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May 19, 2016
By Editor:

(Editor’s Note:  the Forecaster uses the adjective “GADFLY” as a pejorative when in modern politics, gadfly is someone who persistently challenges people in positions of power, the status quo, or a popular position.  For example Morris Cline wrote, “There is a function for the gadfly, who poses questions that many specialists would like to overlook.  Polemics are healthy.  The word may be uttered in a pejorative sense or be accepted as a description of honorable work or civic duty.”  We’ll accept the honorable work and civic duty definition and the compliment from the weakly (S.I.C. on purpose) advertising publication totally devoid of ‘news’ and ‘reporters’ that is the propaganda outlet for the left wing Moonbat contingent in Greater Portland.)

Every Republican and Republican owned business that advertises in any Forecaster publication is feeding the monster that uses your dollars to undermine Freedom of Speech (except theirs), Freedom of the Press (except theirs), and any other number of rights protected by the U.S. Constitution.  What do they publish continuously?  Letters to the editor, the vast majority of which are anti-Republican, anti-Governor LePage, and columns from the nutcase Beem, who is way out beyond left-wing in the wacky land of Bernie.  When you subtract out the advertising and the sports coverage you get about 4.5 pages of actual news out of the 30 or 40 pages in each edition.

The news that is printed is spun to protect the town management and protect it by defaming any other source.  For example the police report is either totally faked by Lt. Kilbride or severely edited by the Forecaster to minimize what really takes place in Falmouth.  We only get to read the version of what happens that fits the narrative of Dave, Karen, and Mo the Moron.  Don’t be fooled by a card that says someone is a registered Republican or Unenrolled, just read the content of the rag they print to see which way they likely vote.

The reason FTM was launched was to stop feeding the Forecaster with thousands of dollars of ads we placed on page 3 to inform Falmouth citizens of the train wreck and abuse of tax dollars that was, and is, our local government.

The quotes from Mark Franco, Falmouth’s lawyer, should be discarded in total because Franco is a proven liar.  He threaten Doyle, then LIED about it in a court filing, then swore under oath in an affidavit that he didn’t make the threat.  Those are records in the courthouse.  Where’s the Forecaster’s report on that?  Oh, that’s right, it would run against the narrative pushed by the Town (Nathan Poore) and make public what a lying weasel Franco is.

Finally, Kinley wasn’t found guilty of assault for grabbing Doyle’s arm ON VIDEO, because he was so puny Doyle could have snapped him like a twig.  What would have happened if Doyle had grabbed Kinley’s arm, likely it would have been considered aggravated assault?

Below you can see Dave Costello, the president of the Forecaster, or the guy that walks his dog and brings in his trashcans, his voter registration card, and his house.  According to Redfin.com it’s worth $470,000, has 2850 s.f., and a H.O.A. fee of $230 per month.  Next is Karen Wood, publisher of the Forecaster, married to the executive director of Habitat for Humanity, her voter registration card, and her house.  Once again from Redfin.com it's worth $469,000 and has 3076 s.f.  You have to wonder how much a charity is paying Karen’s husband or for that matter, what Sun Media is paying Karen.

In an interview on the 11th at 8:45 am in Karen’s office while our editor was trying to apply for a job as a reporter she said the following:
We don’t have any applications for you to fill out.
We don’t have anyone over 68 working here, I think?
We don’t have anyone that’s a member of the National Press Club, I think?
We don’t ask these questions.
Or, we have less qualified people that aren’t old like you!  Sounds like age discrimination to us.

May 11, 2016
By Editor:

This little story is made possible by the arrogance of the Ruling Class.  Ethan “Bill Clinton” Strimling uses his wife, Mary Beaker, a nurse, as a prop for his campaign for Mayor of Portland.  Stephanie Clifford, Bill’s…er Ethan’s Campaign Manager, Partner and President of Baldacci Communication, a lobbying firm with Bob Baldacci, the former governor’s brother, and a real estate investor, leaves her family in Cape to commit to a relationship with Strimling.  What could possibly go wrong HERE?

Strimling has discussed privatizing a PUBLIC ASSET, the Maine State Pier, recently a target of Baldacci Communication.  Strimling has, of late been living at the Hyatt on Fore St. owned by Tim Soley (across the street from the loudest nightclub in Maine) (Soley’s father? Paid 4 girls a Million and a Quarter Dollars for trying to force them out of their Old Port apartment) while Soley raises the issue of noise levels in the Old Port.  Who sets noise levels in the Old Port, Strimling and the Council?

Who’s paying for Strimling’s room that may run up to $1,000 PER WEEK?  Strimling told The Bollard “he is not receiving any kind of discount.”  Or as Bill Clinton would say it depends on the definition of what is, is!  FTM is relatively sure there was no discount for Strimling, because it is likely the entire cost was complimentary, hence the ‘honest’ answer from Strimling that there was no discount, because you can’t ‘discount’ FREE.

Add to this stew United Parking Partners control over most of the lots in Downtown Portland is a Client of Baldacci/Clifford.  Where can we sign up for one of these sweetheart deals?  We guess applications are available in Strimling’s bed.

Below you can read the email exchange related to the Hyatt.  FTM’s experience is that the higher the reluctance of any public official has to answer a question about their conduct, correspondence, or collaborations, usually means there is something wrong being hidden.  Strimling will likely disclose his CONFLICT before any public vote, but what about all the BEHIND THE SCENES lobbying that takes place before any vote?  What about all NON-VOTE POLICIES implemented by the Mayor’s Office without the need of any vote or disclosure?

Jessica’s citation in her reply email of Michael Doyle v. Town of Falmouth should have noted that the Maine Supreme Court chose to ignore a SCOTUS decision that a phone number once dialed had no privacy attached to it.  The Court held in Smith v. Maryland 442.U.S. 735 (1979) “no legitimate expectation of privacy and not to preserve privacy of the phone number he dialed” as in United States v. Miller 425.U.S. 435. 741-746.  It is likely that Doyle will seek a new target in local government and press the Court to abide by the precedent established in the Smith v. Maryland decision.

Don’t you just LOVE the way Democrats position themselves to have unfettered access to the public trough through their surrogates?


Date: Fri, 6 May 2016 15:40:45 -0400
From: jgrondin@portlandmaine.gov
To: seller99@msn.com
CC: dwchuhta@portlandmaine.gov; brenda.kielty@maine.gov; estrimling@portlandmaine.gov



This email is to acknowledge our receipt of and response to your recent Maine Freedom of Access request for "inspection [of] all documents involved in your payment for the room rentals at Hyatt, and all other hotels in Portland that you have stayed at, before and after your separation from your wife during your campaign for mayor."  Your request is hereby denied since the record(s) you have requested are not "public records" as defined in the Maine Freedom of Access Act (hereinafter referred to as "FOAA").  


