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September 29, 2014
By Editor:

There are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.  Ten percent of that number is 160 million Muslims.  Ten percent of that number, or 1% of the world population is 16 million Muslims.  If 99.9% of the world Muslim population are peaceful and don’t HATE America, that .1% or one tenth of one percent that do HATE America is 1.6 million Muslims that HATE America and Americans.

Just four days after our report below a beheading has taken place by a convert to the Muslim jihad.  This was described by the authorities as WORK PLACE VIOLENCE. 


September 22, 2014 
By Editor:

Years ago a nutcase went crazy and shot a bunch of people in Australia.  What do lefties do in a national tragedy with No Second Amendment?  Ban all privately owned handguns of course.  Not such a good idea when your home grown Isis crew comes back to Down Under and plans to behead random people in Australia.  Recently 800 police across the country swept up 15 future murders.

Maine has one of the highest ratios of gun owners to population in America.  Imagine Isis trying to kill the second person in Maine.  Right after the first public beheading in the U.S. the next Isis supporter that draws a knife in public is likely to look like Swiss cheese when the 20 or 30 bystanders open fire with their legally carried concealed handguns.

Do you think the soldier that was beheaded in England would have stood a better chance at survival if the locals were packing some heat?  England is another country with NO SECOND Amendment.

So far we haven’t had another successful attack the size of 9-11.  The Ft. Hood killing of 11 unarmed soldiers was successful because they were unarmed.  

To be sure the Isis killers are coming for us because they likely came here during our recently open southern border program brought to us by President Obama.  They have already picked their soft targets.  The only thing missing is that our readers might not know what soft targets are.  We can start with schools, malls, sporting events, and every place large numbers of Americans gather without firearms.

At current birth rates of Muslims in Lewiston, in 40 years the current French/Catholic population will be the minority and Sharia Law will be the controlling authority.

Our politically correct approach to this invasion by population growth will be the end of the America we grew up in and the start of NO GO ZONES (NGZ) like they have in cities all over Europe.  A NGZ is where the police don’t patrol because it’s a suicide mission to be inside a Muslim enclave.

If you want to find out what cities in Europe are dealing with go online and read the Daily Mail news site.  An article over a year ago said that any female in Stockholm had a one chance in six of being raped before she died, based upon CURRENT RATES.  How much of this foolishness will be forced upon the American/Non-Muslim population by the far left before vigilante resistance takes over?

We just don’t see Americans, on American soil, kneeling down waiting for their head to be cut off by a fanatic, home grown, or imported.



September 19, 2014
By Editor:

It was after 4pm when the young woman left the restaurant after having some drinks with friends.  She was going to get a ride back to her place in Portland when Officer O’Neil asked if he could give her a ride home.  She knew him and he knew her and her family, a prominent family and business owner in Scarborough.  Little did she realize in her tipsy state, that in less than an hour she would be stripped naked of both her clothes and her dignity.

Once O’Neil had her in his car he said he had to make a quick stop at his house and then he’d run her up to Portland.  Once at his place he invited her in to see his home, she even thought he was going to introduce her to his wife, if he had one.  Once inside, the blitz attack was furious and overwhelming.  She was thrown on the bed and stripped.

When it was over she was warned by O’Neil not to tell anyone or it would ruin HER life.  She was terrified and confused that someone she knew, someone her family knew, would do such a thing to her.  For the next nearly 30 years she carried that attack around her neck like an anchor, until her sister contacted the SPD.  Over a period of a couple of days the Scarborough Police tried to convince to go public (what more could she do, she TOLD the SCARBOROUGH POLICE?) but she still didn’t want to embarrass her family, and now her grown children.  The Scarborough Police should have contacted the State Police or the Cumberland County Sherriff’s Office immediately to conduct an investigation leading to the decertification of O’Neil as a police officer anywhere in Maine.  Eventually the family discovered what had happened all those years ago and now in failing health she wants to make it known, so if O’Neil had done this to other women they should come forward as a group and stand up to O’Neil, because she might not live long enough to see this through.

The link below is that of a Police Officer sentenced for rape of vulnerable women:


Over the years she had to endure running into O’Neil at gas stations, stores, and restaurants where he would smirk at her as if to say, “I got away with it.”  The statue of limitations have long since expired but she, to this day, wonders how many more women have been raped by O’Neil because she failed to file charges when it happened.

During the sometimes, emotional interview, she was worried that by coming forward even at this late date, O’Neil would lose his pension.  FTM had to, at one point, ask her how much pension should her rapist receive from the State of Maine?

Statue of limitations or not, should an accused rapist be a police officer, and if so, should all his electronic devices be searched for evidence of other rapes such as ‘trophy pictures’?

What do you think?

(Editors Note to O’Neil:  Deleting any photos from your devices at this point will not delete them on your provider’s servers.)

It seems some percentage of patrol officers across the nation use their uniform authority to rape women at will.  The most recent notorious arrest was in Oklahoma City.  You can read the article below and also another rapist from Paris, Maine that raped a drunken woman while she slept.  Drunken women, either in Scarborough or Paris, Maine, aren’t able to consent to sex so it is legally RAPE.



September 22, 2014 
By Editor:

Years ago a nutcase went crazy and shot a bunch of people in Australia.  What do lefties do in a national tragedy with No Second Amendment?  Ban all privately owned handguns of course.  Not such a good idea when your home grown Isis crew comes back to Down Under and plans to behead random people in Australia.  Recently 800 police across the country swept up 15 future murders.

Maine has one of the highest ratios of gun owners to population in America.  Imagine Isis trying to kill the second person in Maine.  Right after the first public beheading in the U.S. the next Isis supporter that draws a knife in public is likely to look like Swiss cheese when the 20 or 30 bystanders open fire with their legally carried concealed handguns.

Do you think the soldier that was beheaded in England would have stood a better chance at survival if the locals were packing some heat?  England is another country with NO SECOND Amendment.

So far we haven’t had another successful attack the size of 9-11.  The Ft. Hood killing of 11 unarmed soldiers was successful  because they were unarmed.  

To be sure the Isis killers are coming for us because they likely came here during our recently open southern border program brought to us by President Obama.  They have already picked their soft targets.  The only thing missing is that our readers might not know what soft targets are.  We can start with schools, malls, sporting events, and every place large numbers of Americans gather without firearms.

At current birth rates of Muslims in Lewiston, in 40 years the current French/Catholic population will be the minority and Sharia Law will be the controlling authority.

Our politically correct approach to this invasion by population growth will be the end of the America we grew up in and the start of NO GO ZONES (NGZ) like they have in cities all over Europe.  A NGZ is where the police don’t patrol because it’s a suicide mission to be inside a Muslim enclave.

If you want to find out what cities in Europe are dealing with go online and read the Daily Mail news site.  An article over a year ago said that any female in Stockholm had a one chance in six of being raped before she died, based upon CURRENT RATES.  How much of this foolishness will be forced upon the American/Non-Muslim population by the far left before vigilante resistance takes over?

We just don’t see Americans, on American soil, kneeling down waiting for their head to be cut off by a fanatic, home grown, or imported.



September 18, 2014
By Editor:

It has been reported, over and over, that if you’re a friend of Chief Robby Moulton, you can have your O.U.I. reduced to driving to endanger (DTE).

We wanted to see the actual files that were processed through the court system to see which court officer from Scarborough had their fingerprints on the change in charges.  We’re told that these changes were at the direct orders from Moulton.  It resulted as a factor in the death of Jason Fowler and who knows how many other accidents and near death experiences.

To demonstrate how difficult it is to obtain the records on just one person, Amy Prout of Scarborough, we have attached our reply letter to Stephanie Anderson, Cumberland County District Attorney, below.  We were only able to pry this amount of non-answers from the D.A. after the AG’s Office became involved.

Prout has a current O.U.I. case before the court as we write this.  It could have been her second, third, or fourth had previous ones not been ‘fixed’.  When Prout isn’t busy driving drunk she was arrested for shoplifting on Payne Rd.  Let’s hope she doesn’t kill herself or someone else in her careening trip through her life.


3 Shady Lane
Falmouth, ME 04105

August 2, 2014

Ms. Stephanie Anderson
District Attorney
142 Federal St.
Portland, ME 04101

Dear Ms. Anderson:

Thank you for your letter of the 30th.  You write, “Your request does not contain enough identifying information…” I requested all documents concerning Amy Prout of Scarborough’s O.U.I charge.  Your reply would indicate that there might be two or even more Amy Prouts in Scarborough.  If that were true I would still expect your office to ask which of the two or 20 Amy Prouts’ O.U.I. file I wanted to examine.

A quick computer search indicates there is only one other Amy Prout in the entire State of Maine in Unity.  Her age is 101.  The one that I want to examine the entire file on is the one that is currently 41.  Your office dealt with her in September 2012 on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking at her then age of 39.

My sources indicate that these records are available in your office by her name and name of town.  I’m not interested in the Amy Prout in Unity, age 101.


Michael Doyle

Click here to read the Prout Documents



September 15, 2014
By Editor:

At the energy forum held last Friday, FTM had a reporter experienced in public speaking; attend the forum to hear Michaud speak in person.  For context the reporter has spoken before groups as large as 30,000 of his peers that include some of this country’s premier business speakers.

A disappointment doesn’t begin to describe the stilted delivery of a former leader of the State of Maine House and Senate and a five term Congressman.  Our reporter was in the back row and got up and left about 4 minutes into the prepare remarks that consisted of repeating twice, “We want Maine families to be warm and comfortable in their homes.”  What a novel concept!

The speech seemed to consist of sentences disconnected by any semblance of a theme, that were delivered by a reluctant 14 year old boy, reading a book report, on a book he hadn’t bothered to read.

Unless Michaud is hiding a rapier like mind that’s he’s saving up for the debates he’s in BIG trouble.  If this is the best the Democrats can run for Governor, against Governor LePage and the Governor’s list of actual accomplishments in his first term, (you can see the attached list of them below) the Democrats are in BIG trouble.


Republicans have a Reputation…   for getting things done! 2011- 2014

Improving our Economy-Unemployment is down (July 5.5%) and private sector job growth is up! More JOBS for Mainers! About 22,000 new jobs since Jan. 2011 http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MEGOV/bulletins/c50487

Above national average- number of people working as compared to those not working http://www.themainewire.com/2014/06/5-7-percent-maines-jobless-rate-lowest-november-2008/

7,000+ Jobs are available today in the Job Bank- http://www.mainecareercenter.com/

$30 million in savings for businesses as the unemployment rates drop, lowest since 2009.

Removing roadblocks for small businesses. For example: lobstermen may now store traps on docks.

Tied long term benefits to an injured workers’ ability to work, helping able workers retrain and reducing litigation.


Developed a decades overdue injured workers’ medical fee schedule making Workers’ Comp costs more predictable, thus providing a more stable business environment. 

Welfare Reform- 5 year limit on temporary assistance has resulted in a 50% drop in cash welfare. 

