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CHAPTER 69 (by chance the EXACT right number for this chapter)
November 25, 2015
By Editor:
Over the next weeks we’ll load an email and our sources will explain the context of what the email really means.  You’ll be as shocked as we were reading these emails, and these were only the ones they were incompetent enough to let FTM read.  Let your imagination run wild and it still won’t be up to what was withheld.

In June of 2014 we started the journey to get proof of some of the petty, childish, an inappropriate emails between two adults behaving like juveniles in the police dept.

The first one we’re pursuing with a NEW FOAA request is a complaint about Moulton’s behavior sent to Paul Aronson, Esq. Perhaps someone didn’t get the ticket fixed the way it was suppose to be fixed.  Because when it gets fixed the right way Moulton gets a thank you call for the fix.  Oh yes, we’ve got that email too.


November 17, 2015

By Editor:
The court hearing was scheduled today at 2:30 in courtroom 7 under Judge Joyce Wheeler presiding.  It was moved to her chambers and a conference between the prosecutor and the defense lawyer was held.  Let’s see, the charges carry close to 60 years and the defendant wants probation only.

It would seem the prosecution might find it difficult to convince any jury that has one man on it that the beaten man, Andy Cusack, accused by the defendant, Sean Caisse, of drugging and raping him and another man of anything other than getting his just deserts.

If the prosecution were confident of a quick and sure conviction they would have been picking a jury today not arguing for an hour and a half whether Sean should go to prison or be on probation, because the Scarborough Chief of Police Robbie Moulton failed to investigate and refer the case to the D.A.’s office.  Sean faced with Moulton protecting Cusack, his racecar buddy, lost control and dealt Cusack the street justice he deserved.

Sources report, that the prosecution is faced with a serious dilemma.  The fear of what the cross-examination of Moulton and Cusack will bring out that it could open them to either perjury and/or charges against both of them.
The prosecution doesn’t know what defense witnesses are willing to testify to that would seriously impact the credibility of any testimony/lying done by Moulton and Cusack.

If we were on the jury the only question we’d have was why was Sean charged at all and why isn’t the rapist sitting at the defense table?

November 16, 2015
By Editor:

The link below is the scariest 19 and a half minutes we've seen covering the European Invasion.  This is footage that you will never see on CBS, NBC, or ABC.  The importation of refuges that are 73% male between the ages of 18 and 30 can have only one out come, violence and a lot of it.  Rapes are surging in every European city by gangs of young men swarming the streets.

Watch the little blond girls holding up their index fingers, the Muslim symbol for their "one god".  This is Indoctrination in first grade to hand over your country to the invaders.

Won't happen in America you say?  Really?

One man covered the goal quite well, "we're going to Germany, that where the money is."  Not that's where the jobs are, where the work is, but where we'll get paid to make more Muslims.  Where they can marry 4 wives and have 22 children without the inconvenience of having to work to support them.  

Obama wants 65,000 to 100,000 of these men brought to America.  Twenty years ago the Muslim population in France was 8% and the Muslim population in the prison system was 50%.  Apparently the Muslims are willing to commit the crimes that the French population can't be bother to commit.
Perhaps our U.S. prison population isn't big enough.  How many under used prisons to we have?






November 9, 2015


By Editor:

A few hours after our latest chapter on the train wreck that is Scarborough town government was posted, we started to get “private listing” phone calls.  Let’s see, WHO would be angry enough to make 33 calls?  From 3:22 pm Tuesday until 3:35 we received 28 calls.  From 10:59 pm to 11:02 another 5 calls came in.  This was 33 calls in 16 minutes in one day.  Then low and behold Jessica sends us an email at 12:52 am.  This means she was likely awake at the 11 o’clock hour when the last 5 calls were made.  If she didn’t make the calls who else would be motivated to call after 11 pm. and then send an email at nearly 1 am. two hours later?


When you read Holbrook’s denial she limited it to a ticket, which we addressed in our reply.  It was interesting that she didn’t deny ANY contact with Officer Vaughn, didn’t deny telling her haircut customers that she hated Officer Vaughn, and didn’t deny telling her customers she was going to get Officer Vaughn fired.  What can one make of the very narrowly defined denial?  If and when we get the requested Affidavit documents, we’ll discuss them with our sources and see what they have to say.


Finally, we filed a complaint with the Falmouth Police you can read it below and we believe we were justified in being suspect of Holbrook as the perpetrator, based upon the timing of the calls and her email to us.