More specifically, FOAA defines a "public record" as any "written, printed or graphic matter . . . that is in the possession or custody of an agency or public official . . . and has been received or prepared for use in connection with the transaction of public or governmental business." 1 M.R.S. section 402(3) (emphasis added).  The record(s) you have requested are personal in nature and were not received or prepared for use in connection with the transaction of public or governmental business. See Michael Doyle v. Town of Falmouth et al., 106 A.3d 1145, 1149 (Me. 2014) (holding that "records of personal telephone calls made by the former Superintendent that were unrelated to the transaction of public or government business do not fall within the definition" of public record under FOAA).



Jessica Grondin


Jessica Grondin
Director of Communications
City of Portland
389 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101
o: 207.756.8173
c: 207.272.7885


From: Michael Doyle <seller99@msn.com>

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2016
To: "estrimling@portlandmaine.gov" <estrimling@portlandmaine.gov>
Cc: BRENDA KIELTY AAG <brenda.kielty@maine.gov>


Provide for inspection all documents involved in your payment for the room rentals at Hyatt, and all other hotels in Portland that you have stayed at, before and after your separation from your wife during your campaign for mayor.

During your interview with the Bollard you are quoted as saying "you got no discounts from Hyatt".  Consequently, you have waived all claims to personal privilege for this answer and now you are required to offer proof of that statement.  This request includes a sworn  statement by you, under penalty of perjury, that the documents presented as your reply to this FOAA request are truthful, accurate, and unaltered.  In addition a release for the Hyatt and all other hotels involved to verify the accuracy of your reply.

This is a FOAA request pursuant to the current FOAA law of Maine.

Michael Doyle





May 5, 2016

By Editor:

It’s pretty easy; just have him mistakenly think you’re sniffing around one of his squeezes.

This is the saga of Dave Corbeau, the former marine patrol officer for Scarborough, who suffered at the hands of Moulton. As part of Corbeau’s job he used Town of Scarborough property in his daily activity and kept some of it at his house for weekly use, if not daily.

His mistake was to have his truck seen by Moulton at Highland Gardens owned by the wife of Moulton’s best friend’s wife, and a reputed sexual partner of Moulton. While Corbeau is out of town for a few days Moulton through his proxy, Capt. Mazzone, (a Mazzone update: he leaves SPD or was forced out? Goes to Cumberland as a Sgt. and resigns from there when he can’t stand from a kneeling firing position, and we’re told is now driving a tow truck and changing flat tires at 3am.) files a statewide alert reporting the equipment at Corbeau’s house has been stolen, while Moulton KNEW exactly where it was all the time.

Sources report that when Corbeau returns home and discovers what Moulton is doing and that Mazzone’s threatening criminal action. Corbeau says okay I’ll get a lawyer and we’ll go to court. Oops, now Moulton has to pivot and go to Plan B, his favorite. Mazzone sic’s Sgt. O’Malley (the guy most likely to do Moulton’s dirty work because he’s tapping a Scarborough school bus driver and the wife of his former boss) on Corbeau and starts following him everywhere. This kind of micro managing is Moulton’s way of driving people out of the SPD and is called the beginning of the end by the cops. More than one cop has been driven out of the Dept. by this technique.

The punishment for having Moulton even think you might want to tap one of his girlfriends is he makes your life a living hell until you transfer, resign, or retire, your choice. The remaining people can’t make it in law enforcement anywhere else and become his serfs.

For example, when Cusack ‘gay’ (the owner of Beechridge Speedway) took the beating why was his first call to Sgt. Pearson, ‘lesbian’ who called Capt. St. Pierre, ‘lesbian’ (these two are so fat they couldn’t pass any P.T. test in any department except Scarborough) (these three are referred to as the gay cabal) who assessed the situation that Cusack HAD to go to the hospital and called Moulton to convince Cusack to let the ambulance take him OVER Cusack’s protests. This was done off radio, patrol on duty was ordered to stay away from the scene on Holmes Rd., and FTM is told that the radio traffic was managed from Buxton dispatch. WHY, if this was a kosher, run of the mill home invasion?

Not true you say? Read the police report below.


April 27, 2016

By Editor:

These young guys had enough jerking around by the SPD (the cops favorite trick was to give out tickets then not show up in court to testify so the guys spent a day waiting for a case that was never going to be prosecuted) and to get their story out they took to the street.  The hilarious part of this was the cops thought they were an offshoot of the FTM sign on Rt.1.  Check the photo and watch the video.  They didn’t know the cameraman and were definitely not working for the man holding the camera.

On top of that you have Moulton driving a ‘seized’ BMW that is three months over due for an inspection sticker, while Moulton’s tooling around Massachusetts with the car.  Where’s his ticket?  Oh that’s right, the Ruling Class rules are there are NO RULES.  The Rules only apply to the peasants in Scarborough, you know, the taxpayers that aren’t a Moulton buddy, like the alleged homosexual rapist Andy Cusack (we can’t wait for his testimony on the stand under oath plus Moulton’s).

Then we have Amanda bitching about FTM should leave good people alone.
Amanda we do leave the good people alone, you don’t see their names in our news site.  Now think really hard, what does that say about the names you do see?  You can see Amanda’s voter registration card below and coming soon a photo of her house.

Click here for YouTube Video



April 25, 2016 
By Editor:

First, and funniest, is the formal photo of Moulton in his uniform hanging in the police station.  To begin this, it’s important to everyone that’s carried a loaded weapon in the line of duty to be able to “gear up” correctly.  If you’ve worn web gear in the military or a gun belt in a police department, everything goes in a certain place, and in a certain way.  Moulton’s picture, according to sources that have seen the photo, has him wearing his spare ammo clips BACKWARDS on his belt!

Second, everyone who’s seen the photo loaded below from in front of the SPD building have unanimously stated that his hair length is too long for HIS OWN RULES in the SPD.

Third, “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight” was a funny fiction story about just that.  It’s a little scary when the Chief of Police can’t shoot a “tight group”.  FTM is told his target at the pistol range looks like he was using a shotgun.  

Is Moulton arrogant about his rules or just stupid?  Likely both, his stupidity fans the flames of his arrogance because ‘dating’ wife number 2 while she was a student at Scarborough High and under age, while he was married to wife number 1 was okay, so why not every other stupid thing he’s done since then?  This is the low caliber person the taxpayers in Scarborough shell out over $122,000/yr., what a waste of money.

Finally, watch the YouTube link below to see the Council update on the lawsuits that Scarborough’s Town Council caused to be filed, by their own misconduct.


Click here to view the YouTube Video





April 20, 2016


By Editor:

(Editor’s Note:  Sources at SPD tell us that an overdose happened at 10 Burnham Rd. a few weeks ago to a woman friend of the owner, she survived.  The recent O.D. death at Dunkin Donuts in Windham could be related to a nearby used car lot where we’re told drugs may be available.)