Gov. LePage ‘s New Welfare Fraud Hotline has doubled the number of calls to report suspected fraud. http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MEGOV/bulletins/9d53c6

Photos are now required on EBT cards  http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MEGOV/bulletins/c30e16

Enforcing federal work / volunteer requirements to qualify for assistance: http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MEGOV/bulletins/c5efb7

Turned off ATM machines at bars, liquor stores, gambling facilities and strip clubs:   http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MEGOV/bulletins/b7e344

Caring for our Most Vulnerable- Increased funding for the developmentally disabled and eliminated the Highest Priority wait list.

Increased funding for nursing homes (not enough, but certainly a start).

Tightened up the rules for reporting infants who have been exposed to drugs or alcohol.

Tightened up the rules for reporting Child Abuse and Neglect for Mandatory Reporters.

Implemented  a Support Intensity Scale (SIS) to perform  Uniform Independent assessments to better serve 10,000 disabled (developmental, physical and intellectual) persons.

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit units were increased by 77% - from 177 to 314 units.

Decreased Low Income Housing Tax Credit units by 36% /  $73,895 from $206,151 to $132,256.  

With our dental shortage, we established a new midlevel dental provider- the dental hygiene therapist, which is similar to a physician assistant.

Sex Trafficking makes the crime an affirmative offense.  http://www.maine.gov/legis/house_gop/_news/news_page.php?story_id=20140411_00000521&story_title=Maine%20House%20GOP:%20Gov.%20LePage%20Signs%20Rep.%20Amy%20Volk%27s%20Human%20Trafficking%20Bill

Cleaning up our Books-Hospitals finally paid a total of $748 million in long overdue welfare

Changed the hospital claims billing system to “real-time” and on time. 

Repaid over $50 Million to the Feds for the previous administrations overbilling for MediCare- $30 Million for Targeted Case Management that occurred in 2003, and another $20 Million for various other overbillings under the Baldacci administration.

Saving Taxpayers Money-Stopped more welfare expansion. Current Medicaid enrollment is already more than 1 in 4 Mainers and is cannibalizing the budget and crowding out needed funding for our roads and bridges, nursing homes, etc. This will save the hardworking taxpayers $800 million over the next ten years.  http://www.pressherald.com/2013/10/15/maine_voices___free__medicaid_expansion_carries_a_big_price_tag_for_state_s_taxpayers_/

Pension Reform – Securing promises made to state workers and saving taxpayers $1.7 billion. 


Largest Tax Cut in Maine’s history- 70,000 low income workers pay no income tax at all and providing a $200 million / year shot in the arm to Maine’s economy.

2014: Both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have upgraded Maine’s financial ratings

Education Reform- Approval for ten charter schools, including one which provides choice state-wide.

Public school spending increased- more than any previous governor.

Implemented state-wide grading system so parents have a clearer picture of how schools measure up.

Suicide Prevention Training for education staff.  http://bangordailynews.com/2013/03/11/politics/state-house/parents-of-children-who-died-by-suicide-urge-greater-prevention-training-in-maine-schools/

Health Insurance Reform permits school districts to purchase lower cost insurance across state lines

Passed bi-partisan bullying legislation to protect students in schools and encourage districts to manage situations more consistently.

Energy Reform- Lowering dependence on foreign oil as we increase access to natural gas.

Eliminated the automatic increase of the gas tax; raising the tax must now be voted upon . 

Attempted and still pursuing : More hydropower and lifting the 100 megawatt cap.

First in the nation to allow people to opt out of Smart Meter installation

Fighting corruption- at Maine State Housing Authority (MSHA) and Maine Turnpike Authority.  No more fancy taxpayer-funded trips and no more $280,000 apartments.  Paul Violette in jail and Dale McCormick resigned. 

In one year the newly constituted board and leadership at MSHA put in place by the Governor added achieved the following: http://www.themainewire.com/2012/12/mainehousing-reduces-project-costs-increases-number-units/

Repaired a severely damaged relationship with Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  http://www.themainewire.com/2011/12/questions-answers-maine-housing-avesta-section-8-inspection-scandal/

On Wildlife and the Environment:

Rep Stacey Guerin’s article: http://bangordailynews.com/2014/08/18/opinion/contributors/paul-epage-is-the-sportsmans-and-womans-governor/

  • The LePage Administration overhauled the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIFW)'s deer management program, and…
  • Sportsman's Alliance of Maine (SAM) executive director David Trahan said, “the most effective two-year term in my lifetime for improving policy affecting Maine's white tail deer herd." 2011- 2012;

  • *  Changed Land for Maine's Future's charter to require the prioritization of acquiring deer wintering habitats;
  • Invested in protecting the 8,000 acre Cold Stream project with significant deer wintering land and brook trout spawning areas;

  • Established the Predator Control and Deer Habitat Fund to control coyotes and other predators;

  • Repealed the unnecessary 2009 saltwater fishing license mandate;

  • Eliminated the hunting license fee for Veterans;

  • Stopped a bill to require titling of four-wheelers and snowmobiles;

  • Supported the creation of a fisheries tax credit to help private sector investment- to help hatcheries and infrastructure projects including docks;

  • Gov. LePage approved legislation to clean up our shorelines;

  • In opposition to the bear management referendum , which will appear on the November ballot, Gov. LePage has acted within state law to allow DIFW biologists, game wardens, and administrators to explain to the pubic the practices in current use and to fight the national organization that has set up their campaign in Maine.
  • Gov. LePage defends the 2nd amendment- the right to bear arms, and fought to protect the concealed handgun permit holders’ private information.
  • Bi-partisan vote to allow the Clean Water Bond on the November Ballot

In 2014, Maine DEP Sent Over $400,000 to eleven Communities for Cleaning or Closing their Landfills, and bringing the total to $863,000 since January 2013.

In 2012, Governor Paul R. LePage signed legislation so the Maine Department of Environmental Protection could pay back its bills to towns and cities who closed or remediated their landfills which were causing environmental and public health risks. 

“I’m pleased that the program’s popularity has spread and that towns recognize the economic benefit of protecting the environment. If other communities would like to take part in this program, the department stands ready to offer assistance,” said DEP Commissioner Patricia Aho.

2013 List of Accomplishments: http://www.maine.gov/governor/lepage/publications/LePage.Accomplishments2013.final.pdf


September 9, 2014
By Editor:

It sure looks like they like to get revenge on Michael Doyle, their arch nemesis, by attacking his elderly mother because they can’t attack her son.

TD Bank, in what can only be charitably described, is using the court system to defraud an elderly woman in her 90s out of over $20,000.

First, if you have an elderly parent that is a loan customer of TD Bank check the paperwork to see if their signature is forged.  Next, make sure the judge hearing your case doesn’t hate one of your relatives.  Then lastly, check to see if the fly-by-night lawyer TD Bank turns loose on your elderly parent actually has a physical office so you can deliver time sensitive documents somewhere other than their unlisted address where they work from their kitchen table.

TD Bank, where customer service includes as much fraud, in our opinion, as they can heap on each customer seven days a week.

Read the Motion filed today below.








September 5, 2014

By Editor:
Sources tell FTM that there were two previous O.U.I.s that become Driving to Endanger tickets before Fowler crashed and died on the third one by himself, luckily.  FTM believes the second one was the Officer James O’Brien summons.


Here’s how FTM was told it played out.  Fowler’s dad and Moulton were tight friends.  Fowler comes to Moulton in a dither with a second O.U.I. that needs to be fixed for his son.  Moulton’s plan was to send O’Brien to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and for Fowler to have his son’s lawyer delay the case until O’Brien is in the middle of the course.  Fowler’s case comes to the top of docket and Moulton won’t give O’Brien permission for a day pass to testify.  

FTM has tried repeatedly to get the file to prove what happened to the case.  Guess what?  We’re still trying to get what we call “the smoking gun”.  For some unknown reason the resistance to supply the file is unusually high.

In Jason Fowler’s short life he managed 3 Accidents and 1 Speeding Ticket before he got the first ‘Driving To Endanger’ summons.  It wasn’t long after that before he was dead without 1 License Suspension.  

Perhaps if Jason’s father hadn’t had a friend named Robert Moulton running interference for him and some intervention instead he just might be alive today.



September 3, 2014
By Editor:

Someday soon FTM will find out how much of our tax dollars were wasted by our petulant town manager.  It’s pretty easy to let your ego go unchecked with taxpayers’ money when you’re NOT accountable to the Council, the voters, and there’s no chance you’ll be fired.

This will be the first in a series of reports on litigation against the Town of Falmouth caused by what can only be described as, overreaching hubris on the part of Nathan Poore.

You can watch our reporter’s explanation of Poore’s conduct to the Council below at the August 25th Council Meeting.  Also included is our email requesting the legal invoices for this farce.


From: seller99@msn.com
To: npoore@town.falmouth.me.us
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 12:16:02 -0400


Provide for inspection all invoices for legal fees related to the case CV-14-39 (overcharge for FOAA requests).

This is a FOAA request pursuant to the current FOAA law of Maine.

Michael Doyle


Chapter 20

August 29, 2014
By Editor:

Sources tell FTM that Moore was out of line when he failed to transport Town Councilor Judy Roy to CCJ after she was arrested, handcuffed, and peed her pants.  You can see the ticket and supporting evidence of her alphabet and .16-breath test (.08 is drunk in Maine even if you can still write the alphabet and NOT pee your pants) below.

FTM was told that Moore either was directly disobeying orders or was following Chief Moulton’s orders relayed through one of the Sgts. (you can see our FOAA email request for answers to these questions below).

FTM wonders why the current Scarborough Town Council condones this misconduct by officers and their commanders in the police dept.?  We’re told the Councilors are hoping for the same ‘helping hand’ when it’s their turn on the Breathalyzer.

As Town Manager Tom Hall recently said, “I’m not playing games here.”  Maybe if Hall were playing games it would be an improvement over the current lack of work.  Mr. Hall, when are you going to question Megan and James Maietta whether Moulton tried to entice Megan to undress and get into a hot tub at an underage drinking party when Moulton was the Dept. Captain and a GUEST at the same party?  We’ve all heard of the malarkey about Moulton ‘passing a polygraph’, how about you passing the test of asking the family members that were victimized by Moulton?

This must be Hall’s idea of management: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, etc.


From: seller99@msn.com
To: yjustice@ci.scarborough.me.us; rmoult@ci.scarborough.me.us; thall@ci.scarborough.me.us
CC: brenda.kielty@maine.gov
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 11:37:19 -0400


Provide for inspection all documents surrounding the special and differential treatment provided to
ex-Councilor Judy Roy by Officer Robert Moore.

This will include police reports, officer narratives, radio traffic, text, in vehicle screen, cell phone, and all other forms of communication.  Did Moore act on his own authority to violate SPD procedures or was he ordered to violate the standing rule to tow vehicles and book an O.U.I. arrest at CCJ?

This is a FOAA request pursuant to the current FOAA law of Maine.

Michael Doyle






August 26, 2014   
By Editor:

A woman contacted FTM one night many months ago that seemed unbalanced during the phone call talking about child sex abuse rings in Maine.  As each month went by more and more instances of child sex abuse took place here in Maine and all over the country.  Her allegations that it was rings of pedophiles across all levels in Maine and all over America was so far out there we couldn’t imagine something like this happening numerous times.