From: JHolbrook@ci.scarborough.me.us
To: seller99@msn.com
CC: YJustice@ci.scarborough.me.us; RMoult@ci.scarborough.me.us; THall@ci.scarborough.me.us; kstclair@ci.scarborough.me.us; jmandrake@ci.scarborough.me.us; jcaterina@ci.scarborough.me.us; phayes@ci.scarborough.me.us; sbabine@ci.scarborough.me.us; eblaise@ci.scarborough.me.us; wdonovan@ci.scarborough.me.us
Subject: Re: NEW POST
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 12:52:15 +0000


I'm writing to inform you that your claims about me pertaining to a "ticket", in the media blog known as Falmouth Today, never happened. Also, to inform you that I am now an exiting councilor and soon to be private citizen.

This is my formal request for the immediate removal of the slander and defamation written about me and my place of business. Future communications from you, lack of removal of the article,  future articles, or anything that pertains to me in my new capacity as solely a private citizen; will be treated as defamation and or harassment and pursued as such.

Jessica Holbrook
Scarborough Town Council
From: seller99@msn.com
To: jholbrook@ci.scarborough.me.us; brenda.kielty@maine.gov
CC: yjustice@ci.scarborough.me.us; rmoult@ci.scarborough.me.us; thall@ci.scarborough.me.us; kstclair@ci.scarborough.me.us; jmandrake@ci.scarborough.me.us; jcaterina@ci.scarborough.me.us; phayes@ci.scarborough.me.us; sbabine@ci.scarborough.me.us; eblaise@ci.scarborough.me.us; wdonovan@ci.scarborough.me.us
Subject: RE: NEW POST
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 08:36:41 -0500

Ms. Holbrook:

My sources did not know whether it was a traffic stop, domestic violence, or some other interaction with SPD so I gave you the benefit of the doubt and used the least embarrassing possibility.

If you have never had any interaction with Officer Scott Vaughn that would lead you to repeatedly tell people in Scarborough that you "hate Vaughn" forward to me a sworn Affidavit to that fact along with the same from Chief Moulton and Officer Scott Vaughn and I'll accept their denials.  I will also need the official reply to my FOAA request for the record on all contacts between you and Officer Vaughn.

Finally, supply the date that you will cease to be a publicly elected official for the Town of Scarborough.

Michael Doyle





November 2, 2015

By Editor:


Sources report that Officer Scott Vaughn stopped Holbrook for perhaps a traffic violation, we haven’t received an answer to our FOAA request.


So what does Holbrook do about any cop in Scarborough that has the temerity (that word is for my buddy Andy Flynn) to stop her, the Chairperson of the Town Council, what every other lowlife does that gets their finger in the pie of power, she wants him fired?  She openly says she hates him and asks her customers if they know any “dirt” on him.


You might wonder how FTM would know about the stop, the officer’s name, and Holbrook desire to fire him?  Sources in her barbershop listen to her blab on and on about how she’s going to have him fired.


The Scarborough Town Council is led by a no class lowlife barber.  What’s wrong with voters in Scarborough?                                                   883-4138




October 27, 2015

By Editor:

That answer will be coming from the First District of the U.S. District Court in Portland, Maine from the case of Doyle v. Town of Scarborough, et al.

Either we have Free Speech to petition our government, or we don't.  Either you're pregnant or you're not.  Which is it?  Judge Woodcock will make that decision soon...stay tuned

  View PDF




October 23, 2015
By Editor:

In a video interview during “office hours” at Bernie’s eastside on the 22nd, Teresa seemed to be unsure whether using EBT cards at strip joints, tattoo parlors, and bail from jail is a bad thing until she could hear from the public on those items.

The bail might be needed to get the breadwinner out of jail to support his family that’s on EBT, from his under the table cash job.  You might need to go to the strip club to use their ATM machine at 3am because your local bank’s machine is out of cash and you need some twenties to pay your dope dealer.  Teresa couldn’t say for sure if she would oppose using EBT cards at tattoo shops until she “heard from the public.”

So, if we have this straight, Maine can’t freeze use of an EBT card at three locations, because you need to get bailed out of jail to work, and go to the strip joint, on your way to the tattoo parlor.

And you wonder why Gov. LePage can’t get along with the democrats when one of the smartest ones in Augusta thinks like this.

You can click the link below to view the Q. and A.


October 18, 2015
By Editor:
(Editor’s Note: In reply to all who have questioned FTM’s interest in the incidents involving the Maietta family’s damage at the hands of Moulton the explanation is below.  Also a Falmouth source has questioned Dan O’Shea’s possibly picking favorites in the student body for special treatment and our FOAA request to get an answer on what the official version is.)