The email below pretty much confirms what we’ve been told about porno photos of a police officer’s wife, stolen from their home by Peter Nappi, and are making the rounds of Scarborough.  FTM is seeking copies of these very explicit photos along with those of Josh Guay’s wife’s photos, and we know the name of this couple.  Only the officer and his wife will know for certain if the descriptions of the poses are accurate for the stolen photos and Guay’s wife will know whether or not she sent nudes of herself to anyone.  Just to remind our new readers Guay compromised a drug case by getting his current wife pregnant while married to wife number one and while the current wife was the Confidential Informant on the drug case.  They now have two children according to sources close to the case.  Guay’s punishment for this monumental screw up was a promotion to acting Sgt. and an award from the Feds.  Life is great at the SPD.



Mr. Doyle,

I know about the pictures being shown around by Peter Nappi of an officer's wife. I am a woman and am so angry and offended I want something done but there's NO WAY I trust reporting it to the Town of Scarborough.  SOMEHOW Chief Moulton seems to escape any responsibility for any of his deeds, so where does someone go?

I have a guy friend who has seen the pictures and described them to me. Maybe if the officer and his wife read your article and will recognize their private pictures someone will finally take action, destroy the pictures and punish that terrible man. Also Nappi treats his wife TERRIBLE. No wonder he has zero respect for women.

One of the pictures is of the wife nude spread eagle, another was of her looking at a girlie magazine centerfold, nude and touching herself. He said another was of her butt naked and explicit. One more was of her doing oral on her husband. Revenge porn is now a crime so maybe someone will punish the officers who stole the pictures and get all the pictures back to her.



April 18, 2016
By Editor:

Several examples are loaded below, such as $10 million settlement for fraud in New York, arrest warrants naming Siemens employees, bribery as a line item in the Siemens operating budget, and fraud investigation in Warren County, NY.

Here in Maine, the Rockland School Dept. entered into a contract with Siemens that violated the State 20-year requirement of the breakeven clause.
The savings were $181,000/yr. (partly from closing buildings and layoffs NOT related to the actual energy savings, yet still counted in this contract) at a cost of $8.1 million, or a payback of 44.75 years.

Recently in Cape Elizabeth the massive swimming pool equipment was budgeted for replacement at $700,000.  What happens when Siemens is the only bidder (apparently no RFPs were sent to the major HVAC contractors in Maine)?  Siemens comes in at $840,000.  Now the facility manager has a dilemma, either start the bid process again causing delays and the pool closing and the layoff of staff during the closing, get Siemens to cut the price, or go back to the Council for more money.  Maybe if Siemens removes the bribery amount from the bid it can get down to $700,000.  This is not to imply that the Cape bid involved bribery only that Siemens might have loaded some money into this bid to pay a bribe somewhere else.  We only say this because the history of the company is replete with Bribes, Fraud, Fines, and Arrests.  But it does make you pause and wonder what Siemens is up to all over Maine.  Here’s the list of places in Maine that got the Siemens treatment: South Portland, Augusta, Rockland/Thomaston, Belfast, Brunswick, Unity, Turner, Gardner, Oxford, Lewiston, Bath, and Auburn.

Below you can read where one Siemens employee disclosed during an investigation that the stated energy saving per year in one contract EXCEEDED the entire previous year’s energy cost!

How does this seemingly criminal enterprise get approval to do ANY business in Maine?




We must defeat liberal progressive Cathy Breen by supporting her GOP opponent, Charles (Bart) Ladd for Senate in our district.  He needs $5.  That's right - five dollars.  He must qualify for "clean election" round one funding by April 19th, five dollars at a time, 175 times to qualify to match Breen’s $60,000. funding.  We need your help to reach the required number.   He will not be asking for more money during the campaign.  This is it.  We must get this done ASAP.
Please go to Maine.gov/cleanelections , then:    
1.    Enter your street address and your name
3.    Enter your credit card info.   DONE !

You are limited to $5.  A spouse must donate separately.  Children must donate separately from parents.  Donors are not required to be a Republican.
Thanks for helping – with just $5.  Now, before you get distracted, please hit:   Maine.gov/cleanelections .
Bill Gardiner on behalf of Bart Ladd for State Senate, District 25.

Born in Boston, “Bart” spent his childhood in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and southwestern Ohio.  He graduated from Purdue University in 1979 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Bart is a veteran who entered the Air Force immediately after graduating Purdue and served in active duty from 1980-1988.  He was stationed in Oklahoma and Texas as a C-130 pilot.    

After those 9 years in the Air Force, he was hired by Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, GA. Bart is still with Delta, now as an international Captain on the Boeing 767.  Bart married his wife Christina in 2001 in New Orleans. They have two daughters: Liberty, 14, and Lucy, 10.
Bart Ladd is a seasoned legislator.  Elected as a Republican to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1990, he served 4 terms before being elected to the Georgia State Senate in 1998.  Bart is most proud of his creation, the “HOST”, a groundbreaking homestead option sales tax.  Bart crafted that legislation which slashed homeowner property taxes approximately 40% in his county.  

Bart has a proven track record of successfully producing results in Georgia and now we have the opportunity to reap the same great results here in Maine.
He deserves your support.




April 11, 2016
By Editor:

Patrol officers that stay in shape seem to be concerned that if they need backup in a gun fight that the commanders in SPD can’t move fast enough to be of any use in real police work.  The joke going around the town is the way to escape from any foot chase involving being chased by any of these loads, is simply to walk away from them really fast and in a few minutes you’ll be out of sight of your pursuers.

Apparently, there are NO P.T. tests required; to be paid over $100,000 per year (nearly everyone Sgt. or higher rank, earn over $100,000 in the SPD) because it doesn’t look like any of them can do 20 pushups or 5 pull-ups.

This just in from SPD, it seems that Moulton is wearing some uniform, the bottom part, he’s probably waiting for the custom made 6x top half, the shirt.  FTM is told he’s even ‘patrolling’ from the pressure he’s getting from where?  FTM of all places!  Way to go ROBBIE, earn that $122,000.


April 4 2016
By Editor:

Sources close to the SPD describe Rouse’s job as follows:  He has two in boxes.  One contains complaints that need to be investigated by detectives; the other contains complaints that go to the District Attorney’s Office for review and prosecution if needed.

How long does it take to pass a handful of paperwork to the detectives each day then drive to Federal Street in Portland and deliver the other handful of paperwork?  Our sources report a maximum of two hours for the entire process.  Now, what does Rouse do the other six hours of his ‘work’ day?

Sources tell us that Rouse plays on the net checking box scores for baseball and other ‘police’ related sites.  Then Rouse drives his town provided vehicle home exhausted from another hard day on the job.  What’s Rouse’s compensation package for this?  Based upon data supplied from our FOAA request Rouse was paid over $106,000 last year.  Not bad pay for two hours per day, five days per week.