As the time rolled by we saw here in Maine, a retired Chief of the Maine State Police arrested for raping his granddaughter, the retired Chief of the Howland Police arrested for molesting twin four year old grandchildren, the current Howland Police Chief taking porn photos of his then girlfriend with other police officers in the photo, and James Cameron, Assistant Attorney General of Maine in charge of drug prosecutions.  Sources said that Cameron spent most of his work hours on the computer pretending to be an underage girl on chat rooms with pedophiles.  According to sources none of these men were served with search warrants for all their electronic devices, phones, iPads, etc.  WHY?

All over the country search warrants are ROUTINELY issued when a police officer, active, or retired, is arrested for a child sex act.  Maine State Police spokesman, Steve McClauseland, in a phone interview, said search warrant were only sought if there were PROBABLE CAUSE!  How much P/C do we need to protect children from Maine child molesters?  Are authorities reluctant to search devices out of fear of how many other cop emails will show up, how many ranking state employees will show up, and how many prosecutors will show up?  Why else would search warrants not be used here in Maine when they are used all over the country?

Below you can read one after another of ranking government workers arrested for using government computers do view kiddie porn and worse.

Below you can view the ‘unbalanced woman’ being interviewed on a news show about this crime wave of kiddie porn and child molesting.  The reason she comes across as unbalanced currently is her ex-husband’s lawyer, Michael Waxman, Esq, (you can read in Lawyers and Judges tab Waxman’s Supreme Court decision on his misconduct) has kept her from her daughter for nearly four years.  Who wouldn’t seem a little crazy if you weren’t allowed to see your only child for four years?

Below you can read the email FTM sent to State Police Spokesman
Steve McClauseland.


