents?  FTM was told that Moulton let Nelson drive the bus through the investigation and didn’t have him removed as a reserve officer and bus driver until the Feds arrested Nelson on a fugitive from justice warrant when Nelson fled the state.

The horrendous underlying part of this episode is the fact that Moulton kept all those parents of boys in the dark while he knew the risk their children were at on Nelson’s bus.  WHY?  Did the Council know, and if so, did they approve of not telling the parents the danger their boys were in?





April 4, 2015
By Editor:

Warning to all customers of the Irving Gas Stations/Circle K Stores in Southern Maine.

Our source’s car was hit by a contractor’s plow truck whipping around the parking lot.  The source was stopped as he saw the plow blade sliding across the front of his car’s bumper slicing the front license plate off like a hot knife through butter.

How much could it cost to replace the license plate frame?  In the light of day when all the other damage could be seen it was $1,500.  Now is when it gets interesting.

Aaron Fish, the Circle K manager, reported to the source that his review of the video of the accident did in fact show that the source was stopped when the plow truck struck the source’s car.  John Manning the contractor that has the plowing contract was nearly impossible to reach to file a claim with what turned out to be the insurance carrier, State Farm.  It seems that Manning has the plowing contract for a lot of the Circle K stores in Southern Maine.  For six weeks, Circle K and State Farm JERKED around our source, until the final decision was made that Manning’s driver was NOT at fault and Circle K would only give the video to a police officer.

Net results Circle K protects their contractor, and our source, the victim of both Circle K and John Manning, P. O. Box 888, Portland, ME 04112 (207) 749.6010, is out of pocket for $500 for the deductible.

Be aware that while you’re on the Circle K/Irving Gas Station property you have no protection for damages inflicted upon you by the owners or their contractors.  Go there at your own peril.


March 30, 2015
By Editor:

Imagine if you can you make a horrible choice for a husband.  You have a daughter.  You need to get a divorce.  Then the real nightmare starts you’re in the Maine Family Court System.  You get Judge Jeff Moskowitz and Guardian Ad Litem (a court appointed person that takes control of your children, money and your life) named Liz Stout, Esq. that bills at $200 per hour.

This starts the conversion of your $300,000 in savings, pensions, and equity in two houses into legal fees.  Your ex-husband pushes a broom at Idexx and you’re a PhD at a University.  At the end of this terrifying road you’re barred from seeing your daughter for the last five years, your husband’s lawyer Michael Waxman, Esq. sends an email to your lawyer saying, “This court has no control over me”, and you’re hounded from every decent job you can find.  On the bright side you might get a job slicing vegetables at Whole Foods for $11 per hour, while you’re threaten with a felony arrest for non support, because Moskowitz will only adjust the monthly payment to your current six year long horror show, if you agree to surrender all parental rights to your daughter.

All the while you are holding medical documentation that shows your daughter was sexually assaulted.

Hard to believe, but you’re an expert researcher on child porn used by government employees, while at work, and on taxpayer paid for equipment.  

You can see one of her Fox-TV interviews below.




March 26, 2015

By Editor:

Our source found the data below that is difficult to understand how an entire state had no arrests for child porn for an entire year.  How does Maine have NO reporting website for child porn?  Why does State Police Lt. Glen Lang in charge of this division fail to report or maintain the required site?  Why aren't search warrants requested routinely for all devices of a child porn arrested perp?

The average child porn deviant has 150 victims before his first arrest.  Former CHIEF OF THE MAINE STATE POLICE was arrested for having sex with his granddaughter.  His first offense at age 72, really?
Former Chief of Police in Howland was arrested for having sex with his 4 year old twin grandchildren.  His first offense at age 70+, really?

Sources continue to report search warrants aren't requested because of the fear that other known (by officers that aren't pedophiles) officers will show up on devices if searched.  See no evil, hear no evil, great police work, let the known pedophiles keep making victims to protect the officers that prey on them.

We recall how a police chief on one tip got search warrants for all the devices of one cop that was loaded with child porn.  Not in Maine, nothing to see here folks, move along, no Maine children being raped here, keep moving.

How do these guys sleep at night?  What if their fellow cops were raping their kids instead of someone else's child?

"We only request search warrants when the case requires it," Steve McClauseland, Maine State Police Spokesman.

Several questions:

  • Why is Maine ICAC refusing to release this information to the general public in Maine? Why isn't Maine posting this on the website they should have?
  • Why did Maine make NO arrests at all in 2009? What did Maine do with all the federal funding  received in 2009 to arrest pedophiles since Maine made no arrests? Where did the money go?
  • Why is Maine’s arrest rates so low compared with other states?
  • What causes Maine to arrest so few pedophiles compared to Maryland or Louisiana, that Maine can only make 8 arrests in 2010 compared with the 95 or 229 arrests in Maryland and Louisiana?

In addition, we are seeking answers to these questions which no one from the State Police have yet answered:

Q: When Maine State Police report, immediately after an arrest for child porn, “None of the children depicted are believed to be from Maine” how are you able to determine the identify and location of all the children in the hundreds/thousands of images/videos examined during a quick mobile on-site forensic exam?