March 22, 2016
By Editor:

The town payroll is loaded below.  It’s surprising how much an incompetent person can make in salary and benefits while screwing people during work hours.  For example if Moulton were working a 40-hour week his hourly rate, would be for the whole package, around $60 per hour.  If his ‘dates’ during working hours were only three times per week, times 50 weeks, that would add up to $9,000 per year for ‘dating’ on town time.  We believe it is much more than that figure but it’s a good place to start.  Add in all the time the other officers are meeting school bus drivers, hitting the dating house at Prouts Neck, and using town offices for get togethers the total would likely be staggering.

Then you have the punishment doled out to good officers that play by the book, do the job the best they can, and conduct themselves so well we only hear high praise about them, and they don’t get promoted beyond patrol officer.  One example is Michael Beeler (full disclosure here, his father was a classmate of FTM’s owner and none of the following comes from either the father or the son) who when responding to a domestic violence call at the residence of Moulton’s second wife, the one he started dating while she was a senior at Scarborough high school and age 17, while Moulton was the school’s resource officer.  Sources report that Moulton ORDERED Beeler to cancel the call to respond and Moulton would take care of it.  It was reported to FTM that Beeler responded to the chief that he couldn’t cancel a domestic violence call because it was a State requirement that an officer had to personally ascertain the situation and then decide on the next steps to be taken.  Years later Beeler is still on patrol while Marla was promoted to Capt. When Moulton ordered Marla and the other responding officers to leave an underage drinking party where Moulton was a guest watching youngsters drink beer, while he was drinking beer, because the neighbors kept calling the station to complain about the noise.  Marla’s reward for ‘obeying’ Moulton and not the LAW, was promotion after promotion to where she’s now a Capt., and looks like she might not be able to pass the test of getting up from a kneeling firing position, similar to the Mazzone escapade in Cumberland.   

The Maietta Workers Comp case has generated two emails also loaded below.  They speak for themselves and likely represent many other taxpayers who feel the same way but are reluctant to complain, even anonymously, due to fear of what the Chief might do to them or their families.  America, don’t you just love living in fear of a town employee, which you pay for, with your tax dollars?



Mr. Doyle,

I have been reading your recent posts and notice a trend. "Stress" and officers at the Scarborough Police department.  As a resident of the town I am mortified that an officer, in the hospital for mental stress, had his WIFE come in and had him sign something to COVER THE ASS of the town and Moulton. I caught the clear and obvious LIE Moulton told in his testimony.  He changed his story to benefit him, and once again, cover the ASS of him and the town.   A police officer caught lying is TERMINATED.  I have friends who are cops and they always say a lie is, career OVER. I am shocked the town allows Moulton to be at the helm.  It appears the damage he has done to the pubic trust along with who the hell would want their son or daughter to work at that department?  Where multiple officers are reporting and being treated for stress?  Imagine a local business with several employees treated for stress.  There would be a class action lawsuit.  I hope the town leadership wakes up before the taxpayers end up paying out millions of dollars because of a chief who is a proven liar and womanizer.

A Concerned Scarborough Taxpayer


Dear Editor:

I know cops that have worked, and still work at Scarborough Police.  Chief Moulton and his command staff are a nasty bunch.  I could name several of the best cops I have known, and all fled, or were forced out of Scarborough Police early.Their mistake?  Talking openly about the misdeeds of Moulton.  Hot tub?  We have all heard about it.  I wasn't there but know those who were and it's true.  Booze parties with kids?  Totally true.  He made cops leave when they were called to that party by irate neighbors.  He also attended many parties where pot was smoked openly.  He has told his friends while drunk at his camp that he doesn't give a f--- about the department, he said, "it's just a check". A few loyal to him made rank and are sitting pretty.  'Capt.' Marla?  Nice lady but dumb as a bucket of nails and was a terrible, cowardly, and lazy road cop.  Her silence while Moulton destroyed the careers of Twombley, Grovo, Mazzone, Moore, Haigis, Champagne, Jipson, Brown, Maietta, Reali, and Greenleaf.  I may have missed one or two, but trust me, anyone of these officers are better cops than Moulton, Marla, or Grover. Moulton is a scumbag who has been screwing Cathy Chandler who was a dim dispatcher who sucked her way to secretary.  Once Chief Dixon left, Sandy Snowman a nice lady and REAL secretary, was forced out so Moulton's gal pal could slide into a nicely paid joke of a taxpayer job.  Robbie has been screwing around for years and the Town  Manager, Hall turns a blind eye to it.  You have to wonder who Hall is screwing around with and is Moulton blackmailing Hall to keep his job?  Moulton is a phony.  Sheds a tear at town events to show how much he cares about "his men" at the station!  You have it spot on with his "pack your f...ing bags" stuff.  I have heard it from friends many times.  He is a bully.  Screams and swears and threatens.  Stress?  He destroys the life of anyone that crosses him. I am shocked the town has not hired a lawyer to independently investigate him.  Ask any of those mentioned who left and you will learn how bad he is to the officers.  If my daughter
wanted to be a cop and applied here, I would not allow it.  Since your articles started appearing he has suddenly became nice and acts like he cares.  He is a TOTAL phony. The "report" mailed to a wife of a town employee, came from the Scarborough Police.  It was pulled from a police only system, and held for months, on purpose.  Who knows the police computer system and has access to PRINT restricted files?  It's Moulton and Chandler. Can Tom Hall be more stupid?  

Fed Up Citizen and Taxpayer


March 17, 2016
By Editor:

The author of this ‘report’ is Angelo Mazzone, late of the Cumberland P.D. where he was a Sgt. when he resigned.  That happened?  When he was kneeling for a weapon firing drill he couldn’t stand up because his waist measurement in feet, is close to how tall he is.

The report is pretty cut and dried unless you know the context in the meeting itself:
The 06:00 meeting was after Maietta had worked an entire all night shift.  The off duty behavior was a FALSE accusation that Maietta was hitting his long time girlfriend (This technique is effective even on veteran officers.  You makeup a fake charge to destabilize the target of the system’s abuse and soften him up for the real purpose of the attack.  While the target is enraged over the false accusation Mazzone pivots into the fake nonsense of being off duty too much because of all the stress of being sent to fake police requests and followed there by a Sgt.)
The meeting devolved into a screaming match and swearing at each other to the point that Maietta nearly had a total mental break down.  Luckily he didn’t wind up in P-6 like Sgt. Grovo did from similar treatment by SPD management, and when we use the word management, we mean Moulton.  
Maietta and Moulton were very close friends for years to the point where there may have been an RV, we’re told a converted bus, which one of them used for ‘lunch time getaways’.  The common phrase for this vehicle is a bang bus.
Maietta is a big strong man that is not easily able to admit to the SPD that all the efforts to fire him, by his good friend, had destabilize him to the point that he wasn’t able to deal with the fact, that the Moulton betrayal had cut him to the quick.  Maietta is the type of officer that would come in on his days off in the winter when you could have a dozen simultaneous accidents being handled by two patrol officers during a snowstorm that required an officer on scene, and Maietta would work extra shifts if he were needed.  What was his reward?  He was thrown under the bang bus by Moulton and his henchmen.