US Military Arrests
In July 2012 Bloomberg News reported that the US Missile Defense Agency issued a memo reminding staff not to download porn on their work computers.[i] “Specifically,” the memo reads, “there have been instances of employees and contractors accessing websites, or transmitting messages, containing pornographic or sexually explicit images… …These actions are not only unprofessional, they reflect time taken away from designated duties, are in clear violation of federal and DOD and regulations, consume network resources and can compromise the security of the network.”[ii] You don’t say. When America’s most elite security professionals, with the highest levels of national security clearance, responsible for our missile defense system, need to be told not to down-load porn (most certainly including child porn, the memo did not specify) on the Department of Defense (DOD)’s networks, America has a serious problem.
Bryon Bender of The Boston Globe first reported, in 2011, that up to 5,200 Pentagon employees, many with top security clearances, were downloading child porn on Pentagon work computers.[iii]  Not one or two. More than five thousand people inside the Pentagon down-loading child porn on Pentagon computers. The mind-blowing part is that many of these men were using their .mil email accounts and paying for the child porn with credit cards in their own names.  The brazenness with which America’s most elite military men committed the crime indicates a culture that tolerates, perhaps even encourages, use of child porn at work on America’s most sensitive computer networks. What’s worse is that there were almost no prosecutions. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) fought to expose the Pentagon’s refusal to examine 1,700 of the 5,200 reports when the Pentagon closed the investigation because, the Pentagon claimed it wasn’t “a priority.”[iv]  Denial. Nothing to see here. Move along please. And everyone did.
The Army Times reported that cases of child abuse in the military increased by forty percent from 2010 to 2012.  In all four branches, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, from 2011-2012 alone there were 12,881 cases of child abuse with more than 753 of these sexual assaults including 67 children murdered. The Army investigated 30,000 cases of child abuse from 2003-2012 including 118 child deaths. Reported child abuse increased by twenty-five percent in the Air Force from 2008-2012.  From 2011-2012 The Marine Corps reported 1,591 confirmed cases of child abuse. The Navy reported 3,336 cases of reported child abuse from 2009 to 2012. As a result in late 2013 the Department of Defense (DOD) created the Department of Defense Prevention and Coordinated Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect and Domestic Violence Working Group tasked with a public review of the military’s child and domestic abuse crisis.[v]
There was no information on the amount of child porn produced, downloaded and distributed as a result of the child sex abuse. I’d like to know, for all of these cases, what the total amount of child sex abuse images and videos were found during these child abuse investigations. In 2012 the military’s Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory conducted 391 forensic child porn exams. As of November 2012 the Army tried fifty soldiers on child porn charges with forty-five convictions. In 2011 thirty-seven Army soldiers were convicted on child porn charges. The Air Force had eleven child porn convictions in 2012 and sixteen in 2011. However, this doesn’t include service members investigated and tried in civilian courts. Defense Department officials say child porn arrests and conviction are not “tracked” by the military and so it is “difficult to determine how widespread the problem might be.”[vi]  
In this section, in addition to Twitter and Google searches, I also used the on-line magazine Starts and Stripes which covers US military news.  As of March 4, 2014 a simple search in Stars and Stripes search box for child porn turned up 136 articles of military personal, from all branches, arrested for child porn use. I do not review all of these arrests here.
Air Force
•         Air Force Major, 37 year old David Riley, stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, was charged with child porn after he sent “extremely graphic” child sex abuse images to an undercover DC police officer. Riley said he “looking for other pervs in the area” and that he had sexually abused the six year old daughter of a former girlfriend. Riley, himself, is a married father of a six year old girl. He said he never abuses his own daughter. The undercover officer sent Riley a picture of a child and said it was his daughter. Riley said: "What is the purpose of showing me pics of your daughter? Do you want to share her? … no pressure from me. Just curious." Riley then discussed arrangement to have sex with the child. Riley was at Fort McNair in Washington DC enrolled in a National Defense University course at the time. [vii]
•         Air Force Airman, 24 year old Craig Allen James formerly stationed at Ft. Mead, was sentenced for child porn distribution. [viii]  
•         Major Peter Christopher Davis, a 34 year old Air Force Major at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska, was indicated on thirty-nine counts of child porn distribution and possession. Davis was the Assistant Director of Operations for the 3rd Operations Support Squadron, is involved in planning and coordinating missions for aircraft that fly from the base. He had “hundreds” of images and videos of child sex abuse.[ix]
•         Senior Air Force airman, 29 year old Jeremy Parrott, escaped custody from the US air base in Suffolk UK after a child porn conviction. He was later found and arrested after nearly a year in hiding. Parrott was paying a fee to access a child sex abuse website which was “100 percent hard-core child pornography.” He was also using the file-sharing network Limewire to download 50 to 75 files with the sex abuse of very young children.[x]
•         Air Force contractor, 56 year old William Gebel, was arrested for pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor. He had downloaded 10,000 pictures and videos of child sex abuse and had been doing for the past decade.[xi]
•         Air Force Sgt. Joel Thorpe, a 37-year-old airman at Dover Air Force Base, was charged with twenty-five counts of dealing in child porn.[xii]
•         Air Force Lieutenant Harold Henderon, from F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, was sentenced to serve 12 years for his guilty plea of child porn possession.  News reports say that five Air Force personnel at F.E. Warren base were also charged with child porn at the same time.[xiii]
•         Brandon Meredith Hardy, a 23 year old Moody Air Force Base airman, was sentenced to nine years for child porn. He had been using a computer at the base to search for and download child porn. Hardy had been chatting with a 12 year child online, who was an undercover investigator. He arranged to meet the “child” and drove to meet the child for sex where he was arrested by undercover cops.[xiv]
•         Air Force Airman, 22 year old John Gramlich arrested and indicted for child porn possession.[xv]
•         Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jonathan Amato, a leadership school instructor at Dover Air Base in Delaware was charged with child porn possession. He was caught using a credit card to buy child sex abuse online.[xvi]  
•         Air Force Sergeant, 30 year old Christopher Garcia, was arrested on child porn charges and indicted on six counts of possession and receipt of child sex abuse images. Garcia had been part of the 16th Special Operations Squadron at Cannon Air Force Base.[xvii]
•         A retired Air Force Airman, 48 year old John Ellenbacher, please child porn charges. He had distributed at least 90 images and videos of child sex abuse. Ellenbacher had more than 600 child sex abuse images and videos and told investigators he is sexually aroused by young boys. He also admitted that over a six month period when he was stationed overseas with the Air Force he performed sex acts on a child.[xviii]
•         Air Force Airman 1st Class Chad McClelland-Hall, father of a young son, was charged with child porn possession when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia, by military judge, Lt. Col. Grant Kratz.  The Airman was found in possession of twenty-seven photos and videos of child sex abuse. The military judge found McClelland-Hall guilty child porn possession and sentenced him to only twenty months in jail.[xix]
•         Retired Air Force Master Sergeant, 46 year old Thomas Wheeler, was charged with seven counts of possessing and one count of distributing child porn. Wheeler had been working as a guard at Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom. He was in possession of sex abuse images and videos of children between nine and eleven years old.[xx]
•         Retired Air Force pilot, 49 year old Kenneth Nighbert of Kennebunk Maine who committed suicide after his arrest for his membership in the Wonderland Club-a pedophile ring that traded child sex abuse "like baseball cards." Pedophiles had to contribute 10,000 images of child sex abuse in order to join Wonderland. The Wonderland investigation by law enforcement came out of the 1996 San Jose Orchid Club investigation and the arrest of men who were abusing an eleven year old girl and distributed the abuse. A dozen of the thousands of children were identified and in most cases they were relatives or neighbors of the molester. [xxi]
•         Air Force employee, 30 year old Ronald Townsend, was sentenced to thirteen years for receipt and distribution of child porn. He had chatted online with an undercover detective and sent about forty images of child porn in exchange for child sex abuse videos from the detective. Townsend also developed relationships online and on the phone with under-aged girls including one as young as thirteen years old.[xxii]
•         Air Force Lt. Col. Stephen Governale, a former Protocol Officer for Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base, plead guilty to trying to entice a minor for sex.  He had worked for General David Patraeus and was named Centcom civilian of the year. When he went to meet a teenager for sex, he was arrested by undercover officers, after the parents of the teenage boy called the police and report Governale’s attempts to have sex with their child. The child reported that he had already meet Governale, at least twice before, at a hotel and engaged in sex. The teenager said there were other children also having sex with the Lt. Col.[xxiii]
•         Army Sgt., 27 year old Joseph French, was charged with aggravated sexual abuse. For three years he repeatedly raped, and filmed and distributed the abuse, of a seven year old girl who was his family member. French, stationed at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, was arrested after the girl's mother called authorities. He abused the girl on and off base including “tying her wrists and feet to a swing while he raped her on several occasions and sometimes allowing a military sergeant and woman to watch the abuse via Skype.”  The woman viewing on Skype “urged French to “ravage” the girl. The girl finally told French's mother he was raping her. The woman told the girl not to tell anyone or French would go to jail. [xxiv]
•         US Court of Appeal for the Armed Forces, America’s highest military appeals court, upheld, on 2 April 2013, a 2009 court-martial conviction of Fort Bragg Army Specialist Ryan A. Bowersox for animated child porn. He was found with 224 cartoon child sex abuse images of young children including incest. “The images are created with such realism that they show expressions of pain and pleasure on the child participants’ faces, the children’s shadows on the ground and even depict the leg hairs of the men engaging in sex with the children.”[xxv]
•         Army Specialist 28 year old Nery J Ruiz based at Fort Campbell was sentenced to twenty year for his crimes against a six year old girl which included anal rape. Ruiz had forced the child to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex “sometimes two or three times a week.” She “was too scared to tell” because Ruiz told her he would “he’d do the same to my younger sister” if she told anyone.[xxvi]
•         Army Colonel, 55 year old Col. Robert Joel Rice, a war game developer at Army War College, was charged with 130 counts of child porn. More than 30,000 child sex abuse files were on his laptop. His wife found the child porn and called local police. He had also placed ads on CraigsList looking for a male sexual partner. The Army continued to employ Rice and allow him access to Army computers, while he was on bail, pending his trial. I could find no information about what happened at Col. Rice’s July 2013 arraignment. It is unclear if he was sentenced at all. I contacted Steve Marroni, Patriot-News/PennLive reporter, who had been covering Rice’s case to ask what had happened.  Steve replied on 10 March 2014, “He had a pre-trial conference scheduled for last week, but that was continued until next month pending some defense motions, so the case is still pending.”[xxvii]
•         Army Specialist Anthony Haddock, based at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, was convicted of child porn possession. He had also been charged with distribution but that charged was dropped during a plea. At the time Haddock was sentenced to sixteen months and a bad conduct discharge. However, on 16 February 2007, the U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals remanded the case for a rehearing or dismissal of charges. On 6 April 2007, the Department of the Army officially dismissed all charges.[xxviii]
•         Army Master Sergeant, 42 year old Thomas Meyer, who was an Army Intelligence Officer stationed at Special Operations Command Central at Air Force MacDill Base, was arrested for child porn. Meyer sent child sex abuse images and an “explicit” video where he was “touching” himself to a thirteen year old girl who was an undercover officer. He was “supposed to use Department of Defense computer systems to help fight insurgents” instead he used his government computer to engage in child sex abuse. He was also communicating with a sixteen year old girl, he had known since her birth, and told the girl, "lol..your pic was hot…I had to come home from work" so he could touch himself. His Yahoo user ID was "bigddddd." [xxix]
•         Nathan Young, a 22 year old former Army soldier from Nebraska, was sentenced to twelve years for child porn. He was already a registered sex offender at the time of his second conviction. When he was stationed at Fort Huachuca in Arizona he had been sentenced to four months for child porn possession. Young’s second child porn conviction occurred when a parent of a middle-school child alerted authorities to suspicious activity.  Young had more than 470, mostly middle-school children, as Facebook friends. He would game online, and chat via Facebook, with the children and then get the children to produce child porn for him.[xxx]
•         Army Sergeant 1st Class, 43 year old Steven Shafer of the 58th Aviation Regiment, was convicted of child porn possession. He had some 10,000 adult porn images and hundreds of images of child sex abuse on his computer and a thumb drive.[xxxi]
•         Army Sergeant, 34 year old Leonard Talley from Fort Benning, was indicted on child porn. Talley was caught when the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent monitoring peer-to-peer file sharing networks found more than 400 child sex abuse images and videos traced to Talley’s IP address. Investigators found, on several computers and external hard drives, child porn “too voluminous to be catalogued” during their initial search at his residence.[xxxii]
•         Civilian contract at Brooks Army Medical Center, 55 year old Victor Zamarron, was sentenced for downloading more than 30,000 child sex abuse images including while at work on the government computer system. There were also allegations he had sexually abused a ten year old girl.[xxxiii]  
•         Army Corporal, 26 year old Gregory M. Willis who was stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, had more than 7,000 images and videos of child sex abuse and he was distributing and downloading from base. He was only sentenced to two years and discharged from the military for bad conduct.[xxxiv]
•         Army Specialist 30 year old Julian William Velasco an infantryman with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division stationed at Fort Hood, was sentenced on multiple child porn charges, including possession and distribution. He was doing this at military camps in Marez and Adder, Iraq when he was stationed there.[xxxv]
•         Army 37 year old Robert Bruce Campbell, stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord was brought home from Afghanistan to face child porn charges after admitting to possession and distribution of child porn. This is his second child porn arrest.[xxxvi]
•         Army Lt. Col. 43 year old Christopher Butler, based at Fort Drum, was charged with child porn possession. He was using on online name "daddyformommies." He had sent child sex abuse to an undercover agent. He had more than 200 images and/or videos of child sex abuse on his computer at the time of arrest.[xxxvii]
•         Army Specialist 30 year old Joseph Garcia, based at Fort Carson, was sentenced on multiple child sex abuse and child porn charges. Garcia admitted to the sexually abuse of a six year old girl, for whom he was “in a position of trust.” He admitted to producing more than 1,100 images and videos of child sex abuse which he also distributed. At the time of his arrest, police say there are at least four victims and could be more. Some of the child sex abuse occurred, and was filmed, inside Hawaii’s Schoefield Barracks.[xxxviii]
•         Army Staff Sergeant, 34 year old Oscar Rodriguez, based at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, was charged with child and adult sex abuse.[xxxix]  
•         Already mentioned in the introduction to this chapter, but worth noting again, former Undersecretary of the Navy, James Daniel Howard, was arrested on child porn possession and reproduction. He had also held positions in the State Department and Foreign Service and had served as special assistant to President Ronald Reagan. Although he plead guilty to ten counts of child porn charges in November 2013 and was due for sentencing in December of 2013. There appears to be no public information if he was actually sentenced to jail and is serving jail time or not.[xl]
•         Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 70 year old retired Navy Capt. Wade Sanders, plead guilty to child porn possession.  He had been awarded the Silver Star, the nation's third-highest valor award. The Navy revoked this medal after Sander’s child sex abuse conviction. Sanders introduced candidate John Kerry at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was sentenced to thirty-seven months.[xli]