Q: Why is the Maine State Computer Crimes unit, meant to be Maine’s most elite cyber-investigators, not able to maintain a website? http://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/criminal_investigation/computer_crimes.html/

Q: Shouldn’t the data, criminal complaints, arrest records and prosecutions be public like other states in the ICAC Taskforce?  For example, like Ohio’s Computer Crimes Unit? Ohio not only has a functioning website but also runs an outstanding Twitter page https://twitter.com/ohioicac

Q: Why not Maine? What does it say about how DOJ federal tax money is being used when Maine cannot even maintain a public website on their child porn arrest record? How can anyone in Maine verify, examine, or understand the amount of the crime in Maine when Lt. Glenn Lang refuses to make this data public, as he is legally required to do, on a functioning website?

Bangor Daily News 10 January 2001 


March 20, 2015
By Editor:

In an article in the January 1, 2015 edition of the weekly advertising publication that

usually contains the public relations handout from the Falmouth Town Management,

Colin Ellis, erstwhile 8th grade looking boy reporter, (photo below) failed to understand

and research the details of the case.

The very important part of the decision by the Maine Supreme Court was the ruling that

certain phone numbers were not part of the public record.  The Court did this by ignoring

the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that stated, “Dialed phone numbers have no expectation

of privacy.”

This was a ground breaking Court ruling in Maine, a wrong one, but ground breaking none the less.  The next case, rest assured there will be one, will be filed with the expectation that it will be necessary to prepare an Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court simultaneously citing the mistaken ruling in this case.

FTM anticipated this outcome and that the Court would violate a previous decision to close ranks around a brother judge’s wife (District Court Judge Keith “Kappy” Powers), Barbara Powers’ husband.

FTM sources report the redacted ‘personal phone’ numbers mixed in with parents’ phone numbers would document misconduct by Barbara Powers dating back to a few years after her marriage began.

In the next case, if the U.S. Supreme Court reverses in that filing, it will set aside this ruling and Powers’ phone records, unredacted will be open to inspection in total.

To be continued…


March 19, 2015
By Editor:   

This is FTMs follow up article on our March 10th comments about artificial turf.  After that posting the USA Today story broke about the possible lead poisoning coming from the lead content of the recycled toxic materials used to make the fake turf.

How much brain damaging lead is okay for Falmouth students, Dan?

How much cancer causing chemicals ground up into a fine powder and inhaled is okay for Falmouth students, Dan?

You can read the extensive report by USA Today on the link below.



March 10, 2015
By Editor:

Reports are coming in that girls’ soccer teams, especially the goalies, are being exposed to deadly toxins because they play on artificial turf fields.  You can read the report below and the answer to our FOAA requests from Falmouth.  Are Falmouth children in danger?  You decide.






March 5, 2015

By Editor:

Current employees keep coming forward with complaints that are either ignored by the HR department, Tom Hall, the town manager, and of course the Council, or they won’t waste their time getting in line to be tortured by Moulton’s screaming and swearing at them until they quit or transfer to another department.

It seems that O’Malley grabs the crime analyst in the SPD and ‘playfully’ puts her in a head lock and punches her in the head repeatedly after he looked around to make sure the coast was clear, so the report said, and for her to go to HR to complain, after it was ignored by Captain Grover and Chief Moulton, who wanted to “keep it in house”.  Who, amongst us, wouldn’t want some playful punches to the head from a SUPERVISING OFFICER IN CHARGE OF US?

FTM was told by yet another current SPD embedded source that O’Malley was given a two day unpaid vacation for his playful punches.  In the real world, outside of government, O’Malley would be walked to the door, stripped of all employee material, and fired.  Someone might sue the town and get a really big settlement and the management will continue to close ranks and protect the worse perpetrators in the SPD.

What a great management model for the Scarborough taxpayers to bankroll.


March 2, 2015

By Editor:

A recent case reported in the Press Herald had what we thought was an unusual quote from Steve McClauseland, Maine State Police Spokesman, after a child porn computer arrest he announced that it was determined that NO MAINE CHILDREN WERE IN THE VIDEOS.

We at FTM thought this was a very fast search of what were many videos and computer files.  In checking with a Federal Expert Witness previously on this type of crime, he stated it took hundreds of hours viewing time just to log the incidents of sex crimes involving children in just one case.  We didn't see how it could be stated that Maine children weren't in the videos so quickly.

How wide spread is porn viewing in all levels of Government?  In Maine it's at the point where Governor LePage had to issue an Executive Order banning it with the threat of termination.  We wonder if even that would have stopped Assistant Attorney General James Cameron, currently facing 16 years in Federal Prison, from his additive conduct of viewing child porn while at work.


Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage, has recognized this crisis by issuing the first, to my knowledge, of its kind Executive Order, on 20 February 2015, prohibiting Maine state employees from accessing pornographic or sexually explicit material on both state computers or devices even when they were off-duty on personal time.

North Carolina’s Congressman, Mark Meadows (R) also recognizes the scope of the crisis and put forward the Eliminating Pornography from Agencies Act. This law, if passed, would stop federal employees from accessing, watching or sharing pornography on government-issued computers and devices. Congressman Meadows introduced this 18 September 2014. To date, he has not one co-sponsor. Not one other member of Congress cares about this issue? Apparently not.


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