March 16, 2016
By Editor:

(By popular demand we post the 2015 stats for FTM below.  To remind EVERYONE this is the site that Moulton tells anyone naïve enough to believe him that no one reads all the gory details of the disaster that is Moulton and the Scarborough Police Dept.  It simply proves the adage that no matter how big a screw up you are, you can’t be fired from a government job.  Twenty-three THOUSAND new readers {unique visitors} and one point one-three-seven MILLION hits isn’t too bad.)



March 10, 2016

By Editor:

(Editor’s Note: More sources report that Friday is take your secretary/girlfriend out to lunch day. In years past Moulton used an RV located in a driveway in South Portland to EAT lunch.)

In the attached documents you can read how Moulton changed his testimony to cover up how, and when, he got rid of Maietta after sending him on fake calls while a Sgt. followed him to see if he would go to the location. The next three documents show how Grovo’s wife was sent to P-6 at Maine Med to get her husband to sign a waiver to take Scarborough off the hook for giving him a mental breakdown.

Can a patient at P-6 (the Psyche ward) be competent to sign anything, much less a release from the perpetrators that caused him to be there?

March 3, 2016
By Editor:

(Editor’s Note: By popular demand we pause in our series of articles about the massive misconduct that is non-stop in the Town of Scarborough and with special note on that town’s police department led by an ‘adult’ named Robbie.  To answer all the people that keep asking, why haven’t you been sued by now?  It’s very simple, what we have written is the truth, which is the absolute defense of journalism.  The last thing any of these characters want, is to be on the witness stand answering questions that depend on some number of other witnesses covering their lie, with a lie of their own.

For example how in the world would we know what preceded Chandler’s marriage to her current husband, or the names of four of her boyfriends during her current marriage?  Once again, we are not against sex, either within, or outside of a marriage.  We’re against sex while on the company clock as an employee of the town, Scarborough, or any other town or city.  We say that with the full knowledge that married men are not free to have unaccountable hours away from their home to carry on an affair.  Consequently, all the constant tips on cops screwing school bus drivers, cops screwing staff members in town buildings, and cops ON DUTY screwing their girlfriends at houses at Prout’s Neck, in a gated area, with a security code, during the off season, is overwhelming.

One prime example is Officer Guay.  Did the hotel clerk get pregnant by Guay after his duty hours?  Did he tell his wife, “Honey I’ve going out for a couple or three hours to do some errands, is that okay with you?”  Very, Very Unlikely!  We believe there is a huge river of FEAR running through the entire Scarborough staff on what FTM will uncover next and report it on the site.  That fear is likely derived from Hall, on the witness stand, admitting that he and Franco withheld over 1,000 emails, without justification as required by law, from a FOAA request, just one FOAA request!  Imagine the torrent of misconduct that could be exposed during a lawsuit in just the Discovery phase?)



February 29, 2016

By Editor:

You can read the last page of the 10-page recommendation below; it was crafted by U.S. Magistrate Judge John Nivison.  Read the #8 footnote at the bottom of the page, the important Defendants REMAIN.

Let’s see if the Scarborough Town Council’s Rules on speaking at the Public Forum podium SUPERSEDE the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.


Chapter 76

February 25, 2016

By Editor:


Sources are reporting that some number of sexual partners of the Married Cathy Chandler, state

that she has an unusual anatomical difference that would likely only be known to her husband

and her GYN, and of course to some unknown number of lovers.


Cathy, now you have to wonder which one or group of men are coming forward to explain this

difference to FTM.


Perhaps the men who have NOT slept with Cathy could hold their monthly meeting in the

nearest phone booth.


Other sources are telling FTM that it was Cathy that accessed a secure police server,

printed a complaint that turned out to be baseless, and used that printout to terrorize a

woman and falsely implicated the FTM reporter in the attack.  It won’t be long before

we start the depositions and we look forward to another discovery like what Tom Hall

provided on the witness stand.  Cathy, if you are the miscreant that committed this

outrage, who can you trust to lie for you UNDER OATH?




February 22, 2016

By Editor:


In the last three days we’ve lost count on how many parents have called FTM to plead that this horrifying death be as widely disseminated as possible, almost all of them breaking down crying at some point, so all parents will be on high alert for this possibility in their families.


Reliable sources believe the following events occurred:


The boy’s friends read the Facebook post and contacted Falmouth Police


The police arrived at the home, questioned the boy, and left.


At some point the police returned and a “shot fired” report was radioed to Falmouth dispatch.  A perimeter was established, neighboring houses were emptied, Cumberland County Sheriff’s tactical team was deployed, and the wait and see started.


The only problem in this scenario was the “shot fired” report was the death of the boy several hours before there was an entrance made by law enforcement.




As a parent we would want our child taken into protective custody at once, transported to P6 at Maine Med, and secured until we could get to the hospital and decide on the best course of action.  We would NOT want him or her left alone at any time after the Facebook post below and in a home that had guns in it.


FTM’s sends its heartfelt condolences to the long list of family members in the obituary in the MST.  FTM hopes all the families, not just in Falmouth, but everywhere, sit with their teenagers and explain that these family members will never recover from this loss and every birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be ruined by the memory of this loss, FOREVER!


Nearly 3,000 years ago there were numerous young women committing suicide in Athens.  Officials were perplexed on what course of action would halt this epidemic.  They sought the advice of a philosopher.  He said the quickest way to stop it was to post all over the city that all suicides would be paraded naked on a stretcher through the market places in the city.  The suicides stopped the next day. 


FTM believes that a legal action will be commenced against Falmouth due to conduct of the Falmouth Police during this episode.  The FTM FOAA request is posted below with the AG’s office on notice also.


Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 22:24:53 -0500


Provide for inspection all documents that relate to any lawsuit filed against the  Town of Falmouth, and the Falmouth Police Dept. related to the suicide noted above.  This is an open and ongoing request without a time limit.

This FOAA request is made pursuant to the current FOAA law of Maine.

Michael Doyle
A News Website




February 17, 2016

By Editor:


When you think it can’t get more bizarre, you get all the previous reported ridiculous behavior that leads Guay to be PROMOTED to acting Sgt.  In the real world you get fired.  In the fantasy world of the Scarborough Police Dept., controlled by Duke Moulton, the worse conduct gets the best results.