•         Navy Command Master Chief of Joint Task Force North at Biggs Army Airfield, 48 year old Robert Cuff, plead guilty and received a life-sentence in July 2012 for child porn charges. Cuff had been a Dreamboard member; an online group engaged in the violent sex abuse of children under twelve years old-otherwise known as PTHC pre-teen hard core. Members are required to contribute sex abuse videos and images of children under twelve years old and continually share new abuse. Members who video themselves raping children “received elevated status." Cuff had been repeatedly raping a five year old child. His online names included “slapalot" and "dd0040."[xlii]
•         Navy seaman, 24 year old James Driver was sentenced for child porn possession. He was also distributing child sex abuse. He was based in Japan and said he had an “interest” in child porn for five years.[xliii]
•         Navy officer 40 year old Richard Smith serving Afghanistan, plead guilty to child porn charges after he sent child sex abuse images to an undercover detective posing as a fourteen year old girl. He had engaged in online chats with “the girl” while serving in Afghanistan. He had more than 600 child sex abuse images when he was caught, including the sex abuse of children under the age of twelve that were “sadistic or violent in nature.”[xliv]
•         Navy seaman, 26 year old Jakob Benjamin Lee, pleaded guilty to child porn distribution. He had shared more than 400 child sex abuse images or videos with an undercover agent. He also bragged about molesting over twenty-five children telling the undercover agent he had sexual relationship with a boy every weekend and sexual access to over twenty-five boys as young as nine years old. Lee had thousands of images of child sex abuse. Lee worked at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. He was sentenced to thirty years.[xlv]
•         Navy doctor’s assistant, 39 year old Brandon Schroth, was charged with thirteen counts of sexual exploitation of a child and two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child under twelve.  He plead guilty to child porn production. Schroth, had flown to Germany to sexually abuse, and film that abuse, two girls, age nine and eleven, who were the daughters of an Air active duty Force member mother. He distributed the abuse of these children. He had also produced child porn of a nine year old girl at his home in Mission Valley. [xlvi]
•         Navy JAG attorney, 44 year old Lt. Commander Mark Tilford, was sentenced to more than 10 years for receiving and distributing child porn. Investigators found 266 images and 98 videos of child sex abuse two of Tilford’s home computers.[xlvii]
•         As mentioned briefly in the introduction to this chapter, retired Navy officer 52 year old Bruce Babchyck, who worked for the Joint Strike Fighter program, was sentenced to one year for using a government computer to download child porn. Investigators found hundreds of gigabytes of child pornography, mostly of girls between ten and sixteen years old, and bestiality.[xlviii]
•         A former Navy reservist, 30 year old Anthony Mastrogiovanni, plead guilty to child sex abuse and child porn production. He sexually abused more than thirty boys in Maryland and Louisiana to produce child pornography. Authorities say he befriended his victims through his military affiliation and recorded sexually explicit videos of the children on hidden cameras in his homes. When investigators searched Las Vegas hotel room they found external hard drives with over 30,000 images of child sex abuse. He had previously been arrested for impersonate a police officer in Washington DC.[xlix]
•         Brock Mason, a 24 year old Navy Officer, stationed in Japan, friended a single mother in order to sexually abusing her twin boys age eleven and thirteen. Mason anally raped the children, gave them drugs, forced them to perform oral sex and masturbate him. The mother thought that Mason was a positive male mentor for her children and was unaware of the abuse. Mason was charged with multiple child sex abuse and child porn charges. The abuse took place when he was a student at the University of Oklahoma. He was caught when someone sent a cyber-tip to Navy investigators claiming Mason was involved with child porn.[l]
•         Navy Pilot, 30 year old Daniel Harris, was charged with six felony counts of child sex abuse and child porn production. Harris was communicating online with an undercover officer posing as a fourteen year old girl. He had used fake Facebook account to initiate contact with the girl and get her to send him a photo of her topless. He then threatened her into sending more photos and making sex videos for him. When Harris tried to find her address through online friends the girl became scared and reported the abuse to her parents. Local sheriff office took over the girl’s Facebook account and continued to communicate with the Navy pilot. As of December 2013 he remained employed with the Navy. Harris is in the weapons-training school in Oceania and has taken part in the Navy’s Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, known at TOPGUN. He had been posing as a teenage boy using false names on Facebook to contact several minors, including the 14 year old girl who turned him in.[li]
•         Navy Recruiter, 35 year old David Humphries faces multiple charges of child porn possession. Humphries was caught when concerned parents of a fifteen year old boy contacted their high school principal about online contact the boy had with Humphries.  Humphries had been at the school recruiting for the Navy. When investigators searched his home he had “many, many” sexually graphic images of young boys.[lii]
•         In 2013 the Navy pledged to be transparent regarding sexual assault issues. The Navy now provides monthly release of all courts-martial verdicts. The following reports were noted in military court martials for November and December 2013: (1) Navy Aviation Electronics Tech-Petty Officer First Class Richard Lesley was found guilty of child porn possession. He was sentenced to a bad conduct discharge and confinement for 18 months; (2) Navy Quartermaster Jason J. Carchio pleaded guilty to using a government computer to solicit, distribute and possess child porn. A military judge sentenced him to a dishonorable discharge and confinement for thirty months and (3) Missile Technician Nathaniel A. Camacho pleaded guilty to attempting to contribute to the delinquency of a minor. A military judge sentenced him to thirty days. [liii]
•         Navy Chief Petty Officer, 37 year old Duane Schaff, was convicted Friday for child porn possession. Over 400 images of child sex abuse were found when his computers were seized, including violent abuse of children. Some of the images Schaff had were of a girl named “Cindy” who had been abused by her father who distributed the child porn and another girl named “Missy” who was also being sexually abused by her father in Florida for child porn production.[liv]
•         A Navy Lieutenant, whose name is being protected by the Navy and the Virginia family courts, confessed to Virginia’s Child Protective Services (CPS) that he raped and sexually abused his thirteen year old daughter over a two year period and signed a statement admitting “severe” abuse. His ten year old son said his father had tied him to a chair and forced him to watch as he had intercourse with his current girlfriend.  The Navy promoted the man twice since the known sex abuse of his own children. A Virginia judge in the divorce hearing tried to jail the mother for reporting the father to child protection when her daughter told her she was being raped. The family court judge said the mother was trying to “derail the officer’s career.”  After a detailed article published by Bill Sizemore of The Virginian-Pilot, The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is currently, as of December 2013, looking into why no criminal investigation was open four years ago.[lv]
•         20 year old Alexander Michael Green was charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. He had over 3,000 child sex abuse files. Green admitted to a Navy doctor on base that he was using child porn.  The doctor called authorities and Green was taken into custody by the Naval Weapon Station Police.  Green told investigators he had been using child porn for the past year and preferred the abuse of girls between nine and ten years old. He said he had been caught by his wife twice before but she failed to report him to authorities. None of the media reports noted Green’s position within the Navy or the base he was serving on.[lvi]
•         Former Navy seaman, 31 year old Joshua Moon, was convicted for physical and sexual abuse of two five and nine year children while serving at Naval Air Station Lemoore. Charges included aggravated sexual assault of a child, lewd and lascivious acts with a child by means of force and assault with a deadly weapon. “Moon enjoyed hard core pornography” said a former girlfriend. Apparently, he subjected the children to things he had seen in hard core porn that he watched. The Navy, claiming because Moon had now been discharged, would not give out his rank.[lvii]
•         Navy Petty Officer Corey Hamilton, had images on his computer of himself sexually abusing a child, among other child sex abuse. He was arrested on fourteen counts of possession of child porn, among other charges.[lviii]
•         Navy Petty Officer, 27 year old Adam Simpson, who served on the USS Hartford nuclear submarine as an Information Systems Technician Second Class, was arrested for child porn possession. He was on the nuclear sub at the time the investigation began and was transferred to duty on shore at the Naval Submarine Support Center. Investigators found child porn on the Navy base in Simpson’s possession.[lix]
•         Navy Corpsman stationed at the Navy Hospital, Joshua Anderson and his wife, plead guilty to the sex abuse of a five year old girl whom they drugged with sleeping pills and sexually abused when the child fell unconscious. They video recorded the abuse and, apparently, distributed the recording. This abuse occurred on Camp Lejeune and involved another Navy man whose name was not released.  Joshua Anderson admitted to sexually abusing three children and child porn possession.  He was sentenced to thirty years and a dishonorable discharge. Anderson's wife, Laura Elizabeth Anderson, plead guilty and was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. She admitted in court to giving the five year old girl sleeping pills and filming her while she was sexually abused.[lx]
•         Navy Chief Petty Officer, 41 year old Christopher Moore, an Aviation Ordnanceman at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan, was sentenced to six years for the rape of his girlfriends’ eight year old daughter. He was found guilty of indecent acts on five separate counts and given a dishonorable discharge to receive no retirement benefits for his twenty-one years of service with the Navy.  Moore raped the eight year old girl on base, after he sent her mother out to the McDonald’s to get lunch. The child told her mother what had happened. Moore had also forced her to watch porn on his computer.[lxi]
•         Navy Petty Officer, 33 year old Charles Ray Benavidez an Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class at the Naval Air Station in Lemoore, plead guilty to child sex trafficking a minor. Benavidez knowingly recruited a seventeen year old girl for commercial sex.[lxii]
•         Marine Captain, 32 year old Daniel Joseph Nilsson was charged with six counts of child sexual exploitation including child porn distribution and sentenced to nine and half years. At the time of his arrest he was aide-de-camp to Lt. Gen. John Paxton at Camp Lejeune. Nilsson was caught in Operation Spyglass, an investigation into a ring of child porn dealers where investigators found “hundreds of thousands” of child sex abuse with children as young as three years old on the computers they seized.”[lxiii]
•         Retired Marine Corps Captain, 60 year old Michael Joseph Pepe, was sentenced to 210 years. He had been drugging and sexually abusing girls in Cambodia. The girls, who testified at Pepe’s trial, were between nine and thirteen years old at the time of the abuse. They testified Pepe drugged, bound, beat and raped them. Pepe also required them to give him sexual massages and perform oral sex on him every day. He also produced child porn of the abuse.[lxiv]  
•         Marine Corps Corporeal Edward Morales, a radio operator based on Camp Hansen in Japan, was sentenced to eighteen months and a bad-conduct discharge for child porn possession. He had downloaded the child sex abuse when serving in Iraq.[lxv]
•         Decorated Marine, 55 year old Glenn Scott was sentenced to 135 months for child porn possession. He had more than 600 images of the sex abuse of girls under twelve and as young as five years old. Scott had destroyed hard drives and DVDs before investigators could recover his entire electronic collection. He had also served in the Florida National Guard, and was a volunteer firefighter and a CPR instructor.[lxvi]
•         Former Marine Corps, 27 year old Robert Hernandez, was arrested for child porn. His local internet service provider altered law enforcement.
•         Former Marine Reservist, 23 Lee Baca, was sentenced to five years for a child porn. An open investigation of his electronics, in February 2014, said that Baca had more than 2,000 videos and images of child sex abuse. Forty-seven of children in these videos/images were identified and rescued.[lxvii]
•         Marine recruiter, 27 year old Sgt. Andrew Curran, was charged with five counts of child porn possession. Curran was using a potential recruit's personal email and Facebook passwords to solicit the man's female friends for nude photos.[lxviii]
•         Marine Corps recruiter, 25 year old Craig Thomas Walker, was arrested for downloading hundreds of files of child sex abuse images/videos including the abuse of a six and seven year old children. He did not serve any jail time. Walker is an Iraq war veteran to whom a Colorado judge gave a four year deferred judgment, in 2010, if Walker plead guilty to a felony count of sexual exploitation; which he did. “The deferred judgment means the felony will be erased if Walker stays clear of trouble over the next four years” allowing him to continue to exploit small children by 2014. He was dishonorable discharged from the Marines.[lxix]
•         Former Marine, 44 year old Vincent Charles Fasone, was sentenced in 2013 to 22 years after his second child sex abuse related crimes. Fasone, married father of two boys, had been a US Marine for twelve years before his 1997 conviction for child sex abuse when he attempted to abuse playmates of his young sons. At the time investigators found “large amounts” of child porn. After he was released from jail a second time Fasone returned to his Philippine wife and children and was then arrested again after attempting to meet a father who was willing to share his seven year old daughter, explicated for rape, along with her tweeze year old babysitter. The father was an undercover detective.[lxx]
•         Former Marine Lance Corporal, 28 year old Isaac Elias Salazar who had held top secret clearance, was sentenced to three years for child porn possession. He had been investigated twice before after cyber-tips had reported his engagement in child porn and attempts to solicit under age children for sex.[lxxi]
•         Marine, 31 year old Corey McAdoo, was sentenced for receiving child porn sent by his girlfriend when he was stationed in Afghanistan. His girlfriend, 24 year old Inez Lambert was also arrested.  McAdoo's girlfriend was a daycare provider in Oregon. She produced numerous videos and live-streams of herself sexually abusing the young children in her care, including sodomy, for McAdoo.[lxxii]
•         Former Marine Lance Corporal Rigoberto Aguilar-Turcios plead guilty in military court to child porn possession and sentenced to ten months and a bad-conduct discharge from the Marine. A federal judge prevented his deportation.[lxxiii]
•         Marine Captain, from Camp Pendleton, 34 year old Richard Toschiaddi, was arrested for child porn production and distribution child porn tapes. At his arrest he possessed “thousands” of images/videos of child sex abuse. He was only sentenced to 3 months and a discharge from the Marines. He was discovered by an investigator on an internet chat site called "100%PreteenGirlSexPics" which is commonly referred to as PTHC or pre-teen hard core indicating the violent abuse of young children under 12 years old.[lxxiv]
What’s Your Local Cop Up To?
People who have chosen a law enforcement career, of their own free will, took an oath of office to serve and protect.  When a civilian reports child porn and/or child sex abuse, for example to a law enforcement agency, federal or state, one expects action to be taken to protect the child and prosecute the perpetrator.  But if child sex abuse is reported to a law enforcement officer who happens to be engaged in the child porn industry him or herself, then not only will justice not be served, the child not protected, the law enforcement pedophile may, very well, him or herself seek out the identified victim to sexually abused as happened recently in arrests of several Washington DC Metro police officers who were using run-away and missing children for sex abuse. Similar use and abuse of power holds true for government officials, both state and federal, who can use their office to both protect themselves and victimize children, stifling investigations and ensuring that their access to children they are abusing continues without inference.
Rather than organize by state or region, I organized this section by rank within the police force.  I did this to expose how many law enforcement in senior positions are being caught with child porn.  When I did a Google search for Police Chief child porn I was stunned at how many police chiefs were being arrested and, of course, realizing how many more police chiefs are engaged in child porn and just have not yet been caught.  While I realize, within law enforcement there is often fierce distrust and dislike between various levels of local law enforcement, and federal for that matter, I did not differentiate between sheriff’s offices, local police departments, or state police. Like past sections, if the media report noted that the children abused were under three or four years old, I included these reports in the section on infant and toddler porn.  Likewise, if snuff was mentioned, these articles were listed separately.
Child Porn Snuff