Our reporter goes way back with Louie Maietta, 51 years back.  Before he had eight sons, before he had all the businesses on Pleasant Hill Rd., all the way back to when he was a foreman for a home builder in Cape Elizabeth.

The Louie we knew then was a no nonsense hard worker that expected the same from his crew, a serious man that didn’t put up with too much foolishness, and a man that was dedicated to his family.

Had Louie ever heard what Moulton said to his granddaughter it would have taken all eight of his sons to hold him back from going to the police station and beating the living crap out of Moulton.  Maybe that’s the only justice that can be had in Scarborough the way Caisse took care of Cusack.

Too bad people are forced to take matters into there own hands because you certainly can’t trust the Scarborough Police to investigate their friends, themselves (remember the cop that raped the woman), or anything that might point a finger at Moulton.

Police corruption, don’t you just love the way the Scarborough Town Council lets it keep going and going?



To: npoore@falmouthme.org; doshea@fps.k12.me.us
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 08:29:12 -0400

Provide for inspection all documents concerning paying for students to get professional certificates out of teachers' "professional funds" while not allowing ALL students to participate, and those that did now getting to work on IT services for the school, and being paid.

Provide for inspection all documents concerning core cost associated with extra curricular activities and Dan O'Shea's involvement in both of these requests.

Michael Doyle



October 9, 2015
By Editor:

Moulton’s past horrendous misconduct keeps giving birth to one hideous out come after another from a life and career of sociopathic conduct that you see in criminals that get them jailed.

Moulton, while a school resource officer, and married to wife number one, was dating an UNDER AGE senior at Scarborough High.  When she graduated and turned 18 he made her wife number two.  What happened to Moulton, he was eventually promoted to captain?

Moulton, while captain, was at an underage drinking party where sources report he tried to entice Megan Maietta to take her clothes off and get in the hot tub with him.  What happened to Moulton, he was eventually promoted to Chief?

Moulton, while chief, protected Jason Fowler from O.U.I. convictions either volunteering or at the behest of Fowler’s father, a friend of Moulton.

Moulton, while chief, protected Andy Cusack from a complaint, by Sean Caisse of drugging and raping him and another young man.

The outcome of just these three items is as follows:

1.    Megan Maietta is dead at 31 of an overdose of heroin.  Could it have started when she was 14, getting drunk at an underage party, and with the old perv Scarborough police captain trying to get her naked in the hot tub?
2.    Jason Fowler is dead at 31 of a vehicle crash.  Could it have started when he had all those O.U.I. arrests reduced or dismissed by Moulton or by Moulton’s minions at his direction?
3.    Sean Caisse at 31 is alive and facing decades in prison for beating the man that drugged and raped him, and who knows maybe even Jason Fowler, or for that matter how many other victims that Moulton turned a blind eye on to protect his friend, Andy Cusack.

Finally, FTM has been told that Moulton is friendly with one of the largest heroin dealers in Southern Maine, a career criminal that has never gone to jail as a dealer.  One source speculated that Moulton is either on the take or has turned this man as a C.I., like a Whitey Bulger.

What does this say about the corruption of the Town Council, the Town Manager, and the credibility of the entire Scarborough Police Department?  What does Moulton have to do to get fired?  Because we know it’s not the three items above.


October 6, 2015
By Editor:
Councilor Moonbat Babine thinks someone died and made him king.  You can read his email below.  How does this big of a dope get elected to anything?  Moonbat has just the right combination of arrogance and ignorance.  Moonbat has the arrogance that he knows more than he does and the arrogance that allows him to demonstrate his ignorance to the world.

Moonbat Babine
should glance at the First Amendment and read this: “…and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Moonbat will learn that as long as he’s on the Council, anyone and everyone has the CONSTITUITONAL RIGHT to contact him ad infinitum.  That would include the person suing him personally, the Council, the Police Department, and the Town.  You can read FTM’s response to, the Town’s lawyer, Mark Franco’s latest effort to get a dismissal below.