Memo to all Scarborough Officers: Screw the informant, divorce your current wife, have a child with the informant, marry the informant, get promoted to acting Sgt., and get an award from the Drug Enforcement Agency. (You can see the email below.)


What a career arc for the other Officers in Scarborough to learn from.


New sources within the SPD have come forward and believe there are nude photos of Crystal Guay on a phone server. The photos show a tattoo in an intimate location.  When FTM obtains these photos we will post them in their entirety with nothing blacked out.  Play with fire, get burned by fire.

July 21, 2014

By Editor:

Some back ground first.  Our sources tell us that Sgt. John O’Malley was the contact officer for the SPD at the hotels and motels in town.  He would circulate photos of wanted criminals to the staff and have them call him if one of the fugitives showed up or if they suspected guests were participating in ongoing crimes like possession of scheduled drugs with intent.

A young female desk clerk (Crystal Sandstrom) calls the SPD headquarters on Rt. 1 and said she thought a guest was a drug dealer.  Sources tell us, lickity split Officer Josh Guay was on the scene at the hotel.  Where, after many “meetings” with the young desk clerk and much surveillance of the subject, a romance blossomed and the then married Guay, got the desk clerk pregnant, leaves his current wife, and marries the desk clerk and fathers a child.

All the while sources tell us, the desk clerk/cop girlfriend/cop wife/confidential informant, was helping the SPD to build a case against one, Bobby Collins, age 32.  Apparently the traffic stop ‘developed’ the charges against Collins, and got him sentenced to time served waiting for his trial date.  According to the SPD website Collins was arrested for three Class A Felonies that carry a 20 year sentence for EACH CHARGE.  How does a potential 60 year sentence get plea bargained down to time served waiting for the trial to reach the top of the docket.  Easy, SPD had ruined the case with Officer Guay having a baby with the key witness, the confidential informant.  Had Collins’ defense lawyer, Robert Lebrasseur, Esq. been given these facts it is likely his client would have avoided the entire arrest, indictment, and jail time.  Perhaps Collins should consider suing every member of the SPD that had ANY knowledge of this farce and Withholding of Discovery that would likely cause the case to be cancelled immediately after the initial arrest.

We’re told that Guay stepped out of the case just prior to the traffic stop and arrest, and Officer Brian Nappi stepped in to take the collar.  Why?  SPD was terrified the whole case would go up in flames if Collins’ defense lawyer got Guay or his wife, the confidential informant, on the witness stand, so the AG’s office let him plead out to time served.  

Did the AG’s office know that the SPD was withholding this case killing information from the defense lawyer?  Was this the only case corrupted by Guay while he was attached to the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a task force officer?  We don’t think so.  Every case involving Guay and the Scarborough Police should be vacated because can you ever trust an affidavit sworn to by this crew?

Our sources state without qualification that all the commanding officers from Chief Moulton, the Capt., and the Sergeants knew of this misconduct and it was driven by Moulton’s desire to get a “drug bust” at any cost.  Moulton went so far as to congratulate Guay for a JOB WELL DONE!
Who could argue with Moulton?  A bad arrest, a bad case, prosecution misconduct, a divorce, a marriage, and a new baby, oh yes, this was a job well done for sure.

Fast forward to the recent Abdullahi Nur Federal Case (2:12 cr 00159-GZS) and a sentence of 10 years handed down last week.  The same SPD, the same Officer Brian Nappi, and possibly similar shenanigans took place in this case.  In every criminal case, prior bad conduct is brought up and made part of the record.  On the 17th our reporter watched a case before Superior Court Judge Roland Cole that went back 11 years to recount prior criminal activities.  The witness list for the Nur case included, Brian Nappi, Tim Dalton, Steven Thibodeau, Ronald Nelson, Mary Sauschuck, and John Bangeman (Doc. 124 of the record).

If Brian Nappi was part of the first case’s misconduct why wouldn’t a reasonable member of a jury believe that he was also involved again in another misconduct in this case?  If prior criminal acts are held against criminals isn’t it reasonable to have prior misconduct of Police Chiefs, Sergeants, and Officers of the Scarborough Police Dept. held against them in every subsequent drug arrest effected in the Town of Scarborough where the SPD had even the remotest involvement in the drug arrest.

The defense lawyers for the Nur case as listed on the first page were:
Neale Duffett
Peter Rodway
Robert Napolitano
Robert Sheketoff (Boston)
Randall Bates
Richard Berne

We wonder what the 10-year sentence would have been if the Judge and Jury knew the history of misconduct that Chief Moulton seems to promote in his Department?  How about time served like the Collins case with a lawsuit for false incarceration?

The answer to the question posed in the headline is, apparently NOTHING.

February 11, 2016
By Editor:

Stevie was the moron video recording our reporter while Nathan ran for the phone to make the phony call to get a cop to the Council Meeting before our reporter attacked everyone in the room.  The single stupidest thing Nathan does on a regular basis.  Not to include all the stupid things he does all month long.

Stevie the mope on the Rt. 100 committee, thought he’d be cute recording the reporter, to intimidate him while the reporter was video recording the council, while he demanded an apology from Nathan, the nutcase, for using the police presence, as the Yarmouth Council Chair, Steve Woods, explained so eloquently in his five minute scathing critique of the Falmouth Council during his sign controversy for his massive Route 1 business.  “The cop is only there to intimidate the speaker at this podium.”

How has wasting all that overtime money worked out for the Council for the last four years Nathan?  Let it be noted that the cop is in the room only when the TV broadcast is on.  Never during workshops, retreats, or any other cockamamie meeting held in a legal or illegal location.  In this context an illegal meeting, such as the one held in the locked Falmouth Police station with the councilors cars hidden behind the building from public view, for a retreat was ILLEGAL.  How many cops in the room, none, and same for the next year at the Fire Station, no TV audience, and no cops?  This is what happens when a weak, ineffective, town manager is given carte blanche by the Moonbat controlled Council.

How’s that intimidation working out so far?  Ask Tolan what happened when he ordered our reporter NOT to communicate with members of the Falmouth Police Dept.  He got his ass handed to him.  He had to wear his uniform and actually earn his check by pretending to patrol the town so the scanner team would hear him on the radio, “Falmouth 1 (his call sign) I’m doing a radar speed control on Mountain Rd.”  While he was likely sipping an adult beverage at his residence.

It looks like our reporter is going to have to sue the Council, Nathan, and the Town of Falmouth AGAIN!  Remember Nathan spent about $5,000 in tax dollars so he wouldn’t have to refund $360 in bogus overcharges to our reporter for FOAA requests.  That’s how he managers our money.

You can see Stevie’s rancho delux below along with what he looked like before he got into the WINE business and what he looked like at the Council Meeting after his video recording activity.  Of course he’s a lawyer and a Moonbat, oops, we mean a Democrat, and probably a supporter of the Communist running for President.