•         Chris Bowersox, a 38 year old Bakersfield, California police officer, was convicted of child porn possession. Bowersox had been discovered, by federal investigators, in on-line in child porn chat groups discussing raping, mutilating and killing young boys. Local media reports said the criminal complaint was “too graphic” to report. Part of the criminal complaint that was mentioned includes sections of on-line chat session with other pedophiles. "Every time I talk someone into rape, I always get a bit sad when they're not into this.” Bowersox responded, “Oh, I'm ... into it, big time." Another chat session Bowersox discussed how to locate a child to rape, torture and kill for child porn snuff production. A pedophile using the name zdasher18 wrote "I know it can't happen here, it's got to be somewhere else with a bought kid or something. We'd definitely get caught if we did it here." Bowersox replied, "Cambodia ... Thailand ... Mexico ... deep deep Mexico." Images of local high school boys were also found on his computer. Upon his release in 2014 he violated his parole by using on-line adult porn.[lxxv]
Infant and Toddler Porn
•         Police Captain, 51 year old David Bourque of Granby Connecticut, was sentenced to ten years for child porn possession and distribution including the rape of infants and toddlers. He had more than 328,528 images and 4,000 videos on his work computer of "sadistic and violent acts” including against infants and toddlers.  His “collection” was organized into more than 300 subfolders named "photos - babies - men" and "6-10yo boys pics." Prosecutors said the images were “extremely disturbing; some are especially horrific” including: (1) a boy between 1 and 3 years old being raped by an adult male penis in the child’s anus, (2) a boy between 3 and 6 years old with a “penis of what appears to be an adult male pressed against the child’s anus” and (3) a child, less than a year old, “performing oral sex on an adult male.” Prosecutors said Bourque showed “callous disregard” for the children being abused telling people to “enjoy” themselves and “have fun.” Bourque was a decorated officer with more than 31 years in law enforcement. Parts of his on-line chats are listed here. Captain Bourque is D for Defendant:
TP1: W[ha]t do u like
D: boys under 14 you must have more to be invited here
TP1: what do u mean
D: min 25 gig . . . . or new material1
TP1: how do you expect anyone[]to grow their files if you only share with people who have that much, a lot of my stuf is original records that I do myself.
Another chat-the Police Captain is again D:
TP2: are you into anything with boys
D: yep
TP2: what all?
D: if under 14 . . . I’m game
TP2: like bondage and stuff
D: ya
TP2: hot
D: ya, I agree
TP2: have any real bondage//torture//rape type pics? Or vids
D: couple. . . older thou
TP2: yeah, it seems like it’s either fake or old. I think I really only have a couple of real rape ones, one from Russia and 1 or 2 Arab, nothing American. And all the bondage tor-ture is fake.
D: ya the Arab one. . . and old ones . . . nothing new. Most fake and older than 18.
D: DL a rape one now. . . see if it’s a new one in about a minute
TP2: let me know :-) brb
D: k. . . . old one . . .
TP2: how’d that rape vid turn out?
D: old . . . sucks when the names are off
TP2: nuts[lxxvi]
•         Sheriff’s Deputy, 29 year old Benjamin Farson with Indiana’s Marion County Sheriff Department, was arrested on seven counts of felony possession and distribution of child porn including the sex abuse of toddlers. He was a Deputy at the Arrestee Processing Center in Indianapolis.[lxxvii]
•         North Carolina Police Officer Steven Webb, formerly with Kannapolis Police Department, and his wife Tracy Webb, were arrested for sexually abusing children and producing and distributing child porn of this abuse. Kannapolis Police Chief received a tip from an anonymous source. Child sex abuses images and videos found on their home computers included the abuse of children as young as three years old.[lxxviii]
•         Nelson Begay, 32 year old Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Officer, plead guilty to federal child porn charges.  He was arrested by Homeland Security agents. The criminal complaint notes that Begay possessed videos of the sex abuse of children as young as three years old. He said he tried to “quit viewing the videos several times, but failed.” Begay said he started using child porn while he was with the military deployed to Korea in 2005. As of 26 March 2014 he had not yet been sentenced.[lxxix]
•         Police Sergeant, 53 year old Jonathan N. Gamson, with Tampa, Florida’s police force plead guilty to child porn possession and was sentenced to four years and nine months in jail. He was caught in part of Homeland Security’s Operation Gondola. He possessed images of the sex abuse of at least one “baby.” Other images included “a little girl was bound and blindfolded and then photographed while someone sexually assaulted her.” Investigators described another image as "sadistic" and "horrific" involving a little girl who was “hung by her wrists from the ceiling.” Investigators found child sex abuse images stored on Gamson’s home computer dating back to 2006. Gamson had worked in law enforcement for 25 years.[lxxx]  
•         Harris County, Texas Sheriff Deputy, 42 year old David Wayne Land, a former detention officer, was convicted of promotion and possession of child porn and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Land had more than 9,500 images and 62 videos of child sex abuse of children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old.[lxxxi]
•         Lieutenant Richard Lewis, with the Slaton, Texas Police, was charged with child porn possession. Homeland Security investigated Lewis and seized his home and work computers. Lewis admitted downloading child sex abuse including one image that “showed a man with a young girl in a diaper.” He was sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison.[lxxxii]
•         Deputy Nick Moen, with Grand Isle County Sheriff's Department in Vermont, was charged with three felony counts of child porn possession. Moen’s files included a 9 year old girl giving her father “a Super Bj” and toddler sex abuse. He used Lemon Wire and the Gnutella peer to peer network to download and distribute child sex abuse and told investigators he masturbated to the torture of the children. Sections of the criminal complaint are included here and describe the files that Moen was sharing:
As of April 2014 Moen remained free on bond until sentencing. He was fired from the Sheriff’s department in September 2013. The Sheriff claimed Moen’s termination was not based on misconduct. Moen's schedule “did not fit with the department's needs.” [lxxxiii]
Chiefs, Captains, Sheriffs and Colonels
•         Brian Fanelli, 54 year Police Chief of Mount Pleasant New York, was arrested in January 2014 on child porn charges and suspended with pay. Fanelli had images and videos of the sex abuse of children as young as seven years old. Fanelli had down-loaded a video of a ten year old girl and a 12 year old girl engaged in sex acts with each other and another video called “10 y touch pussy webcam.” Other files that Police Chief Fanelli downloaded to his home computer included:
The Homeland Special Agent leading the investigation said "The general public impression of people who commit these crimes is [that of] an unemployed pervert in his mother's basement… That's not our experience. We're finding that the people who commit these crimes are educated professionals, people in many different fields, and unfortunately this is not the first law enforcement officer that we've arrested for this crime."[lxxxiv] Call prosecutors to see if he has been sentenced yet.
•         Chief William Jacobs, 50 year old Minneapolis Park Police also a lawyer, plead guilty to criminal sexual conduct and child porn possession. He was sentenced to 18 years in jail. Police arrested Jacobs in 2010 when a teenage boy reported Jacobs had sexually abused him for three years. Investigators discovered some 150,000 child sex abuse images at the Chief’s home. Seventeen other men came forward claiming sexually abuse by the Chief between 1962 and 1980 when he was a police officer and a camp counselor. There may be up to 20 to 30 other victims. Jacobs admitted he had been molesting boys since he was 19 years old.[lxxxv]
•         Daniel Sayer, a 59 year old Captain with New York’s auxiliary police was arrested on child porn charges. He had a “massive” collection of images of the sex abuse of boys under 16 years old. He was caught when his landlord contact authorities after seeing child in some of Sayer’s moving boxes. Sayer owned and operated a youth sports program called "Dan’s Cougars Children’s Sports Club” from who 1972-1998 and had received an award from President Obama for his service.[lxxxvi]
•         LeLand Benson, a 67 year old Police Chief in Myrtle Creek Oregon, was arrested on child porn charges. Benson entered law enforcement in 1970 in California’s Coos Bay Police Department, where he worked for 25 years before retiring and then re-joining law enforcement in Oregon.[lxxxvii] {emailed AG and local press for more info}
•         Police Chief, 44 year old Robert Geist, of Brecknock Township, Pennsylvania was arrested for child porn charges. Investigators said Geist was the “number one possessor and distributor of child porn” in Pennsylvania. Geist was caught sending child sex abuse images and videos to an undercover investigator including a file called “6Yo babyj – Bedtime rape." When investigators arrived at his father’s home, where Geist was living, Geist was destroying his hard drive. Investigators were still able to recover files. In January 2014 Geist waved his right to have a hearing on the child porn charges in exchange for the other charges to be dropped. On April 8, 2014 he plead guilty to three charges as part of a plea bargain. He remains free on bail until sentencing due in 60 days from 8 April 2014 and is only likely to receive a year, or less, in jail. [lxxxviii]
•         Former Colonel, 55 year old Eddie Farmer, of Rutherford County Tennessee Sheriff’s Department, was arrested in February 2014 on child sex abuse charges. Farmer and his 28 year old girlfriend had raped and sexually abused two children, a boy and a girl, over a period of months. Farmer was fired by Rutherford County Sheriff Department in 2005 for misuse of county property. At the time child porn was found on Farmer’s work computer but no charges were filed. Farmer was a Colonel with the Tennessee National Guard and is currently an attorney in Springfield, Tennessee. As of April 2014 sentencing had not yet occurred and Farmer remained free.[lxxxix]
•         Police Chief, 39 year old Michael Meissner of Little River Academy Texas, was arrested on seven felony counts, including child porn possession, aggravated promotion of prostitution, sexual performance by a child and engaging in organized criminal activity.  He was luring boys to “sex parties” through fake social media accounts, posing as a woman. He also solicited nude photos from boys. Many of his boy-victims had arrest records and so he may have used police databases to target the children. Meissner had been under investigation in 2006 related to allegations of the sex abuse of a 15 year old boy. Charges in that case were dropped even though Meissner had been found altering his hard drive.  In 2009 investigators recovered some 5,000 text messages and emails and photos that documented child sex abuse by Meissner. Although he was originally held on $1.5 million dollar bail at the Dallas County Jail, after a week he was released and all charges were dropped. Within months the lead investigating agency’s Police Chief resigned and the lead investigative officer, John Hoskins, was on “medical leave.” Meissner then sued Officer Hoskins. According to a local lawyer’s blog, “neither the Dallas County District Attorney nor the Tarrant County District Attorney are going to prosecute this guy.”  Meissner had worked in 18 police departments in the last 20 years and had been a Police Chief in four small cities. He has been arrested at least four times and all charges have always been dropped.[xc]
Deputies, Lieutenants and Sergeants
•         Alan C. Vigiard, a 46 year old Sergeant with the Adams Police Department in Massachusetts, who served as a child exploitation officer, plead guilty to 10 counts of child porn and was sentenced to two years in jail.  Vigiard was caught viewing child porn at work on a police computer. He was spending, on average, one to six hours per shift viewing pornography, including child pornography, and was caught masturbating in the evidence room.[xci]
•         Todd Tripp, a 24 year old Deputy with the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana, was arrested for a second time on child porn charges. Tripp was fired from the Sheriff’s office when he was first arrested on child porn and indecent behavior with a child charges. Tripp bonded out of jail at that time and was re-arrested for 304 counts of child porn charges after investigators confiscated his electronics.[xcii]
•         Deputy Director of Kansas’ Bureau of Investigation and former assistant attorney general, 58 year old Kyle G. Smith, was arrested on one count of sexual exploitation of a child and two counts of interfering with law enforcement. He plead guilty to one charge of sexual exploitation of a child and as part of a plea the other two charges were dropped. Smith had emailed a photo of a “teenager crouched in a position exposing her breasts and genitalia” to his secretary who alerted authorities.[xciii]
•         Raymond Gonzales, a 50 year old Deputy Sheriff in Pueblo County Colorado, was arrested for sexual exploitation of a child and child porn possession. He was caught when he left, by mistake, a thumb drive with 7,000 images of child sex abuse on his work computer. In 2013 he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. [xciv]
•         Sgt. Dennis Craig Bell, a 55 year old veteran with the US Capitol Police, was arrested for child porn possession and distribution. Bell had downloaded “hundreds of images” of child sex abuse, including of children under 12 years old, on his work and home computers. He had been an officer with the US Capitol Police for 27 years. Bell was sentenced to five years in jail.[xcv]
•         Former Florida Vero Beach Police Officer and Indian River County Sheriff's Deputy, 55 year old James H. Scharfschwerdt, was found guilty of sexual battery of boys between the ages of 12 and 16. He was given a life sentence. Five men testified the former Deputy had molested them when they were boys in the 1980s when he was a police officer. In 1988 accusations surfaced that Scharfschwerdt was molesting boys. He was suspended from the Police Department. A jury found him not guilty. Scharschwerdt moved to St. Augustine and was arrested in 2010 for new child sex abuse charges.[xcvi]
•         Forty-seven year old Sgt. Russell Graham, a 24 year veteran with Florida’s Lee County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested and charged with six counts of child porn possession. Lee County Sheriff fired Graham upon his arrest.  Graham had worked in the K-9 section of Special Operations. He was arrested when a local resident reported that Graham had sent him pictures of child sex abuse, including two children Graham claimed were his own daughters. In on-line chats, Graham said one of the photographs was “his daughter performing fellatio” on him.  Graham also “bragged” about having sex with his 15 and 18 year old daughters and his 14 year old son. Graham does not have any children. [xcvii]  
•         Polk County Florida Detention Deputy, 45 year old Robin Pagoria, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of possession, production and promotion of child porn. She was producing child porn of girls under her supervision whom she forced to strip naked, handcuffed to a homemade torture table and whip with a leather “sex whip,” a cane and a leather “sex paddle.” The children sustain hemorrhaging and lacerations and were subject to this abuse multiple times over months. She shared the video recordings of the abuse with her online boyfriend. In the video the children are screaming and begging her stop. The Deputy focused the video on the children’s genitals. Deputy said she got sexual gratification from the abuse and was sharing it with others she met on the website SpankFinders. She also uploaded videos of herself masturbating. She is a former Marine and spent 26 years in the Corps before joining the Sheriff’s office.[xcviii]
•         Christopher Thomas Davis, a 32 year old Sheriff’s Deputy with Georgia’s White County Sheriff Department, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for child porn production involving the sex abuse of a 6 year old girl. In addition to the abuse of the six year old child, investigators also found “several hundred additional images” of child sex abuse on his home computer and external hard drives.[xcix]
•         A Deputy Sheriff with the jail division, 68 year old Harry Parris, in Fayette County Georgia, was sentenced to five years in jail for accessing child porn on his work computer. The Sheriff’s Information Technology staff discovered Parris’ illegal activity and contacted internal investigations.[c]
•         Former Deputy Marshall, 31 year old Derek D. Walton, was arrested and plead guilty to child porn exploitation. He had been sexually abusing children for child porn production and distributing child porn from his work computer in the Franklin County Security Center. Investigators found images of Walton sexually abusing children on his home electronics. Walton had worked for more than a decade in law enforcement in Indiana.[ci]
•         David Oldham, a 42 year old Sheriff’s Deputy in LaPorte County Indiana, was arrested on eight counts of child porn possession, child molestation and tampering with evidence. LaPorte County Sheriff Mike Mollenhauer contacted Indiana State Police after Deputy Oldham’s wife contact the Sheriff expressing concern about Oldham’s relationship with a 12-year-old neighborhood boy. The boy was spending nights with Oldham, sleeping in the same bed, after riding in the patrol car when Oldham worked the midnight shift. Despite Oldham’s attempts to destroy his hard drive investigators were able to recover some 70 child sex abuse images and 7 videos from Oldham’s home computer.[cii]
•         Kevin R. Duke, a 51 year old Reserve Deputy with East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff in Louisiana was arrested on child porn charge including images of child sex abuse of children as young as 7 years old. Duke was pretending to be a 13 year old girl and distributing nude photos of a real 13 year old girl. Duke was caught when another man came under police investigation for masturbating online to the 13 year old girl, who was in reality, Duke.[ciii]
•         Sheriff’s Deputy in Washoe County Nevada, 36 year old Paul Kistner, was arrested and charged with five counts of child porn possession. Kistner plead guilty and received probation only. Kistner’s wife installed spyware on their home computer and alerted the Sheriff’s office which trigged the investigation. Kistner had been a Detention Officer, for 12 years, at the Washoe County Jail.[civ]