MICHAEL DOYLE                                      
       v.                                                                    Civil Action No.:


OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANT’S MOTION TO DISMISS NOW COMES Plaintiff Michael Doyle and Opposes Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss.
1.    This case is based upon the conduct of the Council, Town Manager, and Scarborough Police Department during the Public Forum portion of the Council Meeting.  The Complaint does not relate to any other part of the agenda.  Plaintiff wasn’t disruptive.  Plaintiff merely asked a question: What was the emotional abuse Officer Maietta suffered before he was forced out of the Scarborough Police Department?  At which point Plaintiff was gaveled down by Chair Holbrook.  When Plaintiff repeatedly asked what Public Forum Rule he was violating Holbrook repeated he was “out of order”.  At which point Town Manager, Tom Hall, stood up and started to walk around Holbrook towards Plaintiff as if to physically confront Plaintiff.  Hall stopped after a few feet and directed a Scarborough Police Officer to escort Plaintiff from the Council Chamber and from the Town Hall.  All of this is on the YouTube link in the Complaint. Plaintiff asserts that this was clearly an abrogation of the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press clause of the First Amendment.  Plaintiff asked the content-based question during Public Forum because the Town Government, the Town Council, the Town Manager, and the Town Police Department have a history of this type of misconduct.  In a random page selection from 328 pages of the

Maietta Workers Comp claim testimony, Plaintiff discovered that another police officer was in Maine Medical Center’s P6 ward (Psyche floor), when his wife was forced to bring a waiver form for him to sign relieving the Town of Scarborough of any responsibility for causing his mental break down.  Plaintiff’s question was not disruptive, merely embarrassing to a government body that has a known history of abusing employees at will.  A history of abuse that the Council, the Manager, and the Police Department wanted to keep secret from the public both in attendance at the Council meeting and those viewing from home.

2.    The Public Forum Rules provide for 5 minutes of speaking time.   When Plaintiff was first gaveled down at a previous meeting he asked: Why Scarborough business owner Andrew Cusack wasn’t investigated on a complaint, dating back two years, of drugging and raping two young men?  Once again Plaintiff was forced to stop speaking and was shouted down by Councilor St. Clair (violating Council Rules that only the Chair can speak during Council meetings unless a Councilor raises their hand and is called upon by the Chair) again based solely on content, not agenda, and not on time allowances.

In both of these instances, Maietta and Cusack, Plaintiff was forced to stop speaking because he was pointing out embarrassing misconduct of the Defendants as a group and individually.  Each Councilor knew, or should have known, what Chair Holbrook and member St. Clair, and Manager Hall did, was a violation of the law.  The Councilors that failed to intervene and stop the violation of the law are complicit in the violation of the law.


Defense claims no cause of action in their Motion.  Two separate events took place both were a violation of the content-based decision recently handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Plaintiff submits that each event of the Council thwarting free speech in a public forum that is open to all speech, and not a public meeting as Defense argues off point, where Free Speech is an absolute right, are violations of both Free Speech and Freedom of the Press.  These events were not an agenda item that may or may not be controlled by other rules.  At no time did Plaintiff violate any Public Forum rules previously submitted with the Complaint.  When the Chair was gaveling Plaintiff into submission, and Plaintiff repeatedly asked what rule Plaintiff was in violation of, the Council was silent as to any rule.  Plaintiff wasn’t disruptive at any time.  Plaintiff’s questions in both events were straightforward and simple content based inquires as to embarrassing misconduct by Scarborough Town Management.  In both of these events the Town of Scarborough, and/or the Town Council, and/or the Police Department, and/or the Town Manager, Thomas Hall, all acting as agents or employees of the Town of Scarborough, deprived Plaintiff of his Constitutional Rights.  Each of these violations is documented in the YouTube link contained within the Complaint.The most recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling cited by Plaintiff speaks directly to content based violation of the First Amendment and is the controlling decision for this action.  All other citations noted by Defendant are off point and immaterial to this action.

Consequently, Defendant’s Motion to dismiss should be denied.

                                                            MICHAEL DOYLE,
                                                            Pro se

Dated: September 28, 2015                 Michael Doyle
                                                         3 Shady Lane
                                                         Falmouth, Maine 04105
                                                         Tel: 207.766.6644
                                                          E-mail: seller99@msn.com



From: sbabine@ci.scarborough.me.us
To: seller99@msn.com
CC: THall@ci.scarborough.me.us; JHolbrook@ci.scarborough.me.us; phayes@ci.scarborough.me.us; wdonovan@ci.scarborough.me.us; eblaise@ci.scarborough.me.us; jcaterina@ci.scarborough.me.us; kstclair@ci.scarborough.me.us; YJustice@ci.scarborough.me.us
Subject: Re: NEW POST
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 00:16:14 +0000

Mr. Doyle,

I ask that you cease and desist and refrain from communicating with and contacting me. I consider your communications harassing. Please refer all communications through the Town's Attorney.

Councilor Shawn A. Babine



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