February 4, 2016
By Editor:

Sources continue to report that Moulton either directly fixes cases for his friends or directs his underlings to fix cases.  In the email below a case is dismissed in the favor of the defendant and Moulton had his hand in it.  Is it just us, or are police departments suppose to help prosecute cases, and not help them get dismissed?

Next question, how many more of these fixes were hidden in the 1,100+ emails withheld by Franco and Hall?

February 1, 2016

By Editor:

You just have to read between the lines in the Maine Sunday Telegram (MST) story.  You put a young man through the death of his father, a respected business owner/mentor that seizes that opportunity to ‘groom’ a victim with expensive gifts, a man that walks around naked in his house in front of the victim, a man that was or is a member of the “Big Brother Organization”, and what do you get, a big dose of the street justice?

Who wants a signed release that nothing happened between them, after the complaint to the SPD?  Who refuses to get medical care (in the police report filed with the DA’s office) to keep the beating secret?  Who DOESN’T want a trial for Caisse and is begging for a plea agreement so all the other victims that have been paid off won’t come forward?  Who transfers all their assets to family members to protect them from court actions?  Simple answer: A guilty, accused homosexual rapist, that's who!

Scroll to the bottom of the online article attached and read the comments.  FTM’s experience in street fights and retribution tells us that when you grab some man’s “genitals” (as described in the MST article and called a PENIS twice in the official SPD report filed with the DA’s office) it usually means that PENIS was someplace where it didn’t belong and needed a severe reprimand, several times.

POST TRAMATIC STRESS DISORDER is what Caisse has, and the plea agreement should be six months probation and a commendation for public service.

View link





January 22, 2016
We jumped the gun on filing the Appeal only to make sure we made a record that when the final decision is rendered we’ll be ready to re-launch the Appeal and challenge what we disagree with in what is likely to be Judge Wheeler’s opinion.

More to come when we get to see the in camera emails under review currently.





STATE OF MAINE                                  SUPERIOR COURT
CUMBERLAND, ss.                                DOCKET NO. CV-14-149     

Michael Doyle, Falmouth, Maine


v.                                                                           Motion to Appeal  
Town of Scarborough, Maine                               

Plaintiff Moves to Appeal the Court’s Order on the following points:

The Court failed to recuse itself due to an obvious prejudice against FOAA requests by this Plaintiff, citing 53 requests made of this Defendant alone.  Those requests were made to ferret out misconduct by the Defendant in the management of the Police Department in particular.  The Court should also have recused itself due to Plaintiff testifying against the Court being nominated for Active Retired Status, the only person to do so.The Court allowed Defendant counsel to lie in a sworn affidavit and assessed sanctions against Plaintiff for legal fees of the Defendant’s own lawyer in defense of his lie.  The Court heard an audio recording of the threat but was dissatisfied with it and demanded the entire conversation surrounding it.  The only part of the conversation retained by Plaintiff was the threat, which proved the Defendant’s version submitted by Affidavit, was in fact a lie.  If the parties were talking about a sports team and in the middle of that conversation Attorney Franco had stated, “I’m going to have you killed if you don’t stop filing these FOAA actions”, what possible difference would the conversation before or after that threat make in whether or not the threat itself was uttered.The Court held an extreme prejudicial attitude against Plaintiff over the Plaintiff filing the wrong form for the waiver of fees.  The same series of wrong forms supplied by the Clerk’s office, accepted by the Clerk’s office, and made a part of the Case File, and signed off on by a Superior Court Judge other than this Judge, all the time while the form was outdated.  The Court treated the mistake made repeatedly by the Clerk’s Office and another Superior Court Judge as dishonestly on the Plaintiff’s part, an extrapolation by the Court disconnected to reality.  Is a Plaintiff required to know more about the appropriate forms than the Clerk of Courts and the Judge that signed the approval?

Respectfully submitted this 14th day of December 2015.

Michael Doyle
3 Shady Lane
Falmouth, ME 04105



STATE OF MAINE                                     SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT

                                                                     Sitting as the Law Court


                                                                     Docket No. Cum-15-624


Michael Doyle


v.                                                                  MOTION TO VACATE DISMISSAL


Town of Scarborough


Plaintiff was not aware that the motion to appeal the Superior Court Order had been granted, which is usually given by a signed order by the judge in the case.  The first notice that Plaintiff was allowed to proceed was the Order Dismissing Appeal received January 6, 2016 and dated December 31, 2015.


Plaintiff moves the Court to allow the appeal to go forward upon the final judgment in the underlying case.Plaintiff moves that Justice Sauffley recuse herself from this case due to prior disclosed family conflicts.Plaintiff moves that Justice Gorman recuse herself from this case due to prior inability to understand the difference between the guidelines for waiver of filing fees while using the guidelines for a court appointed attorney in a previous appeal by Plaintiff in a different case.  In addition Plaintiff testified to the above at Judge Gorman’s renomination to the Court, the only person to testify against her, and as such a presumption of prejudice exists against this Plaintiff.


Respectfully submitted this 7th day of January 7, 2016.


Michael Doyle

3 Shady Lane

Falmouth, ME 04105






Chapter 73
January 16, 2016
By Editor:

Below read the Submission Franco was forced to file after Plaintiff Doyle caught him withholding FOAA answer material, without complying with the law by stating which emails are not going to provided and citing the protection granted by law.  Upon this discovery, while Hall was under direct examination by Plaintiff Doyle, Doyle immediately moved for an in camera review by the court, which was granted.

During the hearing Franco brought three witnesses to court, the IT manager, the Town Clerk, and the Town Manager.  Because Doyle was Plaintiff he called Franco’s own witness first using the IT manager for practice.  Then Franco crossed examined his witness and Doyle learned even more to use in the case and redirect examined the IT person.  Next Doyle called Tody, the Town Clerk, and did the same thing again he did with the IT witness.  Finally, Doyle called Hall, the Town Manager, and found the withheld emails existed.  When Franco was asked by the Court, “Mr. Franco do you have any questions for this witness?”  Franco said, “No your honor.”  His own witness brought to court by Franco, and Franco had no questions for his witness.  Why?  Franco didn’t want to supply more fuel for the fire that was set by the direct examination of Hall.

December 17, 2015

By Editor:

Judge Wheeler raps the knuckles of town manager Thomas Hall and Mark Franco, Esq., a partner in the law firm of Thompson Bowie.  In the nine-page decision the court cited that there are over 300 statutory exceptions to the FOAA’s definition of a public record and ordered an in camera review of those emails.  You can read that page below.

Hall and Franco didn’t comply with the law when they withheld as many as a 1,000 emails between Moulton and Chandler.  FTM can’t wait to see what exemption these possibly embarrassing emails might fall under, if any.  FTM thanks Tom Hall for his honest testimony as to the existence of the withheld emails.