•         Robert Farrill, 51 year old reserve Sheriff's Deputy in Okmulgee County Oklahoma, was charged with charged with four felony counts of child porn distribution, one felony count child porn possession and two counts of child sex abuse. He admitted to the sex abuse of two young boys. Farrill was caught when he sent child sex abuse images to an undercover agent. He had been using a peer to peer file sharing site called Gnutella. Farrill had also worked in North Texas as school security guard and karate teacher. Investigators have identified six of the child victims that were seen in images on Farrill’s computers. He was a pro-pedophile activist and frequented on-line forums such as Boylover.net and Little Boy Lover Forum.[cv]
•         Sheriff’s Deputy in Clark County Ohio, 30 year old Dustin Hensley, was sentenced to 25 years in jail for producing, distributing, and possessing child porn.
  Hensley, for a number years, had been routinely sexually abusing boys, as young as 13 years old, including a boy, who was in his care and custody whom he regularly sexually abused and produced and distributed child porn of that abuse. [cvi]
•         South Dakota, Pennington County Sheriff's Deputy, 26 year old William Wray was sentenced to 30 years in jail for possession, manufacture and distribution of child porn. An investigation into Wray was opened when a mother altered the Sheriff that Wray had “inappropriate conduct” with her six year old son. Wray had showered with the boy, taken pictures of the boy’s penis and fondled the boy’s penis and anus. Wray told the boy to keep it a “secret” but the child told his mother. Investigators obtained a search warrant and discovered that Wray has as many as 17,000 child sex abuse images and videos. Wray, an Air Force veteran, was also an active volunteer with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.[cvii]
•         Kenneth John Freeman, a 44 year old former Sheriff’s Deputy with Benton County, Washington State, repeatedly raped his 10 year old daughter and distributed videos of the rapes on-line. This child rape video “became one of the most widely downloaded child pornography videos in recent years.” Freeman fled to China and was finally arrested in Hong Kong and extradited to the US. Freeman's daughter, then a teenager, went on "America's Most Wanted" the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, identified a well-known child rape series to Freeman’s daughter. Freeman was on the U.S. Marshals' 15 most wanted fugitives list. Freeman plead guilty to multiple counts of child rape and the manufacture, possession and distribution of child porn and was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. Investigators said "Kenneth Freeman distinguishes himself as one of the most heinous and despicable pedophiles ICE has ever encountered."[cviii]
•         Forty-one year old Lt. Steven Lowe, with the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, was arrested on child sex abuse charges. Lowe was still under investigation when he was found dead in an apparent suicide. He had been posting as a teenage girl online to get teenage boys to send him nude pictures.[cix]
•         Philip H. Wentzel, a 41 year old Sergerant with Milwaukee County Sheriff's office in Wisconsin was indicted on nine counts of child sex abuse charges and sentenced to forty years in federal prison. Wentzel had been producing child porn for at least two years. He drugged and molested girls, often in his camper which he kept at a local campground, and produced child porn which he advertised on-line: "Girls I have to share range from 6-14. I work only now on 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine' basis." Investigators identified at least seven victims from the images of children "sleeping and/or drugged” and a “prepubescent girl sleeping on a sofa, a male's hand has pulled down the girl's pajamas and underwear." One of the girls identified had “became quiet in the past year and missed a lot of school” and “had finger bruises on her arm.” Sgt. Wentzel had been, for years, “the public face” of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department as their public information officer.[cx]
•         Sgt. Michael Malloy, a 34 year old officer with the US Capitol Police at the time of his 2006 arrest, was sentenced to 15 years for the sexual exploitation of a minor for the purpose of creating child porn.  His close friend, Aaron Burroughs, a Bowie High School assistant football coach had trafficked the teenage girl for Sgt. Malloy and other men. Burroughs was also charged with child sex abuse and trafficking. Takoma Park police found Burroughs parked car with the girl performing oral sex. The teenager said she had worked as a prostitute for Burroughs and that Malloy and Burroughs recorded sex with her in Malloy’s home.[cxi]  
•         Corporal Robert V. Melton, a 59 year old Corrections Deputy for A Bradford County Florida, was charged with 11 counts of child porn possession and one charge of promoting or distributing sexual performance by a child. The Florida Department of Children and Families received a tip that Melton was sexually abusing a child under the age of 12. Investigators then obtained a search warrant for Melton’s home and property and discovered he also possessed child porn. Other victims were being interviewed at the time of the media reports. [cxii]
•         Matt Blair, a Chief Deputy in McMinn Country Tennessee, received child sex abuse images while he was in training at the FBI Academy from his close friend Terry Lynne Hayes, who was drugging 14, 15 and 16 year old girls, raping them and filming the abuse for child porn production. Hayes plead guilty to transporting child porn and giving cocaine to a minor. Eight additional charges of providing cocaine, hydrocodone, Xanax and other drugs to minors were dropped in a plea deal.  Deputy Blair was not charged, even though he failed to report the child porn sent to him by his close friend, and no disciplinary actions were taken against Blair by the Sheriff’s office. Deputy Blair is also the brother-in-law of his boss, Sheriff Joe Guy. The crime scene photos of child sex abuse that Blair possessed were discovered by investigations when they conducted a search of Hayes’ electronics.  The investigation into Hayes was trigged when one of his victims, a 14 year old girl was found, disoriented and bleeding. She required hospitalization and told investigators she had been raped. An 18 year old female accomplice of Hayes admitted to investigators that she located young girls for Hayes and set up meetings. Deputy Blair had the keys to Hayes’ $500,000 waterfront home which has been used for Sheriff Command Staff meetings.[cxiii]
•         Sheriff's Deputy, 21 year old Matthew A. Lyons, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, was indicted on reproducing and/or selling child porn. Colleagues reported him after he had sent an email, from a Yahoo account in his name, on a common police computer, requesting child sex abuse images.[cxiv]
•         Sergeant Michael Stavris, 30 years old of Bunnell Police Department in Florida, was arrested for child porn charges after he was discovered posing as a 16-year-old girl on a fake Facebook account and asking teenage boys to send graphic sexual images to him.  He had asked one boy for a picture of the boy's genitals. Messages on the fake account Stavris was using included requests for images/videos of teenage boys masturbating and requests to meet behind a school for oral sex. He was relieved of duty without pay and, as of April 2014, was in custody on $125,000 bond.[cxv]
•         Officer Noe Yanez, 40 years old of Long Beach California, was sentenced to eleven years for sex crimes against girls. Long Beach Police Department fired Yanez after he plead guilty to felony child sex abuse from 2008 to 2012, including forcible rape, meeting a minor for lewd purposes, using a minor for sex acts, possession of child pornography and two counts of false imprisonment by fraud of deceit. [cxvi]
•         Gilberto Valle, a 28 year old New York City Police Officer, whose on-line name was Girlmeat Hunter, was found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap and illegally accessing a federal government computer database in March 2013. As of April 2014, while still held in federal custody, he had yet to be sentenced. Valle had illegally access the encrypted National Crime Information Database to research female kidnapping targets, maintaining files on over 100 potential women/girls including names, photos, dates of birth, height, weight and bra sizes. He had been chatting on-line with a man who offered his 3 year old stepdaughter a sex slave and his two nieces, age 7 and 9, for rape. Officer Valle said he was “drafting and revising an operation plan to abduct and cook an identified woman” and had file called “Abducting and Cooking: A Blueprint.” He had downloaded chloroform recipes to use to subdue his victims. In on-line chats the NYPD Officer said “I am aspiring to be a professional kidnapper.” One “client” asked Officer Valle to kidnap and deliver a woman to be raped and murdered. Officer Ville agreed to do so for $5,000 and said, “Just so that you know, she may be knocked out when I get her to you. I don’t know how long the solvent I am using will last but I have to knock her out to get her out of her apartment safely.” When the “client” tried to lower the price Valle said “I really need the money.” The “client” wrote “Just make sure she doesn’t die before I get her.”  Valle’s wife had installed spyware on their home computer and discovered his on-line activity. She gave the computer to the FBI and fled the state with their one year baby. He also planned to murder his own wife which he documented in online chats. He planned to tied up her feet, slit her throat slit and watch the blood rush from her body. Officer Valle’s computer was “loaded with crime-scene pictures of dead and mutilated women, twisted images of women being tortured and sexually assaulted.” [cxvii]
•         San Francisco Officer, 37 year old Richard Hastings, of the San Francisco Police Department, was arrested and charged with 10 felony counts of child molestation and sodomy of a 15-year-old boy, child porn of the sex abuse of an 8 year old boy and other charges. San Francisco Police Department suspended him without pay.[cxviii]
•         Josh Carrier, a 31 year old Colorado Springs Police Officer, was charged with molesting 22 boys and 207 counts of child exploitation, child sexual assault and child porn possession. He tried to masturbate the boys and had inserted his finger into his rectum of one boy claiming he was checking for appendicitis. Carrier volunteered at Horace Mann Middle School as a wrestling coach in 2009-2010 where he gained access to the boys and sexually abused them over this two year period.[cxix]
•         32 year old Jason Sutter, a Deputy with the La Plata Sheriff’s Office in Colorado, was arrested and charged with child porn possession. He had images of the sex abuse of boys on his personal computer. He plead guilty to a misdemeanor, sexual contact without consent, with sentencing scheduled for 20 May 2014.[cxx]
•         Herbert Eugene Miller, a 45 year old Police Officer in Greenville Tennessee, was sentenced to three years for child porn possession. He had downloaded child porn while on patrol in his police car. A fellow officer noticed the web searches and alerted a supervisor. Miller was using key words such as "fifth grade girls," "naked middle school girls," "prepubescent females,” “young puffy nipples” and "hot high school girls naked" and down-loaded "thousands” of images including prepubescent girls being vaginally raped by adult males.[cxxi]
•         Andrew W. Nielsen, a 49 year old Officer with East Hartford, Connecticut Police Department for 24 years, was arrested for child porn possession in 2012. He was caught by Project Spade, run by the USPS and Toronto Police, when his credit card appeared on the billing records of the company that produced child sex abuse. In just six months he ordered 49 DVDs of child sex abuse paying $1,173.55. Nielson plead guilty in March 2014 and was awaiting sentencing scheduled for June 2014.[cxxii]
•         In December of 2013 Washington DC Police Officer, 32 year old Marc Washington, was charged with child porn production but, apparently, committed suicide before facing justice. While on duty he visited the home of a teenage girl who had previously been reported as missing. He ordered her to get naked and took pictures. The girl later told her mother who called 911. Washington who was arrested within hours by DC police. He images of other children on his camera and thousands of images of women who had been victims of domestic violence.[cxxiii]
•         Washington DC Officer, 47 year old Linwood Barnhill, was caught “pimping” teenage girls from his apartment when authorities searching for a missing 16 year girl found this girl in Barnhill’s apartment. He advertised the children on Backpages.com for $50-$80. A different 15 year old had been picked up by Barnhill at a bus-stop. Barnhill asked her to "escort" for him. "The defendant informed [the girl] that he plans bachelor parties and has 'tons' of girls. [The girl] stated the defendant told her that her young age was not a problem because he had other minors who worked for him." [cxxiv]
•         Kingman, Kanas Police Officer, Forty one year old Dustin D. Morris, was arrested for soliciting sexual exploitation of a child, possessing visual depiction of a child under 18 years of age and distributing visual depiction of a child under 18 years of age.[cxxv]
•         Benjamin Wild, a 35 year old Lake Charles, Louisiana Police Officer was arrested and charged with child porn possession.[cxxvi] [wrote to LA State Police. Waiting for reply]
•         Paul Manganelli, a 48 year old Waltham Massachusetts Police Officer, was charged with federal child porn charges. An Australian arrested for child porn had been trading child sex abuse images with Officer Manganelli. Manganelli shared images of a “naked prepubescent female, restrained by ropes around her legs and/or wrists” being sexually abused. In one email recovered by investigators Manganelli said in an online pedophile chat, “I absolutely love little girls ages 7 to 11. Such a great age,” he wrote. “I am trying to organize everything and stay private at the same time. Don’t want to get caught.” He was scheduled for a Federal hearing on 27 January 2014.[cxxvii] [need to call AAG email bouncing back]
•         Jason Lee Villasana, a 36 year old Police Officer in Sabinal Texas, plead guilty to child porn distribution. He was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison. Investigators recovered over 1,500 images and videos of child sex abuse that he had been storing inside a wall at his home. In addition to distribution he was also producing his own child porn.
Villasana came under investigation when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children alerted the Texas Attorney General of child porn downloads linked to Villasana’s IP address.[cxxviii]
•         Police Officer, 37 year old Jeremy Rose, of Tremonton Utah Police Department was charged with 15 offenses including with nine counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, obstruction of justice, and stalking. He had “thousands of photos of a teenage girl” on his home and police computer. Rose convinced a 15 year old girl to pose nude. He had also hidden a camera in her bedroom. Rose set up fake email accounts and links to a bogus online company where he told the girl he was selling the photos. Rose's wife informed investigators after he confessed to her.[cxxix]
•         Former Sgt. of the Wichita Kansas Police Officer, retired 51 year old Alex Robinson, was arrested for two counts of aggravated criminal sodomy and three counts of aggravated indecent liberties of three children between the ages of 11-13 years old.  Robinson was first arrested when 24-year-old man came forward detailing the assaults that occurred when he was a child. Although the statute of limitation had expired, Captain Brent Allred said qualifiers could be met allowing charges to be filed. Robinson received an award from President George W. Bush for some 17,000 volunteer hours with the Boys and Girls Club.[cxxx]
•         Retired Sheriff Deputy of Pima County Arizona, 63 year old Terry White, was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and child porn possession. He plead a deal for 42 months which he is currently serving as of March 2014.
•         Roger Byg, a retired 73 year old former Maricopa County Sheriff's posse member who also served on the board, was charged with ten counts of child porn possession after investigators found "a large amount of images.” Investigators described the child sex abuse as “extremely disturbing” and included children as young as three years old.
•         A retired Lieutenant, 56 year old Douglas Bruce L’Heureux, formerly with Martin County Sheriff in Florida, was arrested for 97 counts of child porn possession. He had thousands of images of child sex abuse of children ages 9 to 12. He had been collecting child sex abuse images and videos since at least 1992. [Call Martin County Sheriff Office no email]
•         Retired Sheriff Deputy, 53 year old Randy Lee Rosenberry, was arrested on 12 counts of child porn possession.  Rosenberry had worked for the Pinellas County Sheriff for 25 years before his 2010 retirement.
•         Maine State Police Chief, 73 year old Andrew Demers, now retired, was charged with child sex abuse. He said he had raped his 4 year old granddaughter at least 9 or 10 times over the past several months.  Demers served 26 years with the Maine State Police and was Chief from 1987 to 1993. In 2003, Demers was the most decorated officer in state police history and named a “Legendary Trooper.” It is not clear why Maine investigators did not pulled a search warrant to determine if Demers also had child porn, had produce child porn of his abuse of his granddaughter and had distributed this abuse.
•         Retired Police Captain, 51 year old Michael Grennier a 25-year veteran of South Plainfield, New Jersey, plead guilty to federal child porn production. He had been directing a teenage girl, for several years, to live-stream sex acts for him as well as perform sex in person. In exchange, he bought her clothing and paid her to masturbate him. He had also paid $500 each for two teenagers to have sex with him in a hotel room which he video-taped. He had been twice named Officer of the Year. He was due to be sentenced 27 March 2014.
•         John Manning, a 61 year old Wilmington Police Department retiree, was arrested and plead guilty to one child porn possession charge. At the time of his arrest, he was employed by the City of Wilmington as a Health and Safety Program Manager. He was suspended without pay from his position and later resigned. Investigators found more than 600 child sex abuse images on his home computer. Manning came under investigation when he paid for access to child porn website.[cxxxvi]




August 25, 2014

By Editor:

Sen. Collins explained how she was able to end the standoff on the government shutdown last year when she came up with a three-point plan that broke the ice jam.  She assembled 14 members that polished the plan enough so the leadership would come to the table and sign on to it.

Sen. Collins went on to show the impact of just the closing of the Acadia National Park.  The businesses, restaurants, and right down to the wait staff lost $16,000,000 in the area around the park, money that is never replaced.

FTM asked the only question in the Q & A period due to the time limitations about the invasion on our southern border.  Sen. Collins gave an excellent explanation of the complicated legislation that made this invasion possible and the changes that need to be implemented to stop it and reverse it.  One would be to treat all (75% are teenage boys from age 13 to 17) illegals from Central America the same way illegals from Mexico and Canada are treated.  Those are given a court hearing within 48 hours; if you don’t qualify you’re on your way back to Mexico or Canada where you came from.  The 2008 law to prevent child trafficking requires an average wait of 563 days to get a court hearing on whether the child is a qualified member of the class to receive asylum.  ICE agents don’t expect any of these invaders to show up at a hearing almost 19 months after coming across the border and ICE aren’t tracking any of them when they disappear into America.

Until that change is made we’re facing a disaster unheard of on any place on earth.  Sen. Collins quoted a number of 58,000 illegals already in country.  FTM sources report that the number is closing in on 100,000 with no end in sight.  We believe Sen. Collins wasn’t misleading the audience, as it is likely administration officials are lying to Members of Congress.  Remember when the press couldn’t take photos or question ICE agents when they were herded around the intake (concentration) camps?

Please review the pdf's below for past 2014 News


When Rules are Rules and They Have No Class,

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CHILD ABUSE AT 29 PALMS MARINE BASE, March 3, 2014   http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/article/20140227/NEWS/302240051/Claims-abuse-Twentynine-Palms-childcare-center-prompt-investigation


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      February 14, 2014

FORECASTER SUED FOR FALSE AND MALICIOUS STATEMENTS,  Click here to view court documents  February 2014





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