Below you can see the three binders of emails between Chandler and her boss Moulton, about 1,200.  The recent disclosure by Franco looks like over 1,100 emails were withheld from their answer, almost equal to the ones they submitted for inspection.  God only knows what they were trying to hide in this pile.

December 15, 2015
By Editor:

It seems Chandler has her doubts about these two officers as you can see in the email below.  You have to wonder what Hall and Franco withheld in the 100 to 1,000 emails that are currently under COURT ORDER TO BE PRODUCED TO THE COURT IN 20 DAYS.

FTM believes we are the first successful FOAA appeal to force the undisclosed reasons for hiding emails from a FOAA request.  The Court will decide what, if any, of the emails between the Chief of Police Robbie (can you believe a grown a** man goes by “Robbie”) Moulton and Chandler (a woman that openly flirts with her boss after a rocket rise from dispatch to the Chief’s Executive Assistant and a very hefty pay raise) will be provided to FTM for inspection.  If FTM gets to see them we predict they will be very interesting due to the fact they needed to be secretly withheld, and their existence only disclosed under direct examination of town manager, Thomas Hall, on the witness stand during a recent hearing.




December 14, 2015
By Editor:
The tip scanned into the system below sheds light on what FTM saw at the same meeting.  We were there for the workshop before the regular council meeting, and Babine looked like he was in extreme distress and the story at the time was a severe back pain. We were too far away to smell any alcohol but he didn’t seem to be able to talk and had to be helped out of his chair.

He left the workshop meeting and didn’t stay for the whole council meeting.  This is a more plausible explanation than a back problem.  The reason Hall did nothing is Babine and the other Councilors can fire him, and the reason the police did nothing is Hall can fire them.

This also explains the ridiculous email Babine sent to FTM about contacting elected officials.  Hey, Babine there are two really important things you should avoid doing, drunk dialing and drunk emailing.

December 8, 2015
By Editor:

Apparently Shea made an effort to mend fences with Moulton and Chandler referred to him as a RAT.  Moral of the email, NEVER cross Moulton or his cheer leading squad.

Next someone can be anything but the Treasurer of the organization.  Maybe Andy Flynn can teach Capt. Dave Grover how to balance a checkbook someday when he’s not reading the New York Times and having Chandler check his HR file for complaints.

Chandler’s emails are below.



CHAPTER 70 PART 1 of 50+
December 1, 2015
Everyone we’ve spoken to explains the boots reference as this, the next time Moulton will see the boots, that’s all she’ll be wearing!

Or as Moulton would say “Damnnnnnnnnn”

The next group of MEN weighting in on this exchange are married men that universally stated that if their own wife were flirting with her

boss like this they’d divorce her in a second.  What do retired State Police husbands do?

Today FTM was in court with Tom, Tody, and Jen the witnesses for Scarborough.  During Tom Hall’s testimony he testified that he

personally removed over 100 and up to 1,000 emails from the FOAA answer because in his “judgment they didn’t qualify as part of

the requested emails.”  This was after Jen Lim testified she supplied ALL the emails between Moulton and Chandler.  So the 1,300

emails FTM reviewed should have contained as many as 2,300, maybe even more.

We were told at the beginning that Bernstein Shur, that charged Scarborough $3,900, was involved in sorting out the most inflammatory emails that would be disastrous for the Town and many management members.

Interestingly Hall, Scarborough’s own witness, was never asked any questions by Atty. Franco on cross examination after watching what happened to Tody and Jen on redirect.

Finally, Franco wanted FTM to pay for the cellphone photos we took of the inspected emails.  It looks like we have to sue again to get the rest of the emails we should have gotten the first time around.  Franco’s seems to be planning to put his two kids through college milking this FOAA case cow forever.



CHAPTER 69 (by chance the EXACT right number for this chapter)
November 25, 2015
By Editor:
Over the next weeks we’ll load an email and our sources will explain the context of what the email really means.  You’ll be as shocked as we were reading these emails, and these were only the ones they were incompetent enough to let FTM read.  Let your imagination run wild and it still won’t be up to what was withheld.

In June of 2014 we started the journey to get proof of some of the petty, childish, an inappropriate emails between two adults behaving like juveniles in the police dept.

The first one we’re pursuing with a NEW FOAA request is a complaint about Moulton’s behavior sent to Paul Aronson, Esq. Perhaps someone didn’t get the ticket fixed the way it was suppose to be fixed.  Because when it gets fixed the right way Moulton gets a thank you call for the fix.  Oh yes, we’ve got that email too.


November 17, 2015

By Editor:
The court hearing was scheduled today at 2:30 in courtroom 7 under Judge Joyce Wheeler presiding.  It was moved to her chambers and a conference between the prosecutor and the defense lawyer was held.  Let’s see, the charges carry close to 60 years and the defendant wants probation only.

It would seem the prosecution might find it difficult to convince any jury that has one man on it that the beaten man, Andy Cusack, accused by the defendant, Sean Caisse, of drugging and raping him and another man of anything other than getting his just deserts.

If the prosecution were confident of a quick and sure conviction they would have been picking a jury today not arguing for an hour and a half whether Sean should go to prison or be on probation, because the Scarborough Chief of Police Robbie Moulton failed to investigate and refer the case to the D.A.’s office.  Sean faced with Moulton protecting Cusack, his racecar buddy, lost control and dealt Cusack the street justice he deserved.

Sources report, that the prosecution is faced with a serious dilemma.  The fear of what the cross-examination of Moulton and Cusack will bring out that it could open them to either perjury and/or charges against both of them.
The prosecution doesn’t know what defense witnesses are willing to testify to that would seriously impact the credibility of any testimony/lying done by Moulton and Cusack.

If we were on the jury the only question we’d have was why was Sean charged at all and why isn’t the rapist sitting at the defense table?



November 16, 2015
By Editor:

The link below is the scariest 19 and a half minutes we've seen covering the European Invasion.  This is footage that you will never see on CBS, NBC, or ABC.  The importation of refuges that are 73% male between the ages of 18 and 30 can have only one out come, violence and a lot of it.  Rapes are surging in every European city by gangs of young men swarming the streets.

Watch the little blond girls holding up their index fingers, the Muslim symbol for their "one god".  This is Indoctrination in first grade to hand over your country to the invaders.

Won't happen in America you say?  Really?

One man covered the goal quite well, "we're going to Germany, that where the money is."  Not that's where the jobs are, where the work is, but where we'll get paid to make more Muslims.  Where they can marry 4 wives and have 22 children without the inconvenience of having to work to support them.  

Obama wants 65,000 to 100,000 of these men brought to America.  Twenty years ago the Muslim population in France was 8% and the Muslim population in the prison system was 50%.  Apparently the Muslims are willing to commit the crimes that the French population can't be bother to commit.
Perhaps our U.S. prison population isn't big enough.  How many under used prisons to we have